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Special Mole Battle!

  • orochii
  • 10/29/2012 06:04 AM


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Moles must die.
lol, I was just about to say that those moles bull-rushing the MC was tedious, until they did that whole fusian thing. it was kinda funny.
It might be a good idea to add another skill I need to use to defect the boss, around 50% or something.
It was a little boring spamming twin strike and heal.
Though this might be an early battle, so I might just be picky.
Hahaha, well, yeah, I hate 8 enemies battles, more if there isn't a kill-all skill. The character can kill two for round though, just like good old RM2k3's double attack. But still would had been a little cheap :P.
The moles in the game universe are meant to be some kind of conspirators. Comic-relief conspirators!

And yep, it's an early battle. I did some changes now though. Lowered a little attack/defense values, and added a "broken machine" special status. So when it's at 50% it reduces a little precision, defense and speed, but boosts a lot his attack.
At the vid I was at lvl6, now it is beatable at lvl2 (the lowest level you will be able to see it -it's the first boss-).
And as a sidenote, the black ball skill deals 30%HP damage (I just found out it was malfunctioning at the video D:). "Actual" HP, not maxHP. The intention for adding this is to make it more compatible with different leveling attitudes.

Thanks for your comment Clareain C:.
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