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My 3day one room entry!

Iris and her boyfriend chris are in alot of trouble! They only just went and stolen goverment secrets and now with that in mind the higher powers have sent crack troops to your apartment to take back what is rightfully theirs!
Only making the right choices will decide if you survive or meet a gruesome end.

Includes a decison making system where you chose how to fight from a list of options including two possible endings depending on your actions with a true ending if you complete it. Playthroughs on average are 15 minutes long but it could be double that if you want to see every nook and cranny. Please bear in mind that this was only made in two weeks on and off.
so don't expect anything amazing. It's more like a example of what you can do in a time limit.

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Just for the hell of it.

I thought I'll give a short reflection. It's been around for months and I feel guilty for it sitting around in my profile feeling like a neglected child, does this happen to anyone? Anyhow I wasnt really intending for it to be a super serious game it was more like having abit of fun with the maker, hence why there were spelling mistakes every now or then, I did learn alot about the use of pictures and the many ways I can use them.

I believe that the general concept has alot of potenial like imagine a whole game where you can guide the storyline in any direction you choose, I'll proberly take a stab at it a few years down the line but saying that it'll take a fricking long time to make. My spriting skills have improved alot since i released this, for example my charsets no longer look like their doing the splits whilst walking. I'm thinking of making another short game soon along the lines of a game inspired by clock of atonement... I'm going through a makersblock on The Lost Girls so this might happen sooner than you think.

In hindsight I regret giving this game a confusing cliffhanger and not treating it more seriously but oh well hopfully everything comes full circle once I release my next game, when I get some free time of course 8(
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  • 09/12/2010 01:35 PM
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  • 10/02/2010
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I like them too. I gave it a few playthroughs but I must admit the pacing is just too fast for my liking
and I didnt give enough forshadowing for the plot twist that pops out of the blue :(
Okay, this flew over your head...
I was referring to the fact that you spelled it wrong. It's cameo.
Seriously, you need to not post such a thing on someones game page. "This is headache causing." - I have a real problem with your dialogue...
I'm not sure why you spam'd screenshots just to show the errors in dialogue.
Yeah, I was mostly referring to the fact that you put tons of screens shots. If there's a spelling mistake just say the fix.

But also, if you are going to be providing tons of ongoing feedback then you should PM the creator or work out some other form of contact. This section is for comments and now you've ruined this first page of comments with tons of spam. Once the problems are fixed, what point will your comments have? People will visit this game page, possibly read through some of the comments, see all the mistakes you've pointed out and think less of the game. Even if there are multiple pages of comments, it always shows page 1 first. Not to mention your first post was simply trolling, trying to make fun of someone for making a typo.

Another thing, you posted and then edited your post, but 7 minutes later you posted again. Couldn't you have just edited your post again? Especially when nobody has posted after you and you are announcing such an unimportant piece of information. If your finished and are deciding to review, just write the damn review and we will be able to realize on our own that you
Just finished it. Now onward to the review button.

Please don't reply in this section to anything I've said, as I will not be reading it or taking up any more space on this page. It's had enough. Now I should say something related to the game to at least salvage this mess...

To the creator: I like the basic idea of this game and with some polish it could be a decent game. Looking at the screen shots your maps are pretty good, they aren't too empty and the stuff in the rooms makes it feel natural and not just a bunch of objects thrown in the room for sake of filling up space. Good example is the bathroom(try making 1 tile smaller and it would be perfect, imo). I would rethink how you put down the red rugs in those rooms however. Think of how rugs appear naturally in the wild haha
The offending posts have been deleted, Link. Just so you know.
Errrr what just happend here?? -o-
I deleted all the offending posts that Link said were offending...i.e, I just replaced all the text with DELETED. You got some of them in your mailbox, while the ones that didn't matter at all I just deleted.
Oh, my game crashed here for the second time =/

Really? o.O I've played test this battle to death and it has never happend to me? Anyone else had this problem?
No, I was able to beat the game. You might need to redownload it, DarkGamer.
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