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Changes ( GRAMMAR 100% FIXED!)

1 Spell checked
2 battle engine side view
3 On screen Hud *Displays Health/Magic*
4 Battle Background
5 Worthy Intro
6 On screen map
7 Day/Night system
8 Revamped Menu
In this game you can save your data by using save Crystals. You can Pick Locks on Chests & Doors providing you have a lockpick.
You can sleep in some beds to recover your *Thankyou (I.F)* stats, you can pick mushrooms, you can bank your money, go fishing, gamble & much more!

This story is about the most unlikely
person to be a hero.
Until untold fortunes changed his life
Examino has been living his life on earth
as a professional thief. On earth it is the year
He's 41, life's good he's the leader of a Clan.
One night like every other night he goes
to bed...
and suddenly wakes up in a
house not known by him.
While Examino was asleep he was realised
to be the saviour of a different world..
A world unlike earth where monsters walk the
land, warlords rule the plane & necromancers
create unthinkable magic. A world under attack
by Lord Kaka's creatures.
Examino was Time warped from earth to
planet Eithera,
By the wisest of them all the Nine Divines
To defeat Kaka and bring balance back...


Examino; Is a 42 year old thief that has worked his whole life to become the leader of his clan.
His speciality; pickpocket, armed robbery, safe cracking has bought him very far in the world of crime with a perfect record or zero arrests.
He has all the attributes of a leader; Physical Vitality and Stamina, Willingness (Eagerness) to Accept Responsibilities, Capacity to Motivate & most important Capacity to Win and Hold Trust but does he have what it takes to survive in Eithera only time will tell...

Chows; Is a 37 year old Dark night who's profession is Assassin. He has lived his whole life on Eithera living for the nine divines & fighting for the king & his people.
His life has been a pretty easy one not including the occasional contract he must fulfil.
Just recently he has been granted the right by the divines to work strictly for himself which gives him the opportunity to help Examino.
He is very quick to do what is right rather than what is popular.

Theo; Is a 23 year old ex gang member of the Deco Clan he was taught in the art of Bowman ship & prides himself on his accuracy.
His brother was apart of the last defence line that protected Eithera from invading hordes of Kaka's forces & unfortunately was killed in an attempt to defend the kings men.
He believes that he must help Examino on his quest in order to pay his respects to his lost brother.

Because this is only a demo of my game I haven't added any more main chars but I do plan to create a few more in the full version...

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My mind is full of fuck.
Yeah, you properly should learn a bit of grammar. That is all. I can see that the game will contain grammer erirors. :p I'll test your game anyway.
Yes, work on the grammar and spelling, for the love of all that's good in the world.

Beyond that...
Your intro is terrible. Video games are meant to be an 'interactive' medium, and we should get to know a character by watching them--'show, don't tell'. Not only is your intro all tell and no show, but it feels far less like an actual introduction and far more like a summary of the game, which is just not right. When Examino wakes up with no idea of where he is or why he's there, we the players shouldn't already know all of that, as well as what our next half-hour to hour of gameplay will entail, just because we managed to keep our eyes from glazing over during the intro text.

Your mapping is...awkward, at best. The interiors of buildings are too big, making them feel empty and poorly thought-out. You'll want to compress those. You have a tendency to not use wall tiles for walls, using them instead for ceilings, and likewise using 'ledge' tiles or even passable platform or floor tiles for walls. The combination 'ledge tile and platform tile' 'bar' was particularly jarring, especially after you used ledge tiles in the starting house, being obviously far taller than the people trying to eat off of it. You also use doors that are much too large for the sprites you've chosen. A lot of the things strewn about the maps seem fairly random as well. Such as, why is there a ruined and cobweb-strewn table randomly in the middle of the village?

And...why exactly does he hear a repeat of the information we got in the intro from some random person in a prison that you might or might not actually talk to anyway? Does everyone know about this? And shouldn't the main character be getting this plot-critical information from someone who you don't have to find essentially by accident?

This needs quite a bit of work. But definitely polish the spelling and grammar first thing, because slogging through any of the text as it is is just painful.
no more sorries I've fixed the grammar
Grammar and spelling are two very import factors for RPGs since they tend to rely on dialog a lot more then other genres.
I;m sure everyone knows this :/. the fact is I'm not going to all the effort on fixing the grammer in the demo then do it all over again when my game is complete.
"Do it all over again"? I'm confused, I thought that the demo was just everything you have done already, and that you were gonna keep working on the demo, adding to it until it's a full game.

That's what I'd do anyway, so I just assumed a lot of other designers on here did it that way too.
Unless you mean the demo is old and the full game, when finished, will be completely different.
you could say that :)

"when finished, will be completely different."

checkout my other project
If I had to guess, this was made by a kid.

Combat is easier than breathing. People cuss alot but they are censored. Game is pretty straightforward.
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