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Update being worked on.

After a brief absence, Arlyeon has returned to the site and has been gracious enough to help me with the next update of Fragile Hearts SD. I'm working on the bugs right now, and trying to implement some of his suggestions as I go along.

Admittedly, my RM time has diminished since I completed this game. I pretty much put everything I had into it, including my enthusiasm for the program. No, I'm not quitting the scene or anything, I've just been taking a well needed break. Anyways, this game still needs some work done before I'm perfectly happy with it, and the next sequel will have to wait until that has happened. In the meantime, I'm still piecing away at Memories Neverlasting, so keep an eye out for that.


Upcoming versions, sequel, collection, etc.

Well, it's been a full week since the release and we're at 91 downloads from RMN! Thanks to all 91 of you (and those of you who got it elsewhere).

I know, it's a long haul to get through both FH1 and FH2 (especially if you're playing the multiple routes), but I'm in need of feedback very soon and I would really appreciate anything that anyone could send in the way of that.

The reasons are that (1) I'm still planning on expanding a bit and doing updated versions throughout the coming months, (2) I'll soon be working full-swing on Fragile Hearts III, and (3) I just made the new game profile for the Trilogy Collection and I'll be needing ideas for those upgrades as well. The Trilogy Collection is a much more worthwhile endeavor than my Eden Legacy one was, considering this one is one gigantic game full of massive updates and improvements. It's currently a private profile right now, but I'll be putting it up for public viewing very soon!

Anyways, keep those downloads coming!


Download Available!

Well, there it is!

It's nice not having to wait for a mod to approve it now. I fixed the last few things I really wanted to about an hour ago, and I'm proud to finally get this thing out to the public.

Any feedback for updated releases is extremely welcome!


Beta Testing Complete! DL Incoming!

Ugh, it's been a freaking long time coming. It feels like I finished production years ago lol. The problem was my own personal playthrough, which took way longer than it should have. Luckily, problemgamerkt was a lot quicker and a helluva lot more efficient in her playthrough, and the game is nearly ready for release.

I'm gonna do the final graphical edits tonight, throw in the save points, cut a few items from the savefile carryovers, and it'll finally be uploaded for the public. So, when is the ABSOLUTE release date? I'm still not giving it. But you can be sure it will be in the next couple days or so. Let us say, 3 days max?

This is actually really good timing overall. This is the first game I haven't completely rushed to a release in the final stages, and I think the final product will show that. No, it's not exactly the perfect sequel, but it offers a fairly new experience in a familiar world, and I think loyalists/completionists will get a kick out of playing the multiple routes.

As previously announced, I will be adding new content for the final episode for future releases. However, my main priority as of last month is ~Memories Neverlasting~, so an update shouldn't be expected for another few months.

Anyways, that's it! The next blog will be a quick release announcement, so expect it soon!


Version Details + Release News

First, the release news

Some beta tester changes have been made over the last 24 hours so that I can finally get this motha out and onto the net. problemgamerkt is handling the testing for the current build, while amerk will be the tester for the next version.

That means that the game will be available very soon! Finally! pgkt is soon to start the second route (and thanks to some added cheats from yours truly, it won't take her very long to complete), so probably within the next couple weeks if all goes well.

Version details

The current release has everything it is going to have. That said, I have already started planning for future releases.

Version 1.1 will have more bug fixes, twice the number of Summons for Maddy, a few more items scattered throughout the world, and the final episode will feature an open-world system with various sidequests and extra story additions. I'm also considering sprucing up dialogue with coloured names, since that currently looks like crap.

I may have to divide all those features up into 2 separate releases, versions 1.1 and 1.2 respectively. No current plans to go past that right now, but we'll see.


Testing Continues + Walkthrough Finished!

Got the first round of bugs today from my awesome cousin. Still waiting on Amerk, he's very busy though with school and work, so all in good time. I also messaged a third person to try and get them to test the game, someone who has proven their love for the game and was a big help with the first one. Hopefully he/she still comes on RMN every now and then.

Anyways, I fixed a few more bugs and I'm about ready to delve into the graphical fixes. I was going to do that tonight, but I was haunted by the fact that I needed to write up a walkthrough.

Yes, I just spent the better part of two hours writing it, and it is indeed finished. A word of warning, it contains story spoilers from both the first and second game, so DO NOT READ UNTIL YOU ARE PLAYING IT! It's only up now to help out my testers and because (knowing me) I'll forget to put it up later.

That said, I'm pretty proud of it. It's a nice and easy to read document that should be fairly straightforward for anyone who needs help beating the game. It also gives y'all a preview of your choice effects in the third game (again, don't read the end of it until you've already beat it).

Progress Report

Soooo Clooooose!

You know how I said one of these days (this week) I'd get my shit together and really hit beta testing hard? Well, it happened! It hurts, but it happened.

I got through episodes 1-4 of my second playthrough, and episode 5 seems to be all working correctly thus far. And really, I don't think there will be any "save carry-over" bugs, since this playthrough covers all the choices that never required accompanying switches. Woo!

I also fixed up all of my major issues from my first playthrough, so it's been smooth sailing thus far. Best case scenario, I can send this bugger off to beta testers on Friday. Worst case would probably be Sunday, so no worries.

I'm pretty freaking sick of this game, so it's going to be some months before I can get to work on FH3. I have enough things to keep me busy in the meantime, so I'm not really caring so much. I'll need some new comedic inspiration before I get into it too, which requires numerous anime episode watches. Yep, I'm putting my money on 2 years before FH3 sees the light of day. I'll hafta make sure it's worth it.

Anyways, thanks to those who've been so patient this last month and a half. It wasn't nearly as productive as the previous 3 months before it, but I'm finally at the end!


Reason for Delay

Well, it's been a crazy month. My aunt died, which has taken a tole on the family. I had been practicing to get my G license (which I got), which is another time grabber. Still applying to jobs like crazy.

And perhaps the greatest excuse of all, I'm at my wit's end with this game. I worked so damn hard on getting it done over the last few months that it has really tried my patience for the program. I'm still at the bug ironing phase, and I'm going to have to push myself to get past it once and for all very soon, but so far it's been an uphill battle.

Anyways, aside from wanting to be done with the project for good, I also REALLY want to get back to my MN game, so that'll push me to finish up pretty quickly if nothing else does. It's not a matter of "it won't get finished", because it IS pretty much finished. The beta testing has not been the smoothest (upon reaching episode 7), so it's just been hard to get into. So... that's the word. Stay tuned for more soon. Ish.

Progress Report

Beta Testing taking longer than expected.

Just a short heads up for those who are waiting for this to be finished, the title of this blog post says it all.

I keep coming across things in episode 5 that are unfinished, and implementing those parts has really taken a lot of my time away from testing. It's been a helluva frustrating experience, to say the least. However, all the little pieces of funny dialogue along the way have kept me in a good mood.

Anyways, seeing as how I've been going so slowly on it, and that I still have a second playthrough right after, it'll be a while still before I can send it out for other beta testers. And yes, that means the release date is probably going to be pushed back a little bit.

Worry not though, it'll still be out sometime in February latest. One of these days I'm just going to power right on through to the end, as I always somehow do.

Progress Report

Additions ongoing... beta testing continues.

I'm just about ready to start testing episode 4, which still has a few more additions to be implemented before it's completed. It's gettin' there, everyone.

I'm going to have to do the same thing when I get to episode 8. So, to save myself time, I'll begin my second playthrough with the alternate paths when I get to that point. Yep, I'm a thinker.

Admittedly, there have been a couple snags here and there with the 8 directional support. I've done absolutely everything I can, so all there is left to do is hope for the best. Need explaining? Well, to make it short, moving diagonally over an event (touched by hero or collision) stops it from working. So, I've had to put many starting events in and around an area to try and avoid the event from like... never happening when it's supposed to. That was the reason I had to take it out of FH1. Also, during scenes, diagonal movement works. I could simply turn the event off... but I really don't give a shit if a player decides to walk around while an NPC talks to them. Go ahead.

Alright, more updates incoming!
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