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THE Captain's Log! #59 DEMO v2018 IS OUT!

  • orochii
  • 01/07/2019 02:45 AM
Hi everyone. So yeah. There is a new version out. This demo is comprised of the full prologue, finally, which means the start of the game (end of training, graduation, etc) and three missions. It's not that long, might be around 3-4 hours. But it marks a milestone.

- There is no "end of demo" text. Ended up not adding it. Demo ends pretty much after finishing all three quest the headmaster gives you.
- The game includes both Spanish and English languages as always. I like doing that.

Gameplay-wise everything is set. So hopefully next release will be coming sooner. But still, I hope everyone enjoys it as it is, and please send me all feedback. I'd love to hear your impressions.


This time I really don't have any image to decorate. Didn't take any screens of Macross or something, which I watch now while working on the game (animu break).

And that's it! Gotta rest, then continue gammak.


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This is the first thing I see. Is \n supposed to be some kind of emote, or is that a bug? haha

On the title screen, I had no idea what the buttons were. I'm not familiar with the buttons for VX, or really any new makers beyond 2k3. So I start pressing random buttons and I get a Gamejolt login o.O It's typically a good idea to give the player a list of things they can do and buttons they can press/what they do. You told me about F5 but not C.

It seems choppy. Even in windowed mode just walking around it feels laggy, but only slightly. Just enough to perceive it and be annoyed, but not ruin the game. I have a good computer.

The cutscenes and art are great.

In the first battle, the monsters CP bar(whatever that is) keeps filling and going to half over and over before I get my turn. Seems weird.

I've never been a fan of no music. Especially when telling some kind of story. It always feels like that part of the game is incomplete.

When something happens at sea, and he mentions the father. I think it would sound better as "what has become of him", instead of "what has been of him". Also, right after that disappeared is spelled wrong. You have 2 s's and 1 p.

I'm looking at this word and thinking, what is this?

You guys are thinking "tribulation" with a B. Tripulation, with a P, is an archaic term in English meaning the crew of a ship. It's still used in many Romance languages but it's fallen out of use in English.

I thought it was a typo because tribulation would actually makes sense there. I'd just say crew. More english speakers will understand.

Hmm, more and more things seem off about this translation. No offense to whoever did it. I mean, I understand, but it trips me up reading it. I have to fill in some blanks and think backwards. Like subject before adjective kind of things.

When I talk to the statue, why is there even a keyboard showing? It doesn't change in any way or even show what buttons can be pressed. It's an empty, generic keyboard. Just hanging above me. Judging my key inputs.

Should I be able to walk while it's telling me the buttons? I can't do the action while it tells me what the button is, to test it out. So I'll have to remember what each one does at the end of this long list, which will be harder. You say here L and R, but it's ???

In battle, when I scan, it shows the R key icon. But when I press it nothing happens.

Oh crap, I was trying to press all buttons to see if R was actually something else, and I got some kind of pop up that said like "debug:true is on" or something weird like that. I clicked it away so fast, assuming I crashed the game haha But it didn't and I tried to recreate the message, because I pressed something around the backspace area. And I accidentally hit F12 which seems to reset the game without asking me. So that's nice, I'll have to start over now. That will suck for anyone that loses important game progress.

Oh, would you look at that. It auto saved. That's a handy feature that saved my ass!

There seems to be a rather noticeable delay between the hero sticking their sword out, and the slash animation that follows. The hero animation of sticking the sword out looks a little strange. Not like any kind of strike motion, but simply putting out ones hand as if to ask for something.

After I killed this first monster, it went back to the map, and I was frozen in place while the monster finished moving one space, then it died haha If you put a wait between touching it and the battle starting, I think that could make sure the monster finishes it's move event to make it look more natural. Or I think that is what the "wait for movement" command is for. It will let move route finish before doing something else.

The diagonals of the jump mechanic seems like something I might need, yet I can't control it to jump at any angle I want to. It keeps going one space sideways and then at an angle. I sure hope I never need to actually jump diagonally for any reason. Unless there is a trick to it.

There was one time when I touched a battle, it zoomed into the top left quadrant of the map. It looks at though it's supposed to do a quick zoom in and out while my character is centered. But my character was in the bottom right corner of the screen and it wasn't changing zoom. Oh, there are different zoom effects. This one seems odd.

My double attack says 'if you have 2 weapons equipped'. But I don't, and I was able to use it. My second attack was just an empty fist. So technically, I don't need 2 equipped.

My battle sprite goes behind the enemy sprite, which even the tiny mole has a giant set of bars above his head. So half my sprite is being obscured.

Oh, there it is again. The pop up now says "DEBUG_STOP:false". What is going on here? I was trying to press L and R in battle to run. But nothing happens when I press the actual L key and R key. So I'm pressing everything else but I can't run.

Ok so Y gives me this debug message.

I can't figure out how to run. Also, I just accidentally learned a few things about the battle system that weren't explained. Waiting heals MP, I don't know if I ever would have done that. And I can press left and right on a battle command to change it.

There seems to be a studder when my sprite attacks. She puts her arm out, then goes to pull it back in, and it goes back out really quick, then finishes. It only happens sometimes. And before my turn and I see my actions, I see something flash in the bottom left corner. Some message box, which seems to only occur at the start of some battles.

I just opened the first treasure chest, and now my character is stuck in run mode without me pressing anything. It seemed to only be happening while I had the message up. I could move around while it was up. And when I hit C the final time to close it, I was back to normal speed.

Ohhhh, it's left and right SHIFT. Yeah, you might want to make that clear for people who don't clue in that the up arrow means shift. Looking at my keyboard, it doesn't have up arrows. Just the word SHIFT.

I pressed S and heard a flash, but I don't know what it did.

In the inventory, when I pick Root, it's description goes outside the box.

Why use shifts to change item category? My left and right arrows aren't doing anything, why not use them?

Use for muscle pain, what does that mean?

Only 2 different message box types? Bummer.

Looking in config at all the button icons next to each other, it's clear those aren't the L and R keys, but something else. I probably would been able to realize that was shift if I had seen this before. But I saw them as individual icons and it was the first time I saw any key with the little L and R. Make of that what you will...

I can't choose Help from the button config menu.

When were you going to tell me I had 2 AP that I could use to upgrade my skills?

This seems like a very obscure way to use skills. I feel like I have too many buttons just to use my heal skill outside of battle.

It looks like I went through every menu place and I still don't see what ability I have for when I press S on the map.

When I get ambushed, my commands are in the middle of the screen. Instead of on the side, seems odd.

I pushed the statue a few times, and for seemingly no reason the screen faded, then came back. Nothing happened. I only moved the statue 2 spaces, so it's not on anything visible.

The icons for elements seem out of place, as they look poorly made. In comparison to everything else. I can't even tell what this middle one is. Some kind of diamond, oh Ice? It's lack of color depth, and the way the greys and blue clash here, makes it hard to even see. It's one big blur when it hits my brain after traveling through my eyeballs.

I was able to buy a limit upgrade, but I can't use it. There doesn't appear to be any obvious signs of a limit mechanic. What a waste.

This flame monsters keeps casting Icy Wind, and it always misses. Except it says miss under both of us? Huh?

Attacks keep affecting multiple characters, hero and enemy, and I have no idea why. It doesn't always happen. I attack, both damaged. A flame attacks me, both damaged.

So I guess enemies are affecting their own parties with this Ice negative status? What does it do? Is that why I keep seeing both sides get damaged on attacks? I landed a critical and now the enemy has a green swirly icon. What is that? There is a lot happening in the battle system that isn't quite clear and not explained. I could guess at some of it, sure, but I just don't know.

And I keep dying at the flames. I'm being negligent with my healing, so it's my fault. Seems like I'll need to heal every 3-4 turns once this second flame comes out. I'm not used to RPGs, so I forget things. Still, seems like they do a lot of damage for the second enemy type in a place called Tutorial Cave. And where are all the tutorials? Are they late getting here? :P This place should be called "Trial and Error Cave".

I'm going to stop for now. I didn't get far at all cause I spent a lot of time typing here, obviously! There are a lot of details to pick at, but overall the game looks awesome. The maps and graphics are decent. The battle animations seem kinda lack luster though. The idle stance, the attack stance. Not much going on and what is there is a bit stiff.

The message system is nice, but the menu layout seems scattered and clunky to use. Obviously will get better with time but I don't think I'll enjoy moving around it any better.

BTW, how do I pronounce the name of the game? Because I've been using Drak-noir and I know it's wrong. But it's easier to say in my head.
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