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(Based on the movie by Harold P Warren)

Michael Downing and Margaret Peterson are the textbook examples of an All-American couple. Forced to postpone their wedding due to severe rainfalls, they seek shelter inside a lone Motel on the side of the road. Things take a swift turn for the worst when the couple is separated and thrown into an enormous labyrinth sitting underneath the motel. The twosome make it their mission to reunite with each other, teaming up with two mysterious and quirky individuals along the way. Will the young couple overcome the plethora of deadly demons and dangerous traps to reach other other in time, or will a much greater evil expose the cracks in their relationship to claim Margaret as his own? .

> Experience the storyline through the eyes of one of the two leading characters.
> A New Game+ Mode
> Fast-based battles
> The game comes with a full walk-through and instruction manual

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Putting boss-fight-Michael to sleep does not actually cause him to stop attacking.

Edit, follow-up bug:

The status protection accessories do nothing against sleep in Margaret's fight against the chromatic maidens. I triple checked that I was wearing the appropriate bangle, and was still reliably put to sleep.
Oh wow, that's so strange. You wouldn't have been able to get through the Catacombs or the battle with Xiba if the Blue Earring wasn't working properly. =P Are you sure you aren't being stunned instead? I just breezed through the game and the accessory seemed to work for me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm really sorry to hear this. The only thing I can think of is to level Torgo up to 30 so he could learn "Doom Wave", which would silence them. Assuming you're at level 24, it might take about 8-10 minutes.
The blue earring worked fine against Xiba. But Margaret gets both paralyzed and sleep'd despite having the proper accessories equipped against the maidens. I've also had Torgo get paralyzed by the gold maiden, despite having the appropriate accessory equipped, but then ignore that paralysis and continue to act as normal.

Also, is the proper solution for fighting the master to grind levels/get really lucky with paralyzes? I've gotten him to the phase where he uses realm of the tide, and I'm not seeing any way to get past it other than blind rng luck or grinding.
What level are you on? Using Margaret's "Guard" will cut the damage in half (you may have to use it twice), which would save a lot of trouble. The recommended level is 24-26. If you're around there, you won't have to grind at all.
I was definitely in the 24-26 bracket, although I ended up power-leveling up to 30 and stun-locking the master with thunderbolts.

I didn't know that guard was stackable, but its effectiveness definitely seemed to be proportional to my character's level.

In spite of the intermittent difficulty spikes, I really do like this game, though.
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. =)

I whipped it up in three weeks, so it's not as polished it probably should be.
The lack of polish as part of the charm. No-frills gaming is sometimes a nice change of pace. Also, for something based on freaking Manos, I think you did an excellent job with the writing.
Amazing idea. Oh man, can't stop laughing.
But deep down, you know you can't resist. ;)

For what it's worth, it isn't a totally faithful adaption of the movie. I basically borrowed some of the movie's ideas, and then expanded upon them.
For what it's worth, it isn't a totally faithful adaption of the movie. I basically borrowed some of the movie's ideas, and then expanded upon them.

And this is why it's good. It also felt like it was channeling a little bit of silent hill.

For a while, I thought the end boss was actually going to be Margret's demon-baby, trying to protect itself from growing up in a household with Michael by splitting the two of them up.
That wouldn't have been a bad idea...!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Apparently totally unrelated to the Freakzone game.
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