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Awakening in a world entirely unlike your own, you find yourself caught up in a fantastic tale of magic and swordcraft.

Are you only dreaming?

Will you find your way home?

Which side are you on?

Which path will you choose?

This game hearkens back to the 16 bit era visually and story/plot-wise, giving the player a sense of nostalgia for the long-lost games of old.

The music, however, is very much of today, with a completely original indierock style soundtrack written and recorded by the band the cecils specially for this game

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  • Completed
  • bastian
  • RPG Maker VX
  • RPG
  • 09/11/2011 07:04 AM
  • 02/02/2019 08:46 AM
  • 09/09/2011
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Looks good, will try it as soon as I can. ^_^
I hope it is as good as it looks!
THIS GAME IS ON rpgmakervx.net..one of my best rpg's ive ever played!
was this game designed to be so bloody fucking irritating

the first time i fought the 4 orbs they focus fired my party and it was game over before my 3rd round of inputs and oh how nice there was no save point before it so i had to repeat about a half hour for nothing. thanks.

walking through the caer lorewyn castle my escape command is decoration because it doesn't work.

encounters nonstop, you're even limited to how much you can run.
there was no save point before it so i had to repeat about a half hour for nothing.

I'm sorry to hear you had a difficult time with the Runic Tower. However, for future reference, there is a Obelisk of Memory at which to save on floor 11.
lol..you must cast silence on 4 orbs so they stop using spells.
Man as soon as i started the game i found the debug room and spoiled all the fun, you should remove it from the game.
Man as soon as i started the game i found the debug room and spoiled all the fun, you should remove it from the game.

As far as I'm aware, you're the very first person to find it. :D No one from any of the 3500+ downloads but you has mentioned finding it.

But just to be extra safe, in a recent version I password protected it and then scattered clues for the password throughout the game, the last clue towards the end of the game.
It's a little slow to load... It's an enjoyable game, but it's slow for me.
I LOVE the shoutout to the xanth series of books in the library in lorewyn
Any mirror links? Can't download your game. :( Rapidshare or 4shared would be nice. Thanks in advance.
Awesome game!! Great BGM, cool story-line and nice graphics. Love the battle system also. I have a question if the maker of this game or anyone who finished it still frequent this page. Is there a walkthrough available? The reason being, I got the rope from the wizard, got tellied back to the wall and have tried almost every way to use the rope. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am assuming that you are standing at the Wall and want to go over for the first time. You activate the rope by standing on the stones at the base of the wall and clicking. You can then shimmy up.
Before doing anything else, take Sylar’s armour and shield.

If you're not at the Wall and need something else, then post again.

Good game nice gameplay but i am really not satisfied by the ending,don't think i did any optional stuff and it took me 17 hours to beat this game
the fairy land encounter rate is too much when you are normal size
i dont do media fire or other sites like that if you want me to download add to this site not media fire or other sites that add spyware thatnk you also i give it a 0 as to the fa ct your trying to corrupt my computor with spy ware
if ya want i do keyboard music :) lol
Epic RPG. This game is pretty good, all things told. There are definitely some issues, but I didn't encounter any glitches/crash/freeze happening. Story looks to be pretty standard, but not too boring. The game doesnt really take itself too seriously, and sometimes it get really juvenile, but whatevers. The random encounters can range from easy to extremely hard, and it can get annoying. At least once I lost alot of progress because some random encounter just slaughterized my party fast. This is because some enemy groups are too tough when you first arrive in the dungeon. The game reuses alot of enemies in different areas so some later enemies show up earlier and kill you easy. Conversely, later dungeons can have enemies from way earlier that die easily. It's a tossup. And escape usually never works when you're not several levels above the enemies.

Gameplay comments below (spoilers)
With the exception of one boss (the four orbs mentioned by the 3rd post from the top), bosses are pretty easy. The four orbs can kill your party fast with elemental magick, so you're supposed to kill them fast with elemental weaknesses and whatnot, but my mage wasnt strong enough to kill all of them in one shot (only one of them), and they can easily twoshot any party member. But every boss in this game is susceptible to status effects so they are usually very easy to defeat. Near the end of the game you get a weapon that inflicts every status effect on its target and you're pretty much unbeatable from that point.

I got stuck trying to get inside the elf castle, and the solution was a bit ridiculous, but made enough sense that I found it out eventually. (You buy elf clothes and wear it)

Dungeons have varied themes but are usually pretty bland. They are usually mazes and sometimes you have to backtrack out of them. Save points are pretty far apart inside a dungeon so I had to try and be lucky and not get one of those deadly random mobs or I could be in trouble. There are also empty treasure chests that make you feel gimped when you open them. The plot also piles lots of BS on you making you go all over the world and revisit places for trivial things, I feel trolled several times playing this game. So yea, its hilarious and you should try it, if you want to slosh thru all the padding. And yea, this shoulda been a full review but I didn't pull any screenshots, too bad.
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