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An evil Dark Matter that was imprisoned a thousand years ago has accidently been re-awakened in a modern Japanese city. 47 Evil Spirits have possessed the souls of various humans, feeding off their energy until they are strong enough to destroy the world. It's your job to track down these possessed souls and find a way to expel the Evil Spirits, before defeating them in combat!

-choose one of four playable characters - Yankee, Student, Maid or Fashion Gal
-Each character has unique dialogue, special attacks and speech
-The city is open-ended, so you can fight the Evil Spirits in any order you wish. If one is too strong, defeat weaker ones first to build up your strength!
-Variety of tasks to find each Spirit - mini-games, fetch quests, puzzles, treasure hunts
-Over 50 locations, including karaoke bar, disco, high school, family restaurant, soaplands, army base and more.
-About 5-6 hours gameplay

This is my first completed game, so any and all feedback much appreciated! This version only works if you have RPGXP, I can upload a stand-alone version if requested! Thanks!

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I was (pleasantly) surprised to see Heiwaboke Crisis featured on the front page as a Hidden Gem. I have no idea by what esoteric process Gems are chosen, or whether my game lives up to the title, but it's nice to see loads more people downloading it. I hope people are enjoying my game, please bear in mind it was my first game made 4 or 5 years ago, so it has plenty of flaws.
Anyway, although I'm not making any games at the moment (due to imminent parenthood ^_^) it would still be nice to get any feedback or reviews. In the meantime, thanks to the rpgmaker gods for their choice and please enjoy!
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  • papasan96
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  • 04/23/2011 12:15 PM
  • 04/22/2015 05:02 PM
  • 04/28/2011
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The game dosnt start, the file RGSS102.dll is missing <.<
any way to fix it?
It sounds like you don't have RPGXP. You'll need to download it free from ]http://www.enterbrain.co.jp/tkool/RPG_XP/eng/rtp_download.html

That should do the trick ^_^
works now, thanks ^^
I missed the RTP xD
Please, upload stand-alone version. Many people will be thankful, and first will be me. (For some personal reasons, i don't want to install RPGMakerXP, but i want to play this game.)
Grrr, I downloaded this twice and both times my anti-virus software nullified it. The game sounds intriguing.
My mind is full of fuck.
Got a virus, re-upload.
I've scanned the file. There's no virus at my end.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Sorry to be harsh here but god dammit this game is annoying. Every time I find a mission that is actually beatable, I get into a battle with an evil spirit and die in one hit. You don't really give any information in the game as to where exactly you are supposed to go, either, which makes this not only needlessly difficult but also tedious. I feel like I'm wondering around a vast space without anything to do.

Some aspects are simply unplayable, as well. Due to the fact that some audio files are missing (namely when I enter the tailor and perform the ex-boyfriend mission at the Dennys (Dennys... In Japan!?)).

Oh and I guess I can say I am pleased that every woman I talk to has a rack size D or higher... I'm going to play this some more. I plan on writing a review of this game.
Yes, they have Dennys in Japan ^_^

Sorry you're having problems knowing where to go. As for the Evil Spirits, if you find the torn page near the forest it gives you clue in which order to fight them. Of course, I realise that it's probably not much help the first time, which is why you should save the game before you fight any spirit. If you do them in the right order you shouldn't have any major problems beating them. You could also make money at the massage shop and upgrade your stats by buying books and scrolls.

I didn't want to make it really simple where to go, but please tell me which missions you think are too unclear. As for missing sound files, I thought I fixed all of them...I'll recheck the file.
Thanks for the feedback, bear in mind this is my first game so I do appreciate it!
Just tell me what the name of girl in which the easiest spirit is & where she is because the missing page is not helping me at all & please fix those missing files whenever I enter the tailor's shop or when I talk the ex-boyfriend in Dennys & could tell me the directions to get matsuri's boyfriend to her?

See the hints for the suggested order to take on the Evil Spirits. I haven't had time to check the sound files yet. As for getting Matsuri's boyfriend, just make a note of the shops you pass when you walk from her to him.
err hmm having a bit of trouble locating some of the girls on the recommended list any ideas where they are??
did someone say angels
This game looks really interesting. I'm going to give it a shot (and maybe a review).
did someone say angels
I played the game for about two hours. First of all, I thought the concept behind it was great and a breath of fresh air. The game is charming and the Japanese tropes that were played were handled very well and were clearly well-researched. Unfortunately, the game is just too unfair - I've died too many times against enemies which take me out in one hit to justify playing it anymore.

I know there's a guide on what order to do the battles, but I feel like that goes against the point of the game - the game is so interesting because you can wander around and do whatever you want, but it's impossible to proceed unless you do it in a certain order, which breaks the whole image of freedom.
Yeah I realised this recently. There's a conflict between forcing the players to handle things in a certain order and having a variety in enemy levels. I did consider having all enemies the same level, but that would of course reduce the difficulty. And of course as I playtested I already knew which enemies were too strong to fight. There is a little leeway, and I let the player save at any time before an encounter, but I can see how not everyone would have the patience to do the trial and error fighting.

Well, strictly speaking the game is finished but if you have any good suggestions on how I can reduce this problem I'd be happy to hear it and I could possibly update it.
Thanks for trying it anyway!
did someone say angels
One way to go about it would be to have the enemies scale to your level. That would certainly help a lot. I'm sure there's a script for it.
Hmmm thanks I might have a look and see what I can find. To be honest, making the battles was the most difficult and uninteresting part for me, which is why they're probably not all that great. As my first game, I also learnt how difficult it is for the developer to step back and see the game as if they were playing it for the first time, which is why I want to get testers for my next game.
Anyway, I appreciate your feedback and it's a shame you couldn't finish as I'd have liked to see your review. I read your other reviews and although you seem to get criticised for being harsh with the stars I think the points you make are useful and should be taken as such by any open-minded developer.
Which ones?

2. Beelzebub Orie
3. Goblin Kanari

8. Dark Elf Tomoe

their not in order but i'd like to scout my potential new enemies first before engaging.