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Main Characters

Phenix - Orphan. Mysterious past. Suspiciously skilled with a sword. Strong, yet highly irrational sense of justice. Legions of female protagonists flock to him for no apparent reason. Insert every other cliché associated with male leads here. Only this time, it’s different. While himself deeply rooted in logic and common sense, Phenix struggles to cope with a world where ‘reality’ is put by the wayside. Follow him, as his generic quest for revenge turns into a whole lot more.

Sledge - A warrior by nature. His stunning combat skills and his military genius are the stuff of legends. He maintains a cool and calculating demeanor in the most peril circumstances and has a tendency to take charge of situations because of his time as general. Not far off from the legends, Sledge exudes an incredible presence noticeable even by those unaware of his exploits. Far from ignorant, Sledge seems to understand all the workings of the mysterious world around him. Many people, not just his own soldiers, find security and reassurance around him.

Colt - A mythological figure in the world of Strikeball. By mythological, I mean no one in the present believes he was actually real. His reign of terror in the sport ended when he was drafted to go to war. Many years later, he’s the sole survivor of an army that no longer exists. The legend continues…

Laura and the Resistance - Strong-willed, charming, charismatic, and quick-witted. Laura possesses all the smooth operator characteristics necessary to lead a bunch of kids who have no business rebelling against anyone, much less a dictatorial regime. After 10 years under its tyrannical reign, the Tengu are finally faced with a worthy opponent. Unfortunately, that opponent is not Laura and her resistance, but they’ll try their best anyhow.

Steel - A young traveler with nothing but the clothes on his back and a set of memories he’d much rather forget. At the lowest point in his life, his travels take him to a resort island archipelago, where he is taken in by the resort’s enigmatic governor. There, Steel undergoes a training regimen that would put Rocky and Bloodsport to shame. As should be expected of a game that makes no sense, Steel is eventually recruited by a secret international task force, and the rest is history.

June - An apprentice blacksmith in a country where every man, woman, and child is a member of the warrior caste, she’s quick with her smile, even quicker with her sword. While the world around her is thrown completely into turmoil, June carries on surviving in the cold and unforgiving far north. Wearing her heart on her sleeve and her soul at her hip, June is a definitive sword maiden of the Jugand Empire.

Myrtle and Abigail - A damsel in distress and her knight in shining armor. One of them is blessed with uniquely atrocious motor skills. The other is cursed with a significantly influential bloodline. One of them seeks answers to her questions in all the wrong places. The other will follow her mistress to the ends of the earth, or fall flat on her face trying. Both of them have no idea what they’re doing.


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Are these custom character models? They look great.
Are these custom character models? They look great.

some are edits of existing work, others are custom
This 'Alvida' seems familiar...

If you're thinking of One Piece, I've never seen that show. Someone mentioned that to me later.

The Alvida mine is named after is the historical one...

Alvida (aka Alwilda, Alfhild, Alvild) was the daughter of Synardus, the king of Gotland. Her parents kept her locked in her room, and set two poisonous snakes to keep away all but the most ardent of suitors. The most persisant and brave fellow turned out to be Prince Alf of Denmark, and though he passed the test Alvilda's parents were none too happy about the match. Deciding she wasn't ready to be wedded to some stuffy Prince, Alvilda took advantage of her parents' irresolution and hightailed it out of there. She joined a crew of cross-dressing women, but had barely got started in a career in terrorizing the Baltic coast when they came across a crew of pirates that had lost their Captain. They were so impressed by her capable skills that they voted unanimously to elect her as their new leader. With these fresh reinforcements beneath her ruthless guidance, this formidable woman became such a nuisance to the merchant trade that her former betrothed, Prince Alf, was dispatched to bring the troublesome pirates to justice.

No joke.

But that's only her name. Her personality and backstory are a spoof of a different pirate. A male one from an 80's movie.
I see you added the character sprite for Steel. I'm diggin the spear and knowing you guys, he'll be twirling it around, Wufei style (which would be SO KEWL)!

I'm such a fanboy.
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