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An evil Dark Matter that was imprisoned a thousand years ago has accidently been re-awakened in a modern Japanese city. 47 Evil Spirits have possessed the souls of various humans, feeding off their energy until they are strong enough to destroy the world. It's your job to track down these possessed souls and find a way to expel the Evil Spirits, before defeating them in combat!

-choose one of four playable characters - Yankee, Student, Maid or Fashion Gal
-Each character has unique dialogue, special attacks and speech
-The city is open-ended, so you can fight the Evil Spirits in any order you wish. If one is too strong, defeat weaker ones first to build up your strength!
-Variety of tasks to find each Spirit - mini-games, fetch quests, puzzles, treasure hunts
-Over 50 locations, including karaoke bar, disco, high school, family restaurant, soaplands, army base and more.
-About 5-6 hours gameplay

This is my first completed game, so any and all feedback much appreciated! This version only works if you have RPGXP, I can upload a stand-alone version if requested! Thanks!

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I was (pleasantly) surprised to see Heiwaboke Crisis featured on the front page as a Hidden Gem. I have no idea by what esoteric process Gems are chosen, or whether my game lives up to the title, but it's nice to see loads more people downloading it. I hope people are enjoying my game, please bear in mind it was my first game made 4 or 5 years ago, so it has plenty of flaws.
Anyway, although I'm not making any games at the moment (due to imminent parenthood ^_^) it would still be nice to get any feedback or reviews. In the meantime, thanks to the rpgmaker gods for their choice and please enjoy!
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  • 04/23/2011 12:15 PM
  • 04/22/2015 05:02 PM
  • 04/28/2011
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As I recall, Orie is the girl in the school brass band club(top right room), Kanari is working in Macdonalds and Tomoe is on the dance floor at the disco.
As I recall, Orie is the girl in the school brass band club(top right room), Kanari is working in Macdonalds and Tomoe is on the dance floor at the disco.

thank you found them, but also found another error with udine susami mission ( unable to find Audio/SE/Hbuchuru ! 2)

nvm found the file clip in the folder but it seems the game doesn't recongnize it.
I've download your new fix but there're still some bugs like Audio/SE/Ba-a,Pictures/Bhappy\C[3.png.I want to finish this game completely :(
For the audio,i'm just replacing it with other audio from other game and change it names.But I don't know what to do with the picture.
Can you tell me exactly what at point you get those error messages? It looks like the picture is missing a ]...
When she talk to the ninja girl.
And when I change the character to the fashionista girl,there is another bug.When she talk to the guy in the pub (the husband),the game's freezing.I talk to him when the military girl is in the pub.
Oh,also when I try to ride the elevator,it said missing chairpull(office¬Ā(i think the latest letter is in japanese)
Thanks. I've found and fixed the picture bug and the office chair bug (on my computer it looks like a normal ) but it's actually a Japanese character I can't see...grrr). I don't know why it crashed when you talked to the guy in the pub. I can't seem to recreate it. I guess just don't talk to him until the military police girl has left?

I can't find exactly where the Ba-a bug is. Do you remember where you encountered it?
Hmm...I forgot.I think it's when I talk to the girl besides the fountain.
And where is the French horn?
Okay I found that last bug (it was the elevator girl) and I've submitted a new download. Check again tomorrow.
For the date of death, check the gravestones in the church yard ^_^
Now I only need the French Horn......
Okay,will waiting for it :)
French horn...watch the security video in the staff room...
Another missing file.
Unable to find Ay-are you well(Japanese letter)when Ayame the yankee talk to the girl in the bank.

Another bugs:
-Maid girl and Fashion Gal disappeared when she interact with the window in Tsukiyo's house after the quest's done.I don't know about 2 other characters.
-When she talked to Tsukiyo after the missing book quest's done,the maid girl is still asking about the book.

Umm,about the freezing moment,it only last a few second.It only happen to the Fashion Gal:
-After she talk to the guy in the pub when the military girl is there
-After she talk to Rupin as a pirate
It's pending. The staff are probably sick of me re-submitting new downloads every other day ^_^
Lol.....when I'm already in the top floor....Unable to find file Audio/BGS/typing(multiple(japanese character)


I'll leave it for now in case you find any others I missed. That file is the map bgs so you can just delete it from the map properties. I really appreciate all this feedback from you. As I said, it's really difficult to find sound bugs on my computer since all the files display and run correctly. In the next version I'll stick you in the credits as bug hunter ;-)
Lol....I just change the Japanese character into ) just as you did for the chairpull(office)
And it works :D

Mmm...I wonder what are the maid's apron,bunny outfit,and roll of 10,000 yen for.
10,000 yen for Yurino's mission (bank)
maid's apron and bunny outfit for Kei's mission (suburb house)
Please, upload the standalone version. I don't have XP RTP, and don't have plans to download and install it just because of one game.
Please, undersand.

P.S. Standalone versions always have much more total download rate, than versions, that require RTP.
Um, I thought in my latest version I already made it standalone...have you actually tried playing it?