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Ten years ago, a great evil was unleashed unto the world. Sealed for over one thousand years, this evil threatened to seize control over both Celestia and Earth. Joined by eleven other friends, the Celestial Prince managed to successfully defeat the foe. The world was saved, and everything returned to normal...until now.

ERIC VENTURA, top cop of Rodger City, is sent on a mission to protect Jazz singer KYON-LEI KWON from a mysterious stalker who goes by the alias, "FACE." Eric's task takes an unexpected turn for the worse when he's suddenly confronted by a horrifying demon. Saved by an unidentified voice, Eric is given a unique set of powers, and saves the Jazz singer.

Soon after, Eric learns about the TWELVE DEMONS of CHAOS, twelve gods who each ruled over their own world in the dimension of Realm. Their corrupted society eventually led to their downfall, and fearing of their defeat, they created three CHAOS STONES, where they hid and fled into a new dimension...Earth.

Using human flesh as a disguise, these demons walk among the earth, some aware of their ability, some not. If the twelve demons are reunited, their original form will return... as well as their hunger for galatic domination.

Eric and Face race to find these demons, though the battle lines aren't as defind as you'd think, once motives become clear and manipulation sinks in. Can Eric and his friend trust the voice guiding them.....or does the voice have a motive of its own?

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This game has reached 10,000 DLs in four months, according to MediaFire. I'm sure most people prob receive that much a day, but for me that's pretty good. =P

I don't know the specific place where the downloads are all coming, though apparently the highest number of downloads are in Sweden (!) which makes me suspect that the game has found its way onto several Swedish sites (whore).

Nonetheless, I'm really happy and special thanks to everyone who downloaded! This may actually become my highest downloaded (overall) game ever. *gasp*

- Yeaster
  • Completed
  • Yeaster
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 11/11/2007 09:13 PM
  • 06/07/2020 02:31 PM
  • 06/16/2010
  • 286944
  • 29
  • 2059


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I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Your games are consistently looking better.
Heh, looks like good cute fun. Makes me think of a cross between the second Castlevania game, Blade Runner, and Mad Max. I'm looking forward to it.
Looks great so far! The facesets give it a nice touch.
just as Rankochan said, great facesets. Good work, Yeaster.
freakin' sweet plot yeaster. keep it up!
Looked ok until i saw the terrible facesets.

Lo0oks a mess dude.
People used anime facesets a lot, so why couldn't I use real people? ;p
Man I really like the real facesets, almost as if you have actors playing your character roles. It is better than the shitty facemaker generated animu graphixs.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I need to get into this after I finish Vanity.

...I need to finish Vanity.
Don't worry Chaos, you'll have plenty of time. =P Vanity's demo is pretty short, albeit horribly dated in comparison to how the game is now.

I want this game out in August, but I know how I am, and this won't be out until like, the last day of September or some shit. Haha
Hey, Yeaster, it's already October! Why isn't the game complete yet?!?
The faceset for ''Brain''... is that Jaleel White? X-D
You should really make the first boss harder, you know. Dying seven times in a row isn't hard enough for me!
You died seven times? I barely took any damage.
I'm just annoyed by the fact that monsters from the second dungeons are MUCH MUCH harder than the ones in the first, but they give away about the same amount of XP.
Lennon, would you believe that JugJug was originally significantly harder? x.x In fact, the whole game was. The full game version is like 150% less difficult than the previous crap versions, so make of that what you will. hahaha

Anyways, here are some tips to beat him

1) Find the "Thunder Shock Ring" and wear it. That way, you won't lose turns by being shocked.

2) Equip Eric with his handgun, so you can do damage WITHOUT using your SP.

3) Keep your HP above 70. Hopefully you haven't used up all of your healing items, but if you did, no problem. Use Eric's SP for healing ONLY. Just keep using his gun-based physical attacks and you won't need to use any items. You should be around level 5 or so for the fight.

Cal, the monsters in the Reeves dungeon get much easier after you gain a level or two. If you're having trouble, fight near a healing crystal until you're ready to move on. If you need to restock, you can leave the dungeon at any time to buy more items and equipment. Creator's tip#1...ALWAYS buy new shoes. Shoes are the most important equipment in the game, even more important than weapons as the game progress. They increase your speed which for some fights, is huge.

Creator's tip#2...right before you talk to Mace, you can actually get a really powerful weapon for Blaze in his apartment building. After he and Phoebe join, head to the first floor of the apartment building and head left. Talk to the kid surrounding a weapon and kick his ass (he can be easy but you'll still need to use some smarts to beat him). You'll get the Mega Gust, which will last you throughout ALL of Case 1, and about half of Case 2. I don't know if you still have that save file or not, but if you don't, no biggie. You can one-hit-kill any monster in the Reeves dungeon without your skills (Eric-Nerve Shot, Blaze-Mental, Phoebe-Flint).

Creator's tip#3...at the very end of the Reeves Building, before approaching the boss, make sure you equip Eric with a sword!
I don't get why basically every character's skills and spells are so overly powerful. Don't get me wrong, I like how the higher-tier spells are that strong, but if the low-tier skills (Eric's Ripe/Nerve Bullet, Kyon-Lei's low-level magic spells, etc.) deals 200-something damage, then there's a problem.
MP is kinda limited, so I don't think it's overpowered.
Thanks for the comments.

The battles in Complete Chaos were deliberately meant to be very fast pace. If I lowered the high-powered moves but kept the monster's HPs the same, the battles could drag, especially if the monsters you're facing use skills that your characters are weak against.

Basically, if you have the upper hand over your opponent, take advantage of it! Because if you mess around too much, many of them will use skills that can really hurt your party. =p

But I do see your point Mirange, which is why in MMZ and Vanity I have made the characters weaker and their spell power more gradual.
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