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The story so far...

Act 1: The Gathering

Fifty years after the defeat of the tyrant god, Set, the world of Rie rests in a state of idle peace. However, things are not as peaceful as they seem. A man who calls himself the Master of Souls has made a bargain with a demon lord Eivion - one thousand human souls in exchange for demonic immortality and overwhelming power. This prophecy has set itself in motion, ticking down soul by soul. Now the end is near. And where are the only six people in the world who have the capability to stop the Master of Souls before the world is lost forever? They are each being slowly lured to the CIty of Tar' Jahri, where they will be gathered together unaware of their fates.

Join Aeon and his allies and enemies as they head toward Tar' Jahri, with one question tugging on the back of their minds

Who or what is the Master of Souls?

Act 2: The Suffering

The Master of Souls has begun to capture the world of Rie. Slowly, but surely, the great nations of the world have fallen to him: The frozen kingdom of Ineldal; the Faerie Land of Lenria, the desert city of Septia, and the jungles of Tar' Jahri have all been destroyed, now all that stands in his path to destroy the Gods themselves is the capital city of Pendonia. And where are the heroes who are destined to stop him? They are desperately searching for an escape from the underworld.

Help Aeon and his band of adventurers escape from the underworld, even when faced with terrible perils such as a plague of Basalisks, a cursed orb of power, and an ancient sorcerer, bent on destroying mortals.

Act 3: The Ending
After an impossible escape from their prison, Aeon and his allies return to the surface world only to find their homes in ruin. Thrusen's devastating war has consumed nearly all the kingdoms of Rie leaving a small rebel army in Pendonia. The time has come for the chosen ones to start fighting back. Will the heroes free the world's kingdoms and topple this dictator, or will the world fall to darkness in his evil grip?

Play as Aeon, Lidya, Christina, and many others in the final chapter of their adventure as they fight against the world itself to liberate millions of innocent people. But just what is the Master of Souls' final plan? And is it too late to stop him?

The first official game of the Everguard Saga (Didn't see the prologue? Check here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2059/) The Master of Souls Act I- The Gathering has about 10 hours of gameplay divided into 4 main chapters, with an additional fifth boss fight chapter. Act II - The Struggling adds another five to six hours of fun. The game also includes, music written by Aaron Walz (including 3 pieces made specifically for the Everguard Saga)http://www.walzmusic.com/ and Everguard, face art by Naramura http://fayforest.sakura.ne.jp/sozai/english.html , and custom tilesets and scripts from Amaranth Games(tilesets from Aveyond 2) http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/oledrion/product.php?product_id=2 .

Trailer for Master of Souls Act II - The Struggling

Latest Blog

The Real Release

So, for real this time: let's talk about the full game.
Due to a couple of factors the game obviously was not in shape for release four months ago. It was a combination of a busy life, lots of bugs, testers having difficulty, and my lack of internet connection. But that's behind us now!
Fortunately, we've been able to exceed the release date (October), and instead are releasing the third and final act of the Master of Souls now!
As I mentioned before in the other blog, the game consists (all three acts in total) of a solid 20-30 hours of gameplay, 50+ quests, and 11 playable characters (not all at the same time). The final act will likely be released sometime today or tomorrow.
One last little tidbit of food for thought, because of all of the recent trouble with the game some of the areas were tested less vigorously than others. This means that essentially at the end of the game, expect a few more bugs. I doubt there will be too many, but if you find a bug PLEASE post it here on this blog. I'll deal with it as soon as I can.

Some final words? I guess I'd like to just thank the community here for all of the support and understanding that I've received over the course of this ridiculously long project. RMN really is a great place and a great community. As always, I hope that you all enjoy the game!
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Alright folks, the demo (coming out in a bit) is for my three testers only! (Still looking for more, if anyone is interested) If all goes well with beta testing, the full version of Act I should be up by December 23 as I promised.
amusing tassadar, your taste in companionship grows ever more inexplicable
hey! look at this! nice!
I look forward to the 23 then!
I subscribed!

EDIT: Sure Everguard, no problem. Just do things at your own pace. :)
Nice :)
So far testing is NOT going according to plan, the download is having some trouble. But rest assured, everything will be fixed... eventually... if not I might release an open beta on the 23. Either way, stay tuned!
Uh... I'm not going to review this yet because it's a demo.

But the story...

I'm confused why do I start out in some church place and get thrown out on to an island with some guy who has a child's face...?

And the Tileset has some vivid colors. (It's fine if your only using the vivid ones but don't mix them in and out)

The way the names are displayed in the text boxes....


The battle system nothing moves... heres a suggestion for a good side view (No special sprites needed) battle system:
Just msg the guy for his script and he'll give you a valid Download link.

Thanks for downloading and commenting (even though it was an accident you could download it) :)
The reason you are in a church, then an island, is because the character was having a dream at first, of being in a church. His little brother (who, yes has a child's face) wakes him up and they are on an island.
The tileset is suppossed to be mixed like that, but I've already redone those first few maps (they weren't that good)
I'm sorry you despise how i use names in text boxes, you can't please everyone.
the battle system isn't suppossed to move, I like it better that way (other systems have much more lag)

EDIT: For those of you who have been complaining, I couldn't figure out how to give the font a shadow but I changed the windowskin to a dark blue color. The text shows up much better, I think you'll like it :)
We are running a little bit behind schedule, so hopefully the game will be up by January 1st :(
She obviously means bump
as in put this game page first in the list bump
I cant find Damein! Everytime i killed the two witches they are still there ..when i killed Atlas..he's still alive ..help!!
Hmm, not sure why that's happening! Maybe you want to try downloading the game again and copying your save file into the new folder?
Hello..i have tried but to no avail : (.... i was having fun playing the game...awww...
Hmm, let me put up a goodie patch for you :) All you have to do is download that version and copy/paste your save file. I really hope this works, and I'm glad you are enjoying the game!

EDIT: Hope the new download helps! I can't believe I let that slide...
it's still the same for me tho..... : (
Hmm... I'm not sure what else to do... did you try fighting those bosses again? It should work then. If it doesn't, I can just try to fix it again for you :)
Maybe i can send u my save file instead?
Sure, try that first and I'll see what's wrong :)
Really sorry about this, hopefully it will work out.
i've sent you the save file via link...: )
Sure, try that first and I'll see what's wrong :)
Really sorry about this, hopefully it will work out.
so far great game, but i'm stuck after defeating the to witches. There's a trap in front of the cave. on the left side a statue with a clue ONE THOUSAND and right THREE. On the pole i tried every combination of the four digits but nothing helps. HELP.

found the answer, did'nt see there where to clues on each statue.