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Good luck
  • WolfCoder
  • Added: 06/26/2011 07:24 AM
  • Last updated: 08/09/2022 11:33 AM


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I'll have to add more commands it seems to prevent the stack overflow that currently happens (I bet a base case can't be met because of a missing command).

The 100 picture thing I can fix easily by simply increasing the max pictures to 100 and recompiling the engine.
In case the 100 picture thing you're mentioning also corresponds with the ID and not just pictures themselves, then you'll have to go a little bit higher (108 should be the highest ID used for a picture).

I mean the recall you had a list once showing which commands you had implemented and not, and as long as I recall correctly and little has happened in the meantime, Get Event ID, and Get Terrain ID should be missing.
Btw. how many recursive event calls does your engine handle?
I might have Event ID working but not Terrain ID even though I could implement both, and the stack size is 32. I could also just set the pictures to 256. I don't know what RPG_RT.exe's stack size is but I should also make it 256.
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