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Across the vast reaches of space an ancient force so powerful that it once brought the universe to its knees is stirring. Long ago the Maramarter, an immortal race of energy based intelligence, discovered that the peaceful world of Estelle possessed the technology to create hard-light constructs. Should their minds ever turn to war, the Maramarter feared that this could be the first time another race had developed a means by which to harm their non-physical awareness, and so they set out to eradicate both Estelle and all its people.

But the Estellians were a resourceful and well liked people and they banded together with allies to defend themselves against the Maramarter. Across the known universe stars blinked out of existance as whole solar systems were destroyed. Eventually the few remaining Estellians, their homeworld destroyed and allies dwindling, went into hiding and simply vanished. The Maramarter, unable to find them, dissapeared from the universe, leaving behind dormant factories across a million systems that exist to this day. Waiting for a time when the Estellians show themselves and their threat can be ended.

Thousands of years have passed since that time, new races evolved and discovered space-travel. Among them the Human race, newly christened 'Terrans' by the worlds they discovered. Exploring and spreading, a small scientific station on the cusp of known space seeks to unravel the mystery of the factory-planets, and accidentally discovers a Estellian woman sleeping in cryo-stasis.

Now the Maramarter are waking up, and they’re looking to destroy all and every species that’s standing between them and the last Estellian. Humanity is about to find itself caught in the middle of a war they didn’t want, and possibly won’t be able to survive.

STELLAR EVOLUTION is your story, cast in the role of a fighter pilot stationed aboard the experimental starhsip 'H.M.S Aria' you're a key figure in a mission to liberate and unite three very different worlds in systems already under Maramarter attack. Systems close enough to Sol to be a possible staging point in an attack on Earth itself . . .

Based on the new print-and-play tactical boardgame created by CASCADE STUDIOS, I'm using the same high-quality artwork and designs produced for the project to give a quality sheen to a free downloadable designed to flesh out the worldsetting and encourage new players. Unlike the boardgame however you will be able to interact with characters, explore worlds in a point-click style adventure mode and witness events play out as you become the difference between victory and defeat for the Human race.

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Due to working on other projects (particularly season 2 of our audio production Golden Age and the print-and-play Stellar Evolution game upon which this title was to be based) work on Stellar Evolution: Aria has been put on indefinite hold. Be sure to keep your eye out for an even more ambitious RPG from Cascade Studios (and me in general) in the near future however as we have some excellent games in the works.