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In the year, After Union 0046, a small mining colony in the far reaches of space suddenly vanishes from the universe completely, after one week after the arrival of a lone immigrant...

This is the story of the people on the asteroid mining colony Rx-09. With the struggle of the Earth Dictorate and the Space Revolutionary Garrison left far behind them, the only problem lies with those with grudges left behind.

What will the occupying forces from the SRG do now that they have been cut off? How will the Old Guard take this development? Why did the colony vanish in the first place? And what is the mystery that drives the miners from digging any farther?

The answer lies with only one man... A man, whom came to this colony with no motives other then to escape the war raging back on earth...

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Well, let's fill you in shall we? We're closed folks!

Exodus of the Fallen is cancelled. Why you might ask?
Well, there is a very good reason for that: All of the game files died with the laptop it was on. I was about 1/4 of the way done, busy designing the 17th floor in the game, the inside of a astroid hijacked by your main character as he was on the run(You got to be creative with space based dungeon crawlers!), and well, Life happened. House burned down that year, got my job at cold steel as a salesman closed, and yeah~
That laptop died in early '13, and I never had a chance to back up what I was working on, and to be frank, don't feel like remaking every thing that was lost.
It's been so long since I even looked, but then I saw this game on here, and well, I had to break the truth to you guys. Exodus of the Fallen is dead jim, and it's not coming back.
But that does not mean it will end my rpgmaker career or anything; I'm making two seprate projects right now, one a "Coffee house" simulator and the other a standard dungeon crawler, both with ascii styled graphics. So check those out if you want to see what I'm up to these days.
Oh, and quick note: The ascii dungeon crawler will not be submitted until it is finished. The other project, "The coffee shop at the end of the world" is my Long LONG term project, to make a conversation simulator within it as complex as I can. You can probably expect a demo next February, when I may feel like it is complex enough. But don't take that as a definite deadline! In the words of the late Douglas Adams, "I love deadlines. I love the sound as they woosh on by."
So, Exodus is cancelled. Will I ever use this 3d engine again? God knows. It makes characters in the distant look terrible, and characters cannot walk arround properly on the map. Maybe if somebody could fix event movement, I might consider it, but until then, I am leaning towards no. But it would, make a great parody of minecraft.
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