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"The world is on the cusp of a new age, but will it be one of peace and prosperity or will the shadow of darkness spread to engulf what little remains? Three heroes separated by space but joined by destiny, each struggle with their own trials. The freelancer Edge, who must play the role of guide against his will. The assassin Dante, who is more than he appears to be, and the errant knight Mia, who finds herself suddenly in mortal danger. What awaits them is unknown, but they hold within them the promise of a new Golden Age . . ." - NARRATOR 1.1

Golden Age is a twelve part audio-drama set within a unique and original world. Episodes will be airing through both traditional radio in the United Kingdom and available through this website to listen to for free online. Written and produced by Cascade Studios, this marks our first forray into audio-production and aims to produce an entertaining fantasy series with a very British flavour. In addition to the main-show a selection of world-spanning extras have been devised especially for the listeners, including special Webisodes and a fully functional pen and paper Roleplaying game. Golden Age is an audio treat that you can enjoy both in the comfort of your home and from your desk at work, brought to you by hard working individuals from every field that have pulled together to produce this fantastic series.

". . . production values are through the roof for an independent production . . ." - SFX Magazine