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Chrono Shift is a fan-made non-profit game currently in development. It is intended to be a stand-alone game that can also serve as a prequel to the Chrono series. It takes place in the Dark Ages on the Chrono planet, fifteen years before the events of CT.

Some features of the game include:
  • Customized sprites (not all are totally original but I don’t think even a single one has gone unedited)
  • An all-original, never-bever-heard soundtrack
  • Experience the story with an all-new playable cast (though you may recognize a few eventually)
  • Contains several ties and nods to the official Chrono games
  • Utilizing Atoa’s Custom Battle System with the Chrono Plug-In
  • Raziel’s Chrono Custom Menu System
  • All-New spells and battle animations
  • 3-Person caterpillar system with 8-directional movement just like the official games
  • Tons of minigames and 20+ hours of gameplay
  • Multiple endings and New Game +
  • All-new Alchemy item creation system
  • An expanded and more diverse world to explore with more secrets than you've seen before
  • Epic and meticulously-planned story that expands the mythology

Like the demo, the game will be and was always intended to be free. We would never charge for it, if you pay somebody money for it, they scammed you, get your money back.

The team continues to grow and work toward completion. Bare with us and wait patiently while we work and rather than release news updates, we’ll release a finished game.

*Disclaimer: The engine for the game has gone from the demo using 2k3 to the full game using XP. The reasons are numerous, but at the end of the day the upgrade allows us to make a better game. The decision was that simple.

Latest Blog

RMXP - Help us Finish the Project!

Hello subscribers! Mr. Bekkler here, director of Chrono Shift.

This game has been in the works for several years now. It was on hiatus for a while as I had personal matters that needed my attention but now that I have some time for the foreseeable future, I'm trying to get it finished. I'm very sorry for the delay, and we'd like to avoid further delay and get this project completed, which brings me to my point.

We need some help.

The problem is that when we first started, it was an RM2k3 game and add such was very limited. We chose to switch engines to RMXP, to allow the game to better fit the feel we're going for. A few very dependable teammates never let go and continued to work in my absence, despite the fact that we were essentially starting over. Thanks to them, the game's engine, battle system, and menu system are all up and running and the custom graphics we created have been converted to XP format and imported. The plot outline has been finished for a long time and the dialogue script is progressing smoothly.

What we need is mappers. Unfortunately I cannot offer any money as this is a completely non-profit game. However, if you're interested and capable of making maps in RMXP with tilesets that have already been imported, I'll make sure you get credit when it is complete, and obviously you'll be able to enter our underground forum where our development resources are kept, including our sprites, our 50+ page plot outline, our original soundtrack, the working plot script, and the game engine, among other things.

Please let me know if you're interested and able to help. Or if you have a friend who may be interested, please encourage them to message me or comment here. We really need dependable people who can deliver some results if we want to release this thing any time soon.

Thank you for your time,
Mr. Bekkler

TLDR: We need RMXP maps.


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where can u sownload this i tried o follow the link but got a message of file removed from mediafire
Anyone know what happened to these guys?
Old demo re-uploaded! Sorry for the inconvenience!
I won the RMN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool. Now I will never stop bragging about it.

Please change the engine you made this with.
I thought this was made with XP, which makes a big
difference to recording videos.
From what I gather the old version was done with RM2k3 and the new one is currently being done in RMXP.
Noel_Kreiss is right the old version was RM2k3. The final version is in RMXP. We switched engines about half way through which is why the project got so quiet.
Subbed. is this still being developed?
yes it is
yes it is.
yes it is
yes it is.

Yes it is. We're underground and our team is very small now, but progress is being made.
nice game ,is it at least 75% done or only the mapping is a issue? i suck at doing maps so i would like to play the game with some major updates in them.
nice game ,is it at least 75% done or only the mapping is a issue? i suck at doing maps so i would like to play the game with some major updates in them.

I don't know the percentage of completion but it's not ready to play, which is why we're asking for help making maps.
Hey I'm not sure if you're still looking for rmxp imported maps/sprites/etc but you can use anything you like from my project:


Nothing is encrypted.
In general, CT fan projects are very quiet until release date ever since Crimson Echoes happened. I don't think that any of the projects lead by Bekkler or Lance will be canceled without an announcement.
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