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It's been ten years since the empire Ishtera made its move. At first, they were met with resistance: the three nations of Kuruk, Meropes and Anjan banded together to combat the imperial advance. However, after Anjan's surrender and subsequent alliance with the empire, Meropes was crushed. Kuruk's surrender was quick to follow.

Five years later, the Resistance is still alive and well in Kuruk. Despite going underground, a dedicated faction of the Resistance still works to defy Ishteran rule. Time is running out and the meager support they had in the public eye is quickly disappearing.

Julia Kendall, a young woman living on the outskirts of Kuruk, is part of that resistance. Raised in the town of Isin by her father, she has grown up despising the empire and wishes for nothing more than to be free of them. However, after a rebel mission gone wrong leads the empire to her doorstep, she is forced to leave her home and spring into action, beginning a journey that will ultimately reveal a bunch of stuff idk I'm real bad at synopses okay. Basically we get some magic and friendship and everyone has a great time.


Origin has been in the works for an embarrassingly long time and it is my love letter to the 90s jrpgs I grew up with! While it will follow the patterns of and pay tribute to games that I enjoyed as a kid (such as Final Fantasy 9, Chrono Trigger and others), I also want to use this project to turn a lot of those 90s jrpg tropes on their heads, hopefully offering a fresh look at some old concepts. It's relatively light-hearted and doesn't take itself seriously, but it still has some ~totally real~ moments that will warm your heart up faster than a spark warms a forest in the middle of July. ...is that a tasteless joke? I feel like that might be tasteless.


The main theme of this game (and also the reason for the title, aside from me picking a title I thought sounded cool back when I was 18) is examining where you've come from, and how that influences your future. It also looks at the choice of rejecting or accepting your origins, and how you can integrate that into your future. idk I'm real bad at describing the artsy schlock portion of my games but there it's in there amidst the shipping.

This game is also gay as hell! There are queer and trans folks literally everywhere, aka I don't think a single character is both cisgender and heterosexual. If that is A Problem With You, you should probably give this game a miss. Alternately, don't give it a miss and see if it changes your mind about LGBTQIA media! You might be glad you did.

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This blog post has nothing to do with this game

I'm just a filthy GAME PUSHER is what I am, because PentagonBuddy and I are making a game for the IGMC this year! Click on the logo to go check it out~

there are less pixel dicks in that game than in Origin and for that I say I am sorry. either way that's what I'm currently busy working on and why there continues to be no news on this front

*emmych blatantly ignores fact that they have only been working on free spirits since July 7th and continues hoping you buy into their lies*

well alright if we want origin stuff, check out what penta drew for me when we hung out in june

DOES IT SATISFY YOU because it sure satisfies me with how unbearably in character and canon it is
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Yes, dicks touch in this game.

You need to make box art for the game, specifically so you can put this on it xD

*haha What are you even saying I'm saying. I guess it's one thing to make jokes on the game page but don't fuck with the box art :s I'm a little shocked that you took that so seriously...

**Dammit xD Your lack of emotes threw me off! I got punk'd
@Link_2112: Pfffft of course. I can put it right on the front for everyone to see:

(and then the title underneath in size 2 font.)

pfffft what are you saying of course I take my game making seriously and don't just make cock jokes everywhere ahahahaha what are you even saying

ADDED EDIT: I always forget that my sarcasm doesn't translate so well into text. OTL
I was also joking, man. I thought your comment was funny. XD The second bit there was me poking fun at myself -- one looking at this page would likely assume all I do is goof off! XD
(it's a good rule of thumb for interpreting my posts, actually -- if there is a chance I'm lightheartedly joking, I'm probably joking. I generally try not to leave backhanded snarks at folks! Ah-hahaha when I get offended, I'll make it very clear.)

Game page over

Everybody go home
Jude you are my favourite person ever

EDIT: and I'm sure there's an obvious vibrator joke kicking around (seeing as how the first time this page ended up buzzing was after the conversation turned to dicks), but I'm too brain mushed to think of it right now.

solos collectors on purpose
Everybody flocks to cocks! :D

/lame pun derp
Everybody flocks to cocks! :D

That's what I was looking for

I picked the wrong time to subscribe, apparently!

But really, this game sounds promising! I'll make a point to play it for sure once you release a demo.
@Zeuzio: Ah-hahaha, it's a right SEXY PARTY~ in here.

...also I was wondering what sort of person would sub during this sausagefest. I-I guess you saw it on the front page and assumed legitimate activity was going on. OTL

Anyways, thanks~! Glad you're interested! ;w;
must be all that rtp in your diet
I picked the wrong time to subscribe, apparently!

or did you pick EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME

seriously though, emmy, I love basically all of your posts ever so I'm stoked to see this happen.
seriously though, emmy, I love basically all of your posts ever so I'm stoked to see this happen.
is it because I talked about my vagina that one time

SRSLY THOUGH THAT IS VERY SWEET so thank you! ;w; <333
(also ah-hahaha remember when I had my little anecdote about some douche coming along and ruining my day and that's why I changed my character designs
WELL THAT DOUCHE WAS YOU. Thank yooooou~! I really do like them better now, and I'm glad you gave me that push I needed! ;w;)
must be all that rtp in your diet
I actually totally remember that anecdote and I felt like a douche for being so harsh about it. But then I was like "OMG I actually inspired her, +1 DOUCHEPOINT YYYYEEEEAAAHHHH"

is it terrible that I kind of want "WELL THAT DOUCHE WAS YOU." as my new user subtitle

also yours should be "is it because I talked about my vagina that one time"

also I completely agree with both of those things

how do we go about doing that
@Zeuzio: Ah-hahaha, it's a right SEXY PARTY~ in here.

...also I was wondering what sort of person would sub during this sausagefest. I-I guess you saw it on the front page and assumed legitimate activity was going on. OTL

Anyways, thanks~! Glad you're interested! ;w;

Actually I subscribed before it, so all of it apammed my inbox XD
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Um, as long as it involves Wes, I am all for the dicks touching. Preferably, mine and Wes's.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Why are we all such dicks?
@Zeuzio: then the penis loving subscriber is still a mystery! :O

@Craze: actually I have something really sad but sort of hilarious to admit to you

so when I was first starting out making this (back in like... 2009?) I knew I wanted at least one homosexual party member and Wes was planned on being that member, but then I realized that having the sweet and adorable meek dude be gay was a little cliche, so someone else ended up gay.
...and then my game got really really gay after I realized I was being really heterosexist with two of the characters' relationship. I changed that, got a bucket full of awesome character development and it kinda snowballed from there. Now Wes is the only dude in it who is totally and completely a 0 on the Kinsey scale, which I find really hilarious because every gay dude I've talked to about this wants to bone Wes. OTL
(like he's literally the only one: everyone else is either dripping in implied homoerotic undertones (like Snake/Otacon level "so heavy it's probably canon" ones) or has straight up in canon had sex with a dude, and there are definitely more cases of the latter than the former. Probably helps that Ishtera has a rather Ancient Greek style culture going on as far as sexual relationships go...?

...look there's a reason me and Penta call this game Orgyrin)

he's a fictional character he won't mind. ;___;
(Also everyone else in the game wants to bone him so pffft join the queue and pick up a t-shirt from the "I want to inappropriately touch Wes" club)
((also other people have had no problem breaking canon in this regard. In fact, I highly encourage it.))

@kentona: Because we have the maturity level of 8 year olds? I know I do. B)
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem

unsubscribing, putting emmych on ignore

look it's okay Alvaro and Kiden totally hit on him all the time so it's only a matter of time before the rules of bad Yaoi Manga kick in and he gives in to their advances
GAH! I have to stop reading this! My little brother's name is Wesley, Wes for short. So you can imagine that I'm flipping out reading this! Ha! It's kind of funny actually since I know it's not applied at all to my little bro.