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Date, create, and share!

Assuming the role of a male high school student in Japan, the player will meet, interact with, and date a number of female characters with the goal of winding up with one of them at the end of a 101-day calendar. Yeah, you've seen this all before...or have you?

In other romance sims, there's little reason to replay the game again once you've pursued all the characters you're interested in. But Heartache 101 allows for a variable female cast. The number of characters in the game is completely open-ended!

You can create new characters and add them to the game, share them with other users, and add characters created by other users. You can create the images for custom characters from a template, or use images you created yourself, or images from any source. (only "standing" images of characters can be imported; there is no event CG in the game) A simple scripting language is provided for writing story events. You can also customize some of the music.

The game system itself is in part a visual novel interface with gameplay that include conversational decision-making, board game-like mechanics, stat management, financial management, and more.

Latest Blog

New game forthcoming, some might like to know

Since I've been asked many times if I would ever make a sequel to Heartache....

Well this is not a sequel. In very many ways it's radically different. But some might find that it partially retains a bit of the same feel?

So I'm posting the first public screenshot here, and whoever is interested, look for a game page up in the next week or two with the title "Where One Citizen". Game is not complete yet, but after 10 years of development it's about time to start showing it!


Oh my, oh our "Soldier"...

Yeah... " play these levels or buy open them"?
I don't think it's 100% correct to say that the game is still receiving updates. What puts this game into the buzz section of this site seems to be more from "silent" interactions. Consider comparing the latest stat-threads from kentona (here and here). The page-view count goes from 2,222,206 to 2,244,439 (a difference of 22,233 views), while the discussion count (which I assume is the same as post-count) stays at 5,285.

*Edit: Big thanks to kentona for posting the site-stats almost every month!

Oh weird
Wow the game is still receiving updates !? And i felt old for playing a 2011 game in 2020 ! The unlockable content reminds me of the time you unlocked things in games, now you buy them... And i'm not even that old.

Anyway sorry for rambling but i read some other recent comment here and got and felt that. Anyone has a clue on how to effectively progress character stories ? Even if they're lovesick they're not progressing most of the time. Is it only based on pure luck or something ? Should i date them more ?
What you need to do to progress a certain route pretty much depends on the character you're pursuing.

Generally speaking you should pay close attention to any conversation, especially if one of your interests is talking about liking some place or meeting somewhere with some one. Or if a friend of "your girl to be" talks about some event that might involve her.

But yes, luck is certainly a factor on most routes.

Also, not spending every single of your afternoons with trying to improve one of your stats might help, too. Maybe the next important encounter with "her" is waiting to happen in some place like "Market Street" or the Shrine?

Yeah i think i didn't do places enough, i'll see in 151 days mod
Well... these stories are planed to 101, not 151...