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THE Captain's Log #67 - I should electrocute my nipples and see if that makes me get back on pace >:C

  • orochii
  • 07/26/2021 07:48 AM
So I guess that everyone here has felt that thing. You do stuff, you go to sleep knowing that your gam is slightly better than before. Then wake up, go to work, take a shower and cry, eat your rabioles, the usual. Then look again at gam when you have the time (sometimes 3 days after because life ia a bih). And there it is. Nothing changed since last time, you say. Start feeling depressed, sometimes close the editor, go cry some more, come back and watch some Abridged Yu Gi Oh.

You know if there is something that we are not grateful enough is for Little Kuriboh's constant drive. He's almost finished with Yu Gi Oh Abridged (while beating cancer btw), and yet there I was thinking "WOW LK Y U SO SLOW HAHAHA". Get a pair! This game is cancelled! Ok no, let's keep the composure.

Anyway, what have I been doing? Stuff. Let's start with a video. ROLL IT!

The diary thing!

--OH yeah before I forget, hi, The Captain speaking!

I shared that video around in the Discord thingie, but I should document a bit here every once in a while, to remember myself what things I've been doing. And because I like to write dumb. So this is basically a couple new functionalities for the diary thing, basically. You can now pick a mission entry, whichever it is, and filter based on other entries related to it. I'm trying to do something more like Morrowind's diary, where you still documented stuff chronologically so you can see your whole travesy, while also adding nice filters to help you guide yourself through the huge dumps of information. I hope it's good.


There is also a lot of work put into maps and stuff, from improving them to making new ones. One of them is the new town of Ardmore, a small rural town full of farms.

The windmill from the outside.

And here it is from the inside. Something spoopy will happen there woooo (not really spooky but whatever).

I like to add those animated pieces here and there, so the map doesn't feel 100% dead.

There is also a prototype of a mine in Fierro but that's super unfinished. Will mention it again when I do progress on it.

Another town that has received a lot of facelifts is Syrinx, the town with the coliseum.

Some takes from the new market. I think it looks decent.

Some improvements to lighting, had to look a bit on blend algorithms, mostly trial and error.

There is a lot of other places where I did small improvements here and there, but those I think are the most notable, I already shared them as images a long time ago, but yeah, just wanted to recycle stuff.


Now, battles have received quite a lot of updates recently. Besides bugs, they're systematically the same. I've just spent some time polishing their looks.

The new scan appearance.

The new scan not only should look a bit less horrible, but also accomodate information in a much cleaner way. Before I had some super small floating window, which usually had lots of issues with positioning, and was very cumbersome to use (Left and Right to change between the microscopic pages). After a while of having to deal with it I realize I didn't like it at all as it felt horrible and looked even worse. So I did a new approach more in line with some Final Fantasy games (especially 8), of course adapted for 2D.

Battle camera!

Then the battle camera. I'm still working on some stuff related to it, but hear me out. Again, ergonomics. I felt that the battleground was not only very static but it was also feeling kind of claustrophobic. I've been thinking about this for a while, was gonna use it for cool techniques, but decided to start implementing it on regular day-to-day battles first and see how it felt.
What's the thing that has caused the more issues? Well you see, you know that battlebacks aren't instantly bigger. And I kind of overshot it just in case. So now battlebacks are twice as wide.

Here's a comparison.

Some of these battle background required a complete redo, like the example above. All of them required to be expanded, but some that were too old and were done in digital painting, I decided to finally bite the bullet and redo them while I was on it.

I hope however that my overshoot means I don't have to come back to this. I don't want to do more city background with like 4 or 5 different textures and lots of houses with their own stuff going on.


Finally! The part I've been neglecting the most, story progress and things related to that. I've done very little of that, honestly. Got some scenes written but I still gotta revise them a bit and throw them into the game. I've also added and improved a bit some other scenes, to add a bit more context. I'm trying to shoehorn some character development so the start doesn't feel as empty, carefully of course, so it doesn't become a pile of ass.


In other news, I also got a couple new songs thanks to a friend José Gutierrez, you can check them here!


And that's it for now!


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100% can relate. To the nipple thing. Well, uh, to the rest of it, too.
Love the new scan!
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