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- This is a work in progress. Names and descriptions are subject to change at any time as development continues. Potential spoiler areas are not listed.

The game takes place on a single continent called Aurelia. It contains five major countries, each with a few notable locations.

The southernmost country that spans a desert and sparse grasslands. An industrial revolution started here and spread northward to other places except the far north.

Luxiliae - The capital city, also home to the emperor's Sun Palace. Technology is used in various ways in this city, such as clockwork toys for children and devices intended to counter the hot weather.

Dust Valley - An arid wasteland northwest of the capital. Entrances to an abandoned mine run through its winding hills.

Navarra - A small town with light-colored homes and merchants' tents. It is nowhere near as luxuious as the capital, but it is still a pleasant rest stop for travelers seeking refuge from the outdoors. Sandstorms occur every so often.

The northern region that consists of mainly cool grasslands and colder taigas. Snowy mountains lie further northward. Most people in Ryalis want nothing to do with the new technology developed in the southern regions. Air travel is not advised due to dark rumors...

Wolfskye - The capital city and the location of the Crystal Palace, the home of the royal family.

Fort Frostclaw - A fort that guards the southern part of Ryalis. It serves as a checkpoint for merchants and travelers who want to go to the capital.

Aurora Mountains - A mountain range whose length encompasses the southern edge of Ryalis up to its north. It naturally protects the capital city from most land and sea invaders. The tallest and toughest parts of the mountains are to the north. The aurora borealis shines regularly here.

The White Wastes - A snow-covered desert that encompasses north and northwestern Ryalis. It is uninhabited by humans, but some of the toughest and hardiest animals make their living here.

This country, with its high number of factories, is considered the heart of Aurelia's industry. However, the land is dying; most of the animals that haven’t died yet from pollution are in poor condition. Some people have tried building robotic animals to alleviate the problem.

Dejanor - A dingy port city where thievery runs rampant. The clerics of the radical "Astra Brotherhood" faction are prominent here, as if to give the people a bit of hope in their lives.

Misthaven Cliffs - The tall, tower-like capital city built into the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean. It is separated into multiple districts for efficient travel. Because of its distance away from most of the pollution below, this city is mostly populated by Isling's wealthiest and most powerful people.

Lake Caerwen - A small, quiet lake that was once a popular fishing spot, but the rise in crime lately in its caves has driven the tourists away. Under the lake lies the Undercity, ran by the group "Serpentes".

Infinium - A factory town that makes all sorts of raw materials and foods that are distributed to nearby cities. The workers here are generally treated poorly and their movements are constantly watched.

Occupies the temperate lands and some tundra of northwest Aurelia. During the period in which Misbah industrialized, Castillon was also focusing on its advances in chemistry and medicine.

Nautille - the capital city, finely decorated in oceanic motifs.

Whiteshade - A small town that represents the midpoint on the road between Castillon and Ryalis.

A devoutly religious country mostly known for being the place where the clerics of the goddess Phenastra originated.

Fenath - The capital city. It also contains the headquarters of the clerical order, where students new and old can study and advance. Control of the capital has been taken over by the extremist Astra Brotherhood, who has turned the government into an intolerant theocracy.

Larkham - A quiet town that gets few visitors. It is said that the dense, dark forest around it protects the city's secrets and true nature to outsiders...

Tribane Valley - An east-west trade route between Harpeia and Isling. Guards are posted at each end of the route, but attacks by thieves and animals still occur often.