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One town, one dungeon, and a whole lot of things with pointy ears.

Weelon DeSora (better known as Wooter the Looter) is a Swampelf mercenary and former caravan scout in the service of Prince Mylon of Elvenburg and he has just made a disturbing discovery. There is a mysterious cave just outside the city that is not on any of the carefully made maps. After his attempts to bring the possibly dangerous cave to the attention of the proper authorities are laughed off, Wooter storms off in a fit.
Angry and bitter Wooter decides to explore the cave himself, partially because he's the best man for the job... but mostly because he wants first dibs on any treasure that might be down there. In the process he just happens to stumble across a vast incoherent conspiracy aimed at smashing the entire Elven Confederacy.

EQ:GtS ‘Features’:

-Five kinds of elves! (and counting)
-Pointlessly detailed world. (Especially pointless since you never go very far from the city you start the game in.)
-Epic amounts of unimportant dialogue.
-Fantasy racism at its lamest and cheesiest.
-Some truly disturbing religious zealots.
-Horribly mismatched graphics.
-Blatantly stolen music.
-Lame jokes recycled from even worse games.
-A huge variety of badly designed enemies for you to spam ENTER against.
-Possibly the worst mapping on RMN.
-No Pokemon or Dragonball Z references whatsoever.
-A tedious focus on Item and MP management.
-NOT A JOKE GAME (which only makes it funnier.)

Latest Blog

Because stuff this dorky needs to be explained.

Elves of Galentar: (Color coded for your convenience.)

High Elves: Tall and majestic race that even other elves find arrogant and aloof. Pale skinned with blond or light blue hair. (Going for a bit of a Norse mythology feel with these guys.)

Wood Elves: Annoying nature lovers who somehow guard many magical secrets. Wood elves are small in stature with olive skin and brown or red hair.

Danburi or Swampelves: A race of semi-nomadic troublemakers equally at home above or below ground. Swampelves have dark brown skin with blond or reddish hair.

Dark Elves: A frightening race of evildoers that have rejected the Elf Gods to worship demons in the depths below. Very pale skin with blond or white hair and often heavily tattooed.

Halfelves: Don’t think I need to explain this one. Halfelves were bred in large numbers during ancient times for use as slaves and arrow fodder.

Verakdi or Bloodelves: One of the Elder races. In their natural form they have burgundy skin with reddish hair. Black nails and teeth (which are the last thing you see, if you see anything at all.)

Fire Elves and Sky Elves exist but will not be part of this game.
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"-Keep a sense of humor without being offensive. "

Oxymoron in my book.
Things can be funny without hurting others.
You may have noticed I tend to swear a lot. However for this game I'm trying to cut that down as much as possible.
There's also racial tension in the city and I have to watch how I handle that.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
As long as you don't use real world racial slurs like mad, you should be fine. You could even use different races and come up with your own terms for it, like elves could be called *insert name here*.
Oh I'm not that stupid (anymore). Basically I've got a polite term and a impolite term for the Half Dark Elves. Certain NPC's will use one or the other.
The game sounds hilarious! I would love to play it. However, I'm having a small problem... I'm getting an error message: "The file equest1 cannot be opened". I can't find that file anywhere in the directory. How can I fix this?
I think that's the title screen. Try changing the title screen in the editor until I get that figured out.
Yep, that's what it was. Off on my Shiny journey!

Here's the file if you need it. I'll try to fix this for the next release.
I'm... uh... just gonna let that title screen go... elsewhere. lol
Now, to the fight with Alfred. You can battle him over and over and over and over etc. etc. ad nauseam.
Did you mean to do that or did you just forget a switch?
I'm... uh... just gonna let that title screen go... elsewhere. lol
Now, to the fight with Alfred. You can battle him over and over and over and over etc. etc. ad nauseam.
Did you mean to do that or did you just forget a switch?

Huh Always worked for me I'll check it out probably missed a switch.

Edit: No I forgot to put a switch (facepalm)
Bugfixed version is on the way. Found four of them and redid the city walls.
It's decent so far. A little more punctuation here and there could help as well. I'll be watching this one.
What's the completion status look like on this one? Expecting it to be done soon?
Trying to get psyched up to restart work on this but I don't know.
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