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..:: EPIQUEST 2 ::..

.. :: OVERVIEW :: ..

This is the indirect sequil to a very downloaded game Epiquest (2010). I have taken everything that I learned from the previous game and all of the player feedback to make a new game that improves everything.

.. :: FEATURES :: ..

Party Picking
An actual story with characters!
More than a Dozen Playable Characters
More than a Dozen Classes
Avoid Enemy Battles or Plow into them
Leveled and Diverse Enemies
Diverse Areas
Very Detailed Towns, Villages & Cities
Forging, Alchemy & Blessing
200+ Weapons
300+ Equipments
300+ Skills
Day and Night System with Sleep Cycles
Crime System and Guards that Chase
Stealth Gameplay
Multiple Parties
Brain Bending Challenges & Fun Puzzles
Interesting Tricks & Traps
250+ Maps 10+ Inhabited Areas 20+ Battle Areas
450+ NPCs (is this really a feature?)

- Fragmasters
- Treasure Hunters
- Naval Gazers
- Tourists

.. :: SCRIPTS BY :: ..
Yanfly -> Majority of Scripting 50%
KGC -> Majority of Scripting 40%
Modern Algebra -> Tangeant Script
Modern Algebra -> Skill Teaching
Eternal Symphony -> Stat Increase By Job
Dangor -> Advanced Title Screen

Latest Blog

It’s been a while since I've touched you like this...

I've been playing a lot of SMBX over the past 2+ months. I burnt myself out on that. So today, I took out Epiquest 2 and started work.

After failing to update scripts, I added some new mechanics, new enemies, new skills, new items, new weapons and a new tutorial. I’m going to talk about the two more interesting ones.

SMBX “packed in” episode is quite perfect. It gently lowers you down into everything. It’s a deep game, but it doesn’t hit you all at once. There were brief comments, one per level explaining everything over the entire game, much like Portal. With Epiquest, I tried to explain the mechanics that most aren’t familiar with in RPGs.

I spent some time today doing the same, gently lowering the player into the mechanics of the game. Taking steps for everything, but without being a tutorial or hitting you with a wall of text. It turned out really nice!

One of the new mechanics that I implemented today was a disguise and summon system. The game already had it, but it was more of a concept and didn’t really work. With Epiquest 1, you would have skills based on what you had equipped. The summon and disguise system is slightly different, where when you have a summon or disguise, you have two skillsets. Its really very nice and diverse. The thief is now a stronger class, because she can wear disguises. There is now a new summoner class to summon things.

I had a lot of fun playing and fighting in battles devoid of story. There is a story, but I’d like to rewrite it, if not scrap it entirely and replace it with a vague plotline like… Save the X, destroy the Y. That’s actually the main thought I had when I went into Epiquest. Plus, seeing as how more people are beating Epiquest 1 and no one mentions hating the lack of story that seems to be an indication to me that people just want to play a game. Such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, SaGa & Dragon Warrior were just playing.

To sum it up, I think that if I go in the no story mode, that would make Epiquest 2 a dungeon crawler. Sure there will still be NPCs, and quests, just not all roped in together.

I think I can live with that.


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DLing now. it says 0 downloads. that seems weird
k just downloaded it. dls didn't go up. i can't play long, but at a glance with the airship. its a lot bigger than Epiquest. i'm gonna go exploring.
Mapping is great, better than Epiquest and that was great too. I can't imagine how you spend that much time on your forests. Multiple paths and it was just a joy to explore.
Uh no one but the beta testers should be able to download. wtf? This site is flawed.
Eh? I didn't even see a download button for this game
I just took it down. It was for testers only, but seeing as 2 people who are not testers downloaded it... and seeing as how none of the testers got back to me :-) I took it down. Technically the game isn't even in beta :-)
Do you have any idea when this will be done?
I see your still using default graphics, are you sure you can't make custom characters? It would look alot better. If you wanna try, use this maker, it's a different language but everyone pretty much knows this generator and it's easy to understand which button does what.
This is a good tool to use.

It would improve the game if you did so, you'll have more diverse characters, or even better, use RMXP sprites and edit them to fit in rpg-maker vx, to have even better looking characters.

Here is RMXP. If you cut out the first, left line of the character sprite sheet so there are only three rows(I did this in paint.net) you can use it for VX When your characters are done, press print screen and then paste into a new image, and cut out what you need.

I thought I'd give you ideas for better characters. If you wanna keep to the default that's fine though :/.
Yeah I've known about fumitsu for years.

Game is already mostly done. I have no plans on changing it. The game design is flawwed because I have wide open spaces instead of enclosed areas. It makes bumping into enemies very inconsistent.
Oh, well then that's alright then, it's not like it matters to me what the characters look like, just checking to see if you considered. I knew you probably already knew about it but decided to say it anyways.

Good, well I do like the first one, havn't gotten far cause I decided I didn't like my decision, so I ended up stopping cause I had to do the beginning all over again.
But I'll definately be playing this one, it's a good series so far.
Maybe for my next game, but I really don't have any desire to make another game. I'd rather do quicker things. These things turn out to be too big than I ever anticipate. Plus I might still end up adding what you said even though I said I wouldn't. I tend to do that.

Thanks for the compliment about the series.
where Epiquest2 can be downloaded ?
It can't yet. Sorry.
Is this still under way SS? EPQ1 was great fun.
Nope I'm not. Its funny I wanted to test out the battle system before releasing this, so I made a little demo and that demo got a bad review, then I spent months improving that game instead of this game. In hindsight I regret posting that other game here and not some other place without a scarring review system.
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