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Very great visuals, sfx, gameplay, puzzles, everything really.

To start off I need to give myself some credibility. I'm 23 years old and am an oldschool gamer. I've played and 100% beaten Zelda 1, Zelda 2, Links Awakening(DX as well), A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Minish Cap, Four Sword(GBA), Four Sword Adventures(Gamecube), Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. I HAVEN'T played Links Crossbow Training, or any of the three NDS titles since I don't own a DS. I don't count the CDI games so forget them. I am not explicitly a Zelda fan, but I have enjoyed them, some much more or less than others. I do play modern games, especially Halo since I did modding in Halo Custom Edition way back when(I'm not stuck in the past is my point).

Anyway, on to the review though.

As of writing this I haven't beaten the game yet, but I'm at 13 heart containers out of 16, most of the items, all magic upgrades, all bomb upgrades, got the death sword, and just entered plague fortress. I think I'm close enough to do a review.

Difficulty and Gameplay: 9.5/10
One thing of note is that the older games had a much higher difficulty for various reasons; higher enemy damage, more obscure puzzles, no slashing attack(zelda 1), more complex enemy behavior(looking at you darknuts). I honestly can't go back to the original Zelda 1 and have a good time anymore, partially because of this. But today's games are too easy; you have 4 bits of health per heart instead of 2 AND can carry a higher maximum of health, most damage is only 1/4 a heart but god forbid it goes to a whole 2 hearts, puzzles are much simpler(many of them anyway, how was I supposed to know to jump in what looks like a bottomless pit of death in Ganon's maze in Wind Waker, IT GOES AGAINST WHAT I'VE BEEN TAUGHT), and you can carry so many fairies and potions that you'll never die unless you just really suck.

The difficulty in this game is just about spot on though. There are times where I will stop playing a ZC quest because of bullcrap like unavoidable huge amounts of damage or long tedious pathwalks that are very easy to screw up. There was none of that here. The difficulty level is pretty high, but very fair. As long as I'm careful, attentive, and get all the powerups I feel I don't worry about dying except at a boss. I have beaten OoT doing a 3 heart no fairy run, I have beaten Links Awakening with no damage(if hit I turned the gameboy off and reloaded my save), but I have 3 accumulated deaths so far in playing Lost Isle, though all were because I was careless and had already done too much to lose in a restart.

The learning curve and difficulty are also very well planned out. The magic shields and potions are given in a good quantity, not too many not too little. I've already used about 3 potions and lost 3 shields. The shields were, again, because I was a little careless and had invested too much time for a restart. The heart pieces are slightly generously shown I think, but I honestly think that was done intentionally to encourage even the most light of exploring.

As far as exploring goes there's a lot of it to do. There's over 2x as much map as the original Zelda with lots of secrets to find and quite a few side dungeons. All of the dungeons are pretty large as well. There may be only be 6 main dungeons, but each one is at least 2x as big as a Zelda 1 dungeon, usually as big or even bigger than ALTTP dungeons.

The dungeon layouts and designs are also something that I love. They're each unique with their own feel and idea to them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the theme of every dungeon I've been in so far and I'm thinking I'll like Plague Fortress. The puzzles range in difficulty from easy to super difficult, but there is a pretty nice bell curve in the distribution of them. I did have trouble at the arrow/sword switch in the dark side of the second level just before the boss key. I shot it, but didn't realize I had to alternate between shoot and slash. I was stuck there for hours. Speaking of hours I've racked up over 20 hours so far and that's only including times where I didn't die and reset.

Graphics: 10/10
This is another reason I won't be able to return to the original Zelda, the graphics are too dated. Today they look like construction paper to me and I can't stand some of the contrasting colors in some of the levels(Ganon's bright red, black, and grey dungeon for example). This game not only has beautifully detailed graphics with pleasing color palettes, but even goes a step further with animated cutscenes(something I've only seen very little of in other quests and usually done poorly). Many of the enemies feel like they were just made for specific areas of the game(looking at you deathbos), which is something that really helps flesh out the personality of those areas. I did feel that link looked slightly bland, but it's hard to really give his tiny sprite much detail without making it too busy and complicated looking, so I can easily ignore it.

SFX and Music: 10/10
Man, the music in the Oderra Catacombs had me so tense during the playthrough which I think is what allowed me to focus on NOT LETTING ANYTHING TOUCH ME(Which is why I didn't die in there and took minimal damage). The music is quite varied, is custom made for each area(from what I can tell), and is incredibly fitting. There are times where I think a certain track should've been made quieter or louder, resulting in me using my controllers right analog stick's horizontal for music volume and vertical for sfx volume control. The music is high quality midi, doesn't sound repetitious, doesn't get boring, and most importantly isn't annoying. I feel like there were a few tunes snagged from some other games I've played, but I can't put my finger on them.

Story: 9.5/10
My only complaint is that some of the things said by the shadow creature could've been worded to sound more menacing and deserving of the status I feel he has. I'm most certainly not a good writer, but I can be severely put off by crappy narrative, dialogue, and story. I refuse to play most fangames because of this right here. This game's dialogue and narration are used in the right amount so as to be enjoyable, but not overstay their visit and become a chore to go through.(The intro sailing cutscene should be skippable though). Link narrating his thoughts upon entering a new area is a nice touch, especially since it's just a touch and not a full blown "LETS MAKE LINK SAY LOTS OF STUFF". As far as the actual story, I can say I'm genuinely interested in it. That's a hard thing to get me to say about fangames. I've quit playing the Quest "Isle of the Winds" because it just wasn't interesting after a certain point. Maybe I'll pick it up later, but maybe not.

All in all this is an outstanding game and every bit worthy of being held up there alongside other great 2D Zelda games like ALTTP, Links Awakening, Oracle of Ages/Seasons. Really looking forward to the ending and I'll update this review if I can when I get there. The only other Zelda Classic Quest I can compare this to in quality is Link to Tortuga, though that one has a lot more difficult puzzles that require intense Zelda puzzle cliche knowledge like headbanging.


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I had to stop bragging about winning the 2019 RMN Stanley Cup Playoff Pool.

Interesting review, just days after mine.... You're joining date is quite interesting too.

I'm currently playing You Can't Do That In Zelda, also made with Zelda Classic, old style graphics. In my opinion the gameplay of this other Zelda is much better. Graphics isn't everything. Sure the graphics in this game are great, but there are a lot of noticeable problems, difficulty aside.
Meh, if he wants to write the review this way, let him. Its no more valid than kory's review. Both have equal points of good and equal points of bad. I'll accept both reviews because constructive criticism when its done right can be a good thing. But in terms of changing the game at this point as a result, well, I'm past that point, so the game is now given out/downloaded AS IS.
There's nothing wrong with the content. kory is referring to the fact that this game has had no reviews for close to a year, I think, and as soon as a not so great review comes up someone signs up to the site and writes a whopping 5. Not that it really matters. If it was my game, I would probably ask someone for another review to hopefully even out the score. Because we all know stars(and MS) matter.
I'm being entirely honest here, I just ended my first semester in college and decided to try and tackle this quest since I have heard it's just phenomenal. It's definitely living up to the expectations everyone has set for it. I spent a few hours last night getting through the plague fortress halfway to the point of getting the fire rod chip and collecting everything in the overworld I could with it.

I did encounter a significant glitch though. I got to the chest and didn't have a key, thought to myself that a high tech level like this shouldn't have keys since I found a key card, and tried pressing on different sides of the chest. I literally walked either behind it or through the side of it and picked up the chip. I didn't need the key.

I didn't even look at the date of your review kory, though I did look at the review. I wasn't biasing it based on leveling the score out, the author knows what kind of work she put into it and what the ZC community says about it. I just thought this was a good way to let her know personally that I am loving this quest, even though I stopped playing her Isle of the Winds quest. I was searching for actual information about the author to see if she had made anything else and found this rpgmaker profile and decided to see what other people thought about Lost Isle since it had a Reviews section. Seriously though, I'm a bit astonished at the coincidence.

It's just like when I wrote this http://chief-01.deviantart.com/art/Crypto-Unlocker-UPDATED-V1-1-5-413774308

just days after someone wrote this.

There's so many people on the internet that I've realized coincidences like this happen easily.

Edit: I wrote that review at 6-7am at night and forgot to mention the sfx and talked exclusively about the music. The sfx seem to be mostly original zelda 1 with a few new ones like the arrow pickup, but I've had trouble with sfx playing properly on quests I've played so maybe they're just not playing for me. The sfx do fit in with the rest of the game, though you can't go too wrong with reusing original zelda 1 sfx for a zelda game.
Heh, that bug with the rod chip was unintentional and you really do need a key to open that chest. But even with the 1.1 update to the quest, both Peteo and I found the oversight completely hilarious, so we kept it in for ol' times sake.
Well if you found it and kept it I feel like I might as well have earned the chip lol. If I find a key later it's getting used on level 5 or 6.
I had to stop bragging about winning the 2019 RMN Stanley Cup Playoff Pool.

There's nothing wrong with the content. kory is referring to the fact that this game has had no reviews for close to a year, I think, and as soon as a not so great review comes up someone signs up to the site and writes a whopping 5. Not that it really matters. If it was my game, I would probably ask someone for another review to hopefully even out the score. Because we all know stars(and MS) matter.

I did find it kind of strange, add to the fact that the review has a similar format to my review. I found it very odd to say the least.
It's got a similar format because it was 6:30 AM and after reading your review I thought it was a good template to use. And as for the credentials, I was going to do that anyway since, as Maddox always says to critics, you need to qualify yourself for your opinion to carry any weight.
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