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Alter A.I.L.A. takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, on a remote plateau: one of the last remaining land masses above sea level. You play the role of a young prisoner, who among others, have had their memories erased, and must now fight for their lives everyday for the entertainment of others. From here, the story can go in 3 separate directions, depending on your choice during the prologue.

The 3 Sides:

Rebel: On this route, you'll join up with a rebel faction created to stop the dictatorship of Kugar, the overlord. Your motives are ultimately summed up in overthrowing Kugar and establishing peace and human rights for all.
Imperial: On this route, you'll support Kugar's regime, and work towards crushing the rebellion. All resistance must be terminated.
Independent: On this route, you won't join up with either side. Whoever rules does not matter to you. Your one goal is to be free.

*People stuck on the Doors Puzzle can consult this handy dandy guide: http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/32/locker/Avalon_Door_Puzzle1.png

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TV Tropes!

Someone made a TV Tropes page for Alter AILA! It is guaranteed awesome. :)

Check it out: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AlterAILA
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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 11/01/2007 10:29 PM
  • 10/17/2020 06:30 PM
  • 03/22/2010
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Come to think of it, I don't even think the demo for Genesis is uploaded.

Anyways, I'll upload it again when AAG is finished (maybe)..
I love your game. However I was wondering if you can give me any tips on how to defeat the Controller (boss). I didnt want to just go on the database and start messing around with its stats.
Hey Nightcloud, That's a pretty common roadblock for most people. Buy some Lightning Bombs before taking him on.
It's a damn shame you took down the original - it's not like it was anything to be ashamed of!
Y'know, I like the music you used out there especially the Deep Calm by MOVE, sounds perfect for an epic final battle eh!
so when is the remake version of this be available?? i was hoping i could download this..well..ill be waiting for the remake :D
I think the original is on sinisterdesign.net, or at least the archived version you can access through the new one.
Keep up the good work, loving the game.
I was having some trouble beating Jackal on my first time around so I just skipped him, is there any way to get back to where he is?
Nah, but don't worry, you can fight him again on a New Game+, and you only need to beat him once.
Where can I find the game, or a demo to it???
One of the best games on rpg maker i have played
I love this game.
When I played Genisis I thought it was a sequel because it looks so strange and diffrent.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Is Genesis a remake of this game? I played Genesis and it looked damn fantastic.
Devil's in the details
Oh yes, a download! When did that appear!
Firs off--GREAT GAME.

Now, there is a cheat/bug I discovered. After I unequip all of my armor and accessories, when I leave the main menu and come back, the equipment is back on. I can exploit this by selling my armor and accessories an infinite number of times, and they will always be there when I re-enter the equip screen. Was this intentional or something? Cuz I just got rich as hell. :P
Not intentional, but it'd be too much effort to go back and fix it now. If I recall, it had to do with how I coded the weapon check (in order to change the battle sprite to the right weapon).
Man, that door maze in Part 4 is driving me nuts. Any help? Maybe a guide of some sort?
Love the game, by the way. One of my all time favorite RPGM games.
Yeah, I don't know why I ever thought that door puzzle was a good idea..

I don't know if this is the shortest solution, but it should work:

Haha. Hey, it's not a big deal. Every game has got that one annoying moment. It doesn't make the game any less of an achievement. Thanks, by the way.