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Name: Julia
Age: 21
Weapon of Choice: Knives

Our main character! She’s a sheltered country girl, and she lives with her father in Isin, a small village in Kuruk. She is young, a little idealistic, and eager to start doin’ her own thing out in the world (especially having a part in the Resistance!), but has to deal with her father (and other peeps who love her) treating her as though she is fragile as heck. Understandably, she is mega tired of this.

Obviously shit goes down because this is an RPG, so she initially goes on her adventure to save her father and discover why she has super magical powers. Her journey ends up being more one of independence and self-discovery, as well as her moving into adulthood. (AND UNLOCKING THE BONEZONE HEYOOOO)

Name: Alvaro
Age: 26
Role: Drifter and Professional Shitlord
Weapon of Choice: Poles

A mercenary with a laid-back, carefree attitude that masks his reticence. Unlike Julia, whose hesitance stems from inexperience, Alvaro is hesitant out of fear. He is reluctant to get involved in anything serious (be that relationships, politics, or tackling his own short-comings), which shows in his detached, wanderer’s lifestyle. He is forced to confront his ~secret past~ and face his fears over the course of the story, eventually becoming less self-involved. CAN HE DO IT, OR WILL HE TURN INTO A BLOB OF CRY? Find out at 11 (aka in 11 years).

Name: Demi
Age: 15
Role: Scrappy Healer
Weapon of Choice: FISTS

A young girl who has joined up with the Resistance after her home region was taken over. She lived with her grandmother in a small village after her parents were killed by Ishteran troops, and left for Kuruk when she was still very young. She’s still holds the empire and it’s leader responsible for the destruction of her home and is super bitter about it, but she doesn't let this get to her: she's fairly level-headed overall and is the voice of reason in the party... despite being a literal child.

You can see what kind of party we're working with here.

Name: Wes Davinico
Age: 22
Role: Highly Anxious Boo-Boo Kisser
Weapon of Choice: Wrenches and Hammers

A mechanic and literal personification of cuteness who lives alone on a small island north of Kuruk. His isolationist lifestyle suits him just fine, but he is eventually pulled into the conflict because of events beyond his control (read: PLOT ATTACK). He is a timid, anxious young man who simply wishes to live a peaceful life, but that wish is quickly outweighed by his empathy and a desire to help his friends.

Plus, look, he is just so darn cute.

Name: Elda
Age: 28
Role: Face Puncher and Crusher of Things Betwixt Her Giant Thighs
Weapon of Choice: Axes

A cold, sarcastic mercenary with little care for the welfare of others. Her true loves are wealth and extravagance, and she doesn’t let petty things like “compassion” or “friendship” get in the way of her quest for fortune. Truly, she is an untrustworthy scoundrel who would sell out her own best friend for the right price. She isn’t entirely unfeeling, however, and she maintains a tentative, arms length partnership with Alvaro. But that’s just because two mercenaries on a job are better than one, right? Right?


(no sprite yet!)
Name: Amelcia
Age: ??
Role: Grand Matriarch of Ishtera and Altruistic Bourgeois Snob
Weapon of Choice: Magic

The enigmatic ruler of the empire Ishtera. Her true past is shrouded in mystery, but she is currently the centre of all things Ishtera. She is more than a simple leader: she is the heart and soul of her empire. This is, however, a tiring job, and it gets in the way of her going after what she truly desires: to bring peace to all people everywhere ever, through whatever means necessary.

Name: Jada
Age: 23
Role: Daughter of the Grand Matriarch and Total Zenigata
Weapon of Choice: Swords and Spells

Amelcia's hot-headed daughter. She didn’t inherit her mother’s magical aptitude, and has therefore been quite the disappointment. This, obviously, has been hard on Jada, so now she works hard to gain her mother’s approval by other means. She excelled in her military exploits and is moderately talented in magical arts (compared to your average joe, who can do diddly squat with magic), but nothing has been enough. Naturally, she’s pretty distressed about this and it makes her a little bit angry. She still loves her mother, though, so Jada is extremely loyal to her and follows her without questioning the morality of her mother’s desires.

Name: Kiden Ares
Age: 27
Role: Commander of the Ishteran Army; Bringer of Foe Yay; Crier of Many Tears
Weapon of Choice: Sword

He was a prodigal soldier, following in his father’s footsteps and quickly ascending through the ranks. Many say that his high ranking position was simply a product of nepotism, given the close relationship his father shared with the Grand Matriarch, but Kiden’s skill and loyalty to his country are unmatched. However, he is also stubborn, angry, and prone to holding grudges. His petty and vengeful nature tends to get him into trouble, although he is generally fairly good at keeping that under control. He also has great difficulty thinking for himself and latches on to charismatic, powerful people.


(no sprite yet!)
Name: Ricard
Age: 45
Role: Bara Dad, Stabber of Many Things
Weapon of Choice: Lance

Julia’s father, and the leader of a local chapter of the resistance. His dream is to see Kuruk once again independent, and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. He loves his daughter more than anything and simply wishes for her to have a safe, prosperous life. This leads him to be more than a little overbearing. Close friends with Rhys.

Name: Rhys
Age: 39
Role: Resistance Leader and Super Cute Uncle Dude

A leader of the resistance and situated in Kuruk. He’s very close to Julia and Ricard. He is seen as a leader in Kuruk and is beloved by the people who live there. He seeks to end the conflict with Ishtera through peaceful means, although that route of negotiation is quickly disappearing...

Name: Rio
Age: 30
Role: Bar Owner and Bringer Of Much Babe

The kindhearted owner of the Plastered Pixie in Kuruk. She seems to have some sort of history with one of the PCs, and also has ties to Rhys. However, she is mysterious and known for keeping secrets: what is she hiding? Can she be trusted?


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Yup, Wes is my favorite! Adorkable!
If Wes knew people were talking about him in such ways, he would fall into a pile of blushing and go "AWWWWW GEEEEEEEEEE......."

...also dang that thigh gap. I gotta fix his sprite so his pants are as poofy as they're meant to be. IB I WASN'T MEANING TO SHOW OFF HIS CHICKEN LEGS
So many young girls wish for a thigh gap and you're just gonna take it away from poor Wes? :'(
NAW he still gets it; it's just covered up by the cutest dang overalls you ever did see.
(no wonder everyone ends up with a crush; sO CUTE OTL)
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