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Javascript version, Mac compatibility, featured-ness, other things...

So the main reason I'm updating the blog is that I just added another download for the game, this being a version of The LCPANES Terminal in HTML5/javascript. A while ago it was brought to my attention that on Mac computers, it wasn't possible to make selections at choices. This new version should fix that problem, so I'm going to go ahead and set it as the main download. (additionally, this should be playable on a mobile devices, if you care to try)

Next up, by this point, everything that's included in the game is definitive as far as typos/routing goes. I deliberately shut up about theories and intentions while this game was featured because at that point, it was "done," and I'd prefer the work to stand alone without any additional creator's notes or interpretations. It was a little surreal to have this game featured seeing as how it has zero graphics whatsoever, but I hope those who noticed it through the RMN front page enjoyed the game. (wow, that's only what, 3 months late? oh well)

Oh, and the reason this JS viewer was made was because of another VN project in the works... if you enjoyed the writing in this story, I'm currently working on Snowbound, which you can follow here. PentagonBuddy's also working on this, but we're holding off on an RMN page for a little bit.


BIG bugfix!

As it turns out, there was a problem with the script (dumb typo) that caused endings 4-6 to be complete inaccessible. Instead, you got endings 7-9. Basically, a good 1/4 of the story was completely missing. Whoops. So this means that if you've been wondering how the hell to get endings 4, 5, and 6 this is the answer!

If you've played once already and are looking to replay without rechoosing everything again:

If you selected LICOZY at first big choice (ACLIBR, who to open communication with), the game thought you actually picked AVBRANDY after the second night. So if you want a different ending, play to the first choice and select LICOZY.

Both the online version and the download have been changed to reflect this. And a big thanks to NewBlack who found and helped isolate the problem.


Final Java Version

Well, the game's been completely overhauled. I never thought I'd bring this thing back after 1.0 died, but now it's been switched from C++ to Java and rewritten from scratch. The basic premise is the same, except some of the more boring aspects (ZDC) is out, and there are a lot more chat sessions with the various characters. The downloadable version is being submitted, but feel free to use the online one (http://www.wombatrpgs.net/lcpanes/).


Online Demo Release

Well, I finally got around to coding a new system for the game, in Java this time, and the first few parts of the story are now available here:


It ends after the first conversation with AVBRANDY. Also, this project should be done within two weeks, as soon as I find the time to crank out some scene files.



Well damn, this is one project I never thought I'd bring back. Anyway, it seems I need a writing project and as this "game" is mostly just writing, it'll do. So, this thing will be coming back to life. Oh boy.


"Demo" release

Just submitted, should be up in a bit. It's a "demo" and not a demo because I'm pretty sure this project's as done as it's going to get. The demo is a complete first half of the game and very linear second half, as in, if you try and make an unsupported choice, it just prompts you again. There are probably still a few typos, though my testers reported no remaining errors. This executable is the only thing left of the project... ugh. Time I started making regular backups...!


Project Lost

Dammit. Managed to lose this project (and all backups) in a combined computer issue. So if I wanted to finish this thing, I'd have to make it from scratch... It would be faster than the first time, but it would still take forever. If I had free time, that wouldn't be too much of a problem, but now that I have a job, this is going to be a major pain. Without much interest in this project, I'm considering canceling this one. I'll know by the end of the month...
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