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A re-release of my classic RM2k/2k3 hit Diary of a Madman. For those of you who have forgotten, in DoaM you travel the land as Ganthithor, a necromancer whom is a victim of unfortunate circumstances. Through his journey, you will meet allies and foes alike, and unveal Ganthithor's past and how he came to be what he is; as well as what the future holds for him. The game features many innovative (or at least at the time of original release) abilities as well as being one of the few games of it's kind. This release which is coming soon fixes many of the bugs that appeared in the release that is currently available, as well as expands the gameplay to the end of the first chapter. There are also some grammatical errors that have been fixed, as well as graphical improvements especially in animation.

Please contact if you have an interest in beta-testing when the time comes.

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No, this isn't really anything that has not been released before. But id like to have this game out there for download. As such I am looking to have some beta testers test out what I currently have and potentially do a re release of the old RM2k3 demo. Notify me if you are interested.

And for fans of my past work, I am working on a new game based on Richard Wagners Ring Cycle.
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You're going to finish this right? right? :D
I'm going to work on it; definately going to complete the first chapter. I'm an accountant, so it isn't like I have a great amount of time to work on it. But we will see how it goes. I have some ideas I'd really like to put out there later in the game if it gets there. I just don't want to make any promises.
wait this is still alive?!
Eh...brought it back to life like a month or so ago.
Awesome, I had no idea that this game was on RMN!
Yeah...very slowly making progress.
At this rate you might see the conclusion of the first chapter in a couple months.
Really looking forward to this,hope your working conditions get better.
Heard this game is somewhat infamous. Wonder if its true...
whoa holy WHAT THE HELL?? This game! I played this game when it was first released back on Don Miguel's forums in like 2001 or whatever the fuck year it was. Holy shit.

Dreaded, I don't know if you remember me, but this is DragonShadow, I think you used to chill on #rm2k back in the day. Welcome! and subscribed.
Oh, yeah! I remember that this was one of the few games I downloaded waaaaaay back in the day! When did the original version release? Just curious. I have this game saved somewhere on an old CD, but it was a demo of the RM2k version.
RMN sex symbol
I can't believe this game is still going. It's inspiring really haha.
Well. To be honest I apologize to everyone for my inability to finish even the first chapter of this game (although a finished 1st chapter of the original maybe floating around somewhere). Life kind of took precedent when I tried to go back to undertaking this project and I'll be honest at this point in my life its a little ambitious (as well as RM2k3 being an outdated program). I am interested in undertaking a smaller project, my one barrier being the platform of design and graphics. If anyone may be interested in contributing to this, which I am still willing to use RM2K3 with (although I am open to using a more current system, of course with price and learning curve taken into consideration) I'd love to make an open ended version of the story of the Ring of the Nibelunglied if I have the time. Once again Im really sorry about this but am open to rereleasing the demo I currently have if people are interested. Look forward to hearing from some of you.
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Never thought this day would come damn. This games been around so long wow. But hey man you really took a crack at it, good luck with whatever you do next.
Well, I've been working on another game that I just released a demo for - I decided to put the old DOAM demo up because I noticed it was missing on the site.

I may go back and change some things in the storyline and finish the final dungeon, but I had way too many ambitious ideas with this one that I just didn't have the time to put the work into it in the old days.

But yeah, it's been around some 10 years or so. I played through this demo over the weekend and noticed how unpolished some parts of it are. There are some things I'd like to fix up on it, but Ganthithor's story will be cut a little shorter than the original plan.
Nice to see this in the "buzzing games" section!
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