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The lake was once a popular fishing spot before pollution and the presence of the Undercity's thieves in its caves drove people away.
  • Melkino
  • Added: 03/01/2014 06:08 PM
  • Last updated: 04/12/2024 12:03 PM


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Love the boat art. Very very nice. glad this game is still under construction and not abandoned.
solos collectors on purpose
I won't be abandoning it except in case of a life emergency or something!

I try to put a little bit of work each day, it's just that I haven't really posted much on this site lately.
Yellow tree on the left is passing on top of the green tree in front of it. May want to look at that (unless my eyes deceive me).

Great use of colour by the way. It's important to be able to make something look dull and deserted without spraying brown and five o'clock shadow everywhere.
It's not, they are just very close.

This is really pretty, except the path is so obviously an autotile. Anyway you could use a few diagonal pieces to make it a bit more natural looking?
solos collectors on purpose
I tried out making diagonal edits of that road tile in the past. For example, this is an older version of the lake's map:

During playtesting, the diagonals looked downright awkward and less natural to me compared to the autotiles, so I decided not to use them.

(In case someone asks about parallaxing it: no, I won't parallax outdoor maps unless I have to layer a large amount of objects)
How about curved road tiles? Like you do those cliff tiles?

Fantastic organic-looking maps, by the way.
I can see what you mean about the diagonals looking less natural, but try using them VERY sparingly in conjunction with the autotile. Part of the problem in that last screenshot is that you end up building squares tilted on their sides. If you only use the diagonals very seldom (and round them a little bit like thatbennyguy suggested) I think they'll fit in really well with the otherwise natural looking chipset. Try using the cliff itself; erase the brown colours and superimpose the remaining curved grass onto the flagstone, then use that tile just once and awhile. I think you'll be happy with the results. I believe in my dreams.
Double post: I don't really like just shouting suggestions at people, so here is my shitty edit: http://rpgmaker.net/users/Kaempfer/locker/Terrible_Edit.png

This is a combination of round, diagonal, and the regular autotile (copy and pasted obviously, thanks MS paint).

editz: The path is a bit too wide, which is not good, but I wanted to use the original shape! Using the rounded edges as a sort of inverted corner piece sparingly is the key.
I like looking at Kaempfer's version of that map. It looks very... natural.
RMN sex symbol
For a polluted water it looks quite clean. Just a small thing but I don't know. Other then that it looks great as usual.
For a polluted water it looks quite clean. Just a small thing but I don't know. Other then that it looks great as usual.

The actual screenshot vs. the screenshot in the comments definitely makes it look more polluted, but I agree with you: you shouldn't be able to see to the bottom of filthy water. Definitely on the right track with progression though, seeing where it originally started.

Maybe just make it a bit cloudier if the pollution thing is going to be important to the area?
I think the water looks fine. You couldn't really accurately represent polluted water in any correct way on a pixel level (at least not in the medieval understanding of the word). I live near a river that used to be quite polluted, and it looked exactly the same as it does now, despite the pollution level decreasing significantly. Floating garbage wouldn't exist in days of yore (as the things that floated, namely wood, wouldn't actually be much of a pollutant), and water doesn't just turn to a different colour unless it has become brackish; a byproduct not of the pollution but of changes in the watercourse.

The biggest problem with water that's unsafe to drink or swim (or indeed eat fish caught from) is that it DOES look the exact same as clean water. And then you drink it and die. I think the colour of the grass and the tint of the water is enough to reinforce the idea that it's not a healthy land like it once was.
solos collectors on purpose
I took a look at photos of polluted lakes in google image search, and the water in a lot of those pictures looks similar to the typical blueish lake water, but with garbage and dead fish floating around here and there. And then there's the stuff we can't see, like cholera and other diseases... o_o

There is a town later on in the game that has a factory right in it, so I think I'll make the color of the water nastier-looking for that place when I get to it.

(By the way, thanks for the mockup of those diagonals; I'll keep it in mind when I try tackling them again next time!)
Super purty, but the lily pad looks weird. It's not in the same color scheme or perspective as the rocks and water.

Also, I really like the cliffs. Whether it's intentional or not, your use of color (dark colors in the background, light in the foreground) and the outline of the cliffs makes a great sense of depth between them and the water. Nice job: it's a tricky thing to accomplish with a top-down perspective.
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