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"After centuries of war, mankind is enjoying a thousand years of peace. The empires have faded away, and no one fears the return of the Dragonlords. The dragons themselves have all but disappeared . . .

Great changes occuring in the kingdom of Havalon stand to shake the foundations of peace. King Rennard XVIII is not well, and his arrogant son stands to inherit the crown. When Prince Renault ascends, his shocking secret is sure to unravel the power of the throne . . .

But newly appointed Inspector General Cross has other concerns. Some unnatural force is behind the recent attempts to invade Havalon's ports and cities, and several key officials are murdered. Have the Dragonlords returned?

The Inspector General is the Royal Court's ultimate embodiment of justice, sworn to investigate state security matters, determine guilt, and dispensate immediate justice. But will his impressive skills and the liberties of his office be enough to help him solve the case?"

The Dragonlands Demo contains 2-10 hours of play time. After thwarting a pirate invasion of the nearby port of Saia, you must transport a prisoner safely back to Havalon. Afterward you may explore the massive castle and the city of Havalon, which includes a Casino full of mini-games. The mini-games include Blackjack, slots, and animal racing.

I started the project in 2007 and worked on it only in my spare time, which turned out to be more spare than I planned. It is doubtful I will ever complete the full game, but hopefully you will enjoy the demo.

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I'm a dog pirate
Working on an LT right now.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
What is an LT?
"Let's Try".
Do you really need the installer? Can't you just let us download a .zip or something?
Do you really need the installer? Can't you just let us download a .zip or something?

Then my friends and family would have no idea how to get it working. ;)
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Download, open folder, double-click RPG_RT.

In other news, I LT'd this but it had a read error at the start of the pirate fight, then on my second try (ADD SAVE POINTS) it had the same read error at the start of a random encounter near the end of the Dodego Forest.

i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Okay, I proceeded past that and now I'm going to finish uploading my LT for the rest of the demo.

I hate you.

My last save includes Snarl. Between that and the end of the demo, the only chance to save is probably somewhere in town. Okay, I probably should have saved. But then you have to do the Embrith tour, which doesn't let you save because of your caterpillar system or something like that. This is, what, twenty minutes of just reading text? Then you end the demo without letting me save.

I'm sorry that you're unhappy with it. But this is a demo, it's not a complete game.

The instruction manual installed with the game explains the save system. You can save anywhere indoors, such as the throne room, the barracks or the church in Saia, the Mayor's House, any of the shops or interiors in Havalon. That's plenty of save points; in fact it's more than if I inserted specific save points you had to touch in order to save. Then you'd probably be unhappy to have to backtrack to the save point when it would be so much easier just to save in the Casino or the shop you're in. :)
Access violation in module 'Dragonlands.exe' in with address 004994EB and offset 00000348 of type Read occured. This error message pops up when I get a random encounter on the pirate's ship in Saia then it shuts down after pushing ok.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem

You would probably be interested in this link, AlucardX.
Regarding the save system, alucard, if that's the case, then I think you should have indicated somewhere as a tutorial in game that you can save anywhere indoors. You see, not many will read the manual first before playing the game, and also saving indoors only is an uncommon feature.

Also, since is a demo, it would be good to listen to others' opinions (especially the ones in craze's let's try video of your game) and decide on improving your game. You do not release a demo just only to introduce your game to the community.
The save system is explained in the throne room by one of the guards, though it is not a mandatory tutorial like the others.

I am not inclined to listen to opinions of people who've never met me, yet tell me they hate me and call me an ass. This is not professional criticism, and only Deckkiller (sp?) so far has provided any professional criticism that I might take if I were interested, but this project was abandoned.

The other problem is this site, which has suddenly obscured the description of the game in both Google Chrome and IE, as far as I can tell. If the description were visible, you could see that this is an abandoned game that I have no intention of working on further. I realized in posting it that it was not complete or perfect. I posted it thinking that visitors here might have fun looking at it, but apparently I have misunderstood the function of this site, and for that I'm sorry.

I'm posting this in the hopes of avoiding further comments on this project, which I am currently trying to delete from rmn but the scripts on the site are not working properly.
I found a fix for the description box, hopefully it will be read before download this time.

Funny how I have to go and find a fix to implement on someone else's site. :D

Still trying to remove the download and delete the game, not working. Please don't download or review any further, as that was not the intent of posting this demo. :)
Wow, you are a huge baby.
I am not inclined to listen to opinions of people who've never met me, yet tell me they hate me and call me an ass.

Where was this? I don't think Craze was being serious. I would thank someone who played and recorded my game onto youtube. I mean get over that he might not have liked some of it, at least he actually played and commented it.

Btw criticism is still useful even if the project is canceled, you might do a future project. Whats the best reference for not repeating mistakes i wonder???
I don't really understand your reaction here, Alucard. This is a very good game as far as I'm concerned, but your responses to the feedback have been absolutely insane. I haven't watched Craze's videos yet, so I assume your feedback was directed at him; which is silly, because 95% of Craze's posts are him complaining about something. I didn't realise that about the save points, though (I thought it was only in churches, which I was fine with).

I think it would be foolish to remove your game (even if you could), especially because of something CRAZE said. I was looking forward to further expansions, although obviously you've said that's not going to happen. You should be proud of this project and react like a rational human being when people post comments about it, negative or not. I'm sure this project has a lot of fans. I was even going to review it, although I won't now for obvious reasons.
Honest opinion is always a better way of improving your own game, be it rude or not. Well heck to be honest, craze is not even entirely negative on your game. There are positive ones too. Also, if all the game has is positive comments, then what is there to improve? Think American idol. If it hadn't been for Simon cowell, do you think the singers would actually be able to sing better?

If everything you want has to be good, there's no way you're gonna improve. And also heck, can't you even see the tone craze was talking when he said 'i hate you'. That wasn't even a serious remark, man. Don't go emo over something trivial, including what I've just said.

Now of course, it's entirely up to u if you want to keep this game or delete it, but from my honest opinion, it would be plain stupid if you delete a demo just because of ONE single person. You have to look at it from a wider perspective. And use those honest opinions to improve either on thus existing, and any other further projects if you intend to continue.

One more thing, I do am impressed with certain aspects of the game, like the cutscene transaction. But I have to admit that your execution of dialogue is inconsistent, and can definitely be improved :) Another thing is that I feel the starting hp is too high and ought to be lower.

Yes, these are comments from a total stranger, but heck, if you release something, you are meant to receive comments from total strangers who ate the customers of your free game, so think about it.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
One thing I would suggest for future games is to take out that custom fade out/fade in between the menu and the rest of the game.
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