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"With the closure of the Ouranos small-scale fleet exploration project, we can at last divert necessary focus and resources to the power struggle between the betrayed Typelog Corporation and the now-exposed EROS Project. EROS' sabotage of the Typelog Mind- Machine Interface Project did not go unnoticed for long.

Our role is, as always, one of peacekeeping. To become a wedge between two forces of unimaginable power, to protect those who would be targeted or exploited for the needs of one side or the other. This is a new era... for us, and for society. A shame it so closely mirrors the old..."

-Virgil Sorenson, Commander of the Inquiry Project

"We have met those who call themselves the forefront of science. Never mind that science is what got us into this mess, or so some believe. These are a special sort, however - operating quietly behind the scenes, for the advancement of humanity. A more benevolent force, we have yet to encounter.

They have taken a special interest in Commander Ouranos. Could Ouranos' special talents and unique physical makeup be one of their own products, now finally ready to be reunited? Or will this seek to only deepen the mystery further? Time will tell..."

-Virgil Sorenson, Commander of the Inquiry Project

"Our requirements have created a much-needed alliance with Typelog Corporation. Originally serving as digital storage for all memories to counteract the memory limits within the organic mind, the corporation has recently begun branching out, much like ourselves.

But what, exactly, are their new intentions, and is our cooperation with such an enormous entity a threat to our own ideals...or just sign of our pride?"
-Virgil Sorenson, Commander of the Inquiry Project

"We have mustered the strength, the dedication, and the desire to begin rebuilding.

Habitation Zero is our first bastion of hope in returning to the old order. By demonstrating its integrity and security for those of us fortunate to have survived the Shine, we may yet create a new paradise from the ashes of the old. The habitation's design and specifications shall ring freely through the broadcast signals over this superspace to encourage its propagation. One, ten, one thousand, one billion... however many it takes to house we pathetic few.

Danger still lurks in the outside, though. No longer natural phenomena, or confused MOD defense units, or stray Lessers, however. It is a danger we had shed long ago; one resurrected by panic, and greed, and newfound power. Ourselves."

-Virgil Sorenson, Commander of the Inquiry Project

"Our bounds were limitless, our lives unending, our society perfected. We became a society of sheer existence; a paragon of order, and we, infallible within our own creation. We had overcome the dangers of outer space, as well as the dangers of ourselves. We would continue to flourish, exist, expand, until the night could reclaim the universe. We never made it to that end.

The Shine came, and with it, a premature end to our universe.

It was an unmistakable shimmer that passed over us for but a moment - and then, ruin. Without warning, segments of matters instantly displaced from one another, shredding entire colonies and craft in mere moments. Order became chaos to those unfortunate enough to survive. Long range communication became impossible, and our structures were uninhabitable. We were alone, once more.

From the wreckage, however, something else became born. Our emotions, desires, determination - suppressed for æons - suddenly emerged once more, and with them, the drive to rebuild, and to return to that paradise of order. But, are we too far-gone? Were we too large, too proud? Will it be physically possible to regain what we had? And what of the Shine? Where did it come from? Will it happen again?

As the head of the Inquiry Project, I have found a new hope sleeping amongst the ruins. An advantage. A survivor."

-Virgil Sorenson, Commander of the Inquiry Project


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Having played the Reconstruction to completion, I can say that I'm rather interested in this title. ;)
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