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Skill Browser

I made a release with some important fixes and added the skill menu. I'm almost ready to start working on the battle systems now that things are ready.

- Added the skill menu
- Fixed a bug where pan screen continues to move the screen even after changing maps
- Fixed a bug where screen tint is not saved with games
- Fixed a bug where the camera could move past the map when panning screen
- Implemented the Change Skill commands
- Implemented the Change Hero Name and Change Hero Title commands
- Important, fixed a problem when saving into a slot which previously had more members in a party. This could trash the slot so the engine would crash when trying to save. This was fixed to prevent this but can't fix existing problems. Save in a different slot.


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Resident Terrapin
Nice level of updates in a short amount of time... If I'm free later tonight I'll run some tests with this new version and try my best to break it.
My mind is full of fuck.
Watching and waiting.
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