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I'm happy to present you the Crads Crawler world !

"You weren't ready to fight them ? Don't worry, they weren't ready to fight you either !"

The story is all about a spy who was doing his nice quiet work as a good civil servant and suddenly something unexpected happened to him !

The story is on purpose vague since discovering what happened to the hero and what kind of adventure he will experiment is somehow the main purpose of this game. So there is no need to have a big historical introduction, the background relies mainly on the fact that the hero is completely out of his daily life and will experiment a brand new strange and unexpected world.

The Spy

I call him the spy since he can take 12 different names according on which one you will choose at the start of the game.

At the start of the game you will have to choose which spy you will play. This choice will rely on 4 characteristics :

Arm power = ARM : This is how strong the Spy is with his arms.
Leg power = LEG : This is how strong the Spy is with his legs.
Knowledge = KNO : This is how clever and ingenious the Spy is.
Eye power = EYE : This is how intuitive and observant the Spy is.

There are 12 different spies possibilities since you will have to choose one of those 4 characteristics to be the main one and a second characteristic to be the medium one. The two other characteristics will be your "weak"ones. This makes 12 different possible spies.

This kind of desing should lead you to do a lot of choices which are realy RPG choices. When you are weak in ARM it's not really wise to attack somebody with your fists and unfortunately during your journey you will meet some enemies which are mainly sensitives to fist hits.

The hero will have to survive in a world which is a mix of some sort of magical cards culture, some spy conspiracy and a lot of surrealistic way of living this world.

Main features

- Surrealist story with surrealist dialogues which will make you feel much more clever than ever !

- Completely non-linear game. You can go where you want and when you want.

- Choice of 4 among 12 unique skills at start of the game which will have a strong influence on the way you will play the game.

- Quite a lot of min-games to have some stress and action between surrealistic experiences.

- Enemies which can be easy or rather hard to beat depending on the profile of your avatar.

- Customised and ridiculous facesets which will make you feel much more handsome !

- Save wherever you want in any time. But watch out, you can't save the game as many times as you may want...

Thanks a lot for the ones who read all this mess :)

Have a nice day !


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New Features the TF2-Chess board game

One big new feature of this game is the TF2-Chess board game.

My goal is to program a good artificial intelligence able to challenge human players. I've spend a lot of time to program this IA and have still quite a lot of work to do but I'm happy since I find the IA quite challenging now. Even if I will improve it for the final release.

This TF2-Chess board game is already playable in the demo of Crads Crawlers and I hope you will enjoy it.

Here you can see a soldier throwing a rocket to a poor scout.

Here there is a red soldier taking 6 damage points from a blue sticky bomb.

Here are the choices a pyro can do when you select him.

Here is the effect of the choice "burn" :p

Here you can see that the red spy can do a backstab.

Here are the choices you can do when selecting the spy.

And here is the result of a failed backstab, 6 points of damage is the minimum a spy can do as backstab. The blue demoman is a lucky one this time. :)

So this game will have a strong influence of the Crads Crawler game in the middle of the journey and at the end, but at the start you will be able to have the pleasure to try to beat the IA 3 to 4 times.

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  • 04/21/2011 06:37 AM
  • 05/09/2020 05:31 AM
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(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
I love everything i see, subscribing definitely!
Thanks a lot, I hope you will like the demo !

I hope I'll get some feedback from your gaming experience ;o)
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
I have a question for this game, how on earth do you SAVE or REST? I'm still stuck at the very beginning because I keep dying without being able to save any progress.
Hello Gib,

It's all about cards, at the beginning of the game you have something like 12 cards which are save cards, use one if you want to save the game.

The principle is simple :

- press escape to go in the menu
- go in the inventory
- select a "save game" card
- say "yes" I want to save the game

And that's all ;)

I hope you will have fun playing this game !
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Sorry for having been so long to give feedback (forgot, irl, moving) : so, I started the game, really liked the introduction,The board game is fun, though I probably not using the cards as well as I should yet, definitely yes to the graphics, overall (I'm only at the very beginning) I found the game original and catching, great job!
Thanks a lot Chana for your firt impression message.

I hope you will like your next steps in the game the same way you liked the start :)

Do not hesitate to put some questions here if you need help or tips, and yes don't forget to use the cards during the game, they are essential to survive and to go on in this strange journey :)

Have a nice day
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Well I'm having a problem in that the initial difficulty curve is just way too steep. I've never got to level 2 yet and I keep getting my ass kicked by doors and windows, and since saving is a limited resource I can't save after each victory to avoid losing a lot of progress. Have I missed something?? I haven't been able to find any weapons or armor yet either. My character is strongest in ARM, but even that isn't helping because it's so difficult to regain energy.
Hello Gib,

Did you try thoses things to help you at start :

- seek everywhere in the 3 shops, there is quite a lot of things hidden in the furnitures and boxes to help you to start the game

- to use the card "Uncommon detection" in the town (no in a building in the town-map), you will find 2 uncommon cards which are really usefull

- windows should not be a problem at all for somebody who is ARM dominant, if you use the right skil it should be easy :)

- if you use an "Hidden detection" card in the map town you will find 3 hidden chests, they are very usefull to help you too and there is a hidden ladder on the map-town too.. which can help you to find some "help"

I hope that those tips will help you to go further in the game :)

Have a nice day
Funny game, but several game mechanics makes it very oppressive at the start of the game.

- inn prices go up each time you use it
- everything from attacks to even CHECKING A CLOSET requires alot of MP
- if you dont use spells, your regular attack does 1 damage so it takes about 10 minutes to open a door or defeat regular enemies.

Inn prices going up makes it very difficult to grind safely, in turn making it hard to do anything since each drop of MP you have is not easily recoverable. The game didnt tell me so I didnt notice until it was too late.
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