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Steel Knights

A spiritual successor to Golden Age: Endless Dungeon will be appearing as part of a seven day RogueLike competition - in which all graphics, story, concepts and code/design must be completed within a strict seven day period. Set in the future and across three very different locations, it's the next step in collaboration between Cascade Studios and Wombat RPGs!

Check it out for yourself at: Your text to link here...


Android version...

...is in development.

I know I promised this would be ported way back when the project was first announced. That was supposed to be carried out by my usual Android partner Gregshank, but he's been busy with schoolwork. Therefore, I've taken over development. I'm making steady progress and I'm on a tight schedule, so I can pretty much guarantee a basic working version in 2 weeks.

Porting a roguelike to Android does have a few control issues... I've run a few things over with Enker, but I'm interested if anyone has any strong preferences for these two control schemes:

Number One:

Number Two:

A few notes: the resolutions are different (4:3 vs 5:3) but the physical devices all have different resolutions and those are two of the most common ratios. Either way, the content is scaled up but retains the aspect ratio. Also, on that second one the menu is called by either pressing a menu button on the device or holding down on the screen.

Oh, and the PC version will probably receive a few animation updates per request.


Online version now available

Endless Dungeon is now playable online! While the offline version is being approved, this version works just as well and plays right in the browser. Enjoy.

Available Here
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