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Oathguard v0.2 Public Beta Download

  • mellytan
  • 11/16/2012 05:59 AM

such was the nadir of my madness...

download taken down because I noticed in a play through that one if the boss battles is misplaced!! If you downloaded please don't play the Domtrau battle, its set to the Rhedon battle on accident! New download link up this weekend, thanks for your patience

platform: rm2k3 (hahahahahahahahahahahahhahha please murder me)
genre: anime knightbabe simulator (AKS)
playtime: 2 dog hours

it's untested past the Shedu General battle but i'm releasing because yolo

be sure to save often and in multiple slots!!! there are like 10 slots so dont be a stingy scrub!!

~Known Issues~

* Battle balancing is nonexistant. opinions desired
* SFX and Music are janky. Many stop before finishing. This may be due to frankenstein patching of the exe. Or it may be due to 2k3 being 2k3 as usual
* If any timing issues happen in cutscenes/animations, it's probably because of rm2k processing issues. gomen ne
* Jamming on the run button during cutscenes is a no-no. You will probably mess up Gela's character sprite so the animations won't play :'(((
* On that note don't jam on the menu button when entering/exiting map
* Tutorials are placeholders, more or less
* Some graphical placeholders and random wiggly trees abound
* Bocheul doesn't have a portrait yet
* Character growth (Remnants and EXP), item drops, and the use of the Will stat may not be very balanced at all; suggestions desired
* Some bug where the Transform LP threshold isn't checked before battle so you can have Transform too early; but I fixed it after uploading this
* Sorry about the Mire/Daze status lol use Deban Crown

details on the final release and other ~deep thoughts~ to follow in the coming week

now get outta here before i change my mind....


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an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
for prospective players... i assure u this is worth playing for the writing alone
RMN sex symbol
Is it finally time for me to guard my oath? ;D
Devil's in the details
yay for dying in first battle :c
is there a font i need to have downloaded or something?

Ms echoes

my bad I thought everyone had it by now....guess the times have changed....
yay for dying in first battle :c

thanks, really looking forward to this!
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
my friend The Grand Vizier Sultan RPG Ababwha has informed me that there are some ghastly bugs, i will be working to correct these my dear friends!!

be sure to save often and in multiple slots!!! there are like 10 slots so dont be a stingy scrub!!

edit: frak rm2k3!!!!
Will release v0.22 (I clearly have no idea how my own versioning works) this weekend with fixes for duplicate weapon commands, EXP problems, checkpoint reload issues, and bugs with the canyon ambush. Stay tuned my babbies
Man u got some fine master piece here ;) hope when u release it will be full not like chapter 1 2 etc etc ... despite the difficulty which is extreme (I LOVE!!) but the beta makes it looks very promising ;)) hope it will be released soon enough ;)
Thanks man, appreciate it. Unfortunately the chapter format is all I can manage on my own, but maybe someday it may change...thanks again :)
why do you keep making games, get this filth off

I'll play it on Christmas.
Download link taken down due to the fact that the Domtrau battle is incorrect--wheb its triggered, the Rhedon battle occurs instead. A new release with the proper battle and the aforementioned fixes will be up this weekend. If you downloaded this version please do not play the Domtrau part or beyond, I would really appreciated it if you waited. PS I hate typing on my phone
*Sits down and waits like a boss*
My tablet broke, I can't work. Let's do this B)
i was wondering about that melly why the rhedon battle occur and after it when you are going down i see three people one of them the sage and the two others dont know anyways if u talk to of them the rhedon battle occurs and the third lets u skip the battle and the go to the scene where gela is injured and walks to the town ... and another thing after my lp runs out after i talk to bochuel (i think thats his name) the serum doesnt work and the game just doesnt continue i keep hitting rhoden but he does nothing
Oops haha yea looks like I forgot to remove those debug guys from the Reunion map with Bocheul. Thanks for the report, kalalas. I'll fix that too
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