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Drekirökr world is post-apocaliptic, and the story itself is categorized at a mixture between fantasy and science-fiction.
Set in the future, without (a lot) of ships flying around the universe, nor much of those common things in science-fiction. Ambience is supposed to be a mix between medieval, actuality and pinch of steam and cyberpunk here and there. All of this giving diversity, and making of Drekirökr a strange mixture.

¿Peace? Yes, teoretically. Humanity is in war against almost every living creature ("every hostile specie"), being the reason for it that all animals have mutated, and some are intelligent enought to make alliances and civilizations.

Magic Engineering
Mutated animals and even "magical" abilities also derive from human-doing. In the past, there was something called Magic Engineering. It born when using the Yggdrasil, humans got to Niflheim, the world of mana and the dead, and started to use that unknown material to get results that were just impossible or much harder by normal methods. Things as levitation, teleportation, and even the capacity to altere the energy and space comportation, known in that moment as "Magic", citation of the fantastic concept.
On the other hand, humans and animals were also used for experimentation. Mutations and magic users breeded, and mixed between the population, causing then the forced evolving of humans.

By the Magic Engineering doings, humans started to mark great diferences one to another, sometimes even making divisions and grudges, from the mutants to the normal people (rather "less-mutated ones").
In the Drekirökr times, these races would be the Alekians, Parnassians, Utgarims and the ones known vulgarly as Yamashiru-ren (referred by scientists and investigators as lilim humans). The first ones are just so similar that is not even noticeable differences (but since they got sepparated from the rest for a couple of ages, it's not discarded as another race). The Utgarims are some kind of animals closer to humans, or maybe opposite, humans closer to animals, it's even a common matter between investigators. Yamashiru-ren, on the other hand, are mutated humans, with fluffy ears as their main difference.
The two later races have grudges against the Alekian and Parnassian, Utgarims being hostile, and Yamashiru-ren mantaining themselves sepparated from the rest.

Astral Planes
¿What does astral planes refers to? In Drekirökr world... is like an onion. An object that has multiple layers, every layer being in a different dimension. The thing that makes them one object is that they're aligned in X, Y, Z and time dimensions, and are aligned too by a fifth dimension. There are some more variables that cause that phenomenon to occur, but the basics are that.

The planes of the Earth are three, and their names are based in the norse mithology.

-Midgard: Where the humanity lives. Mana was discovered apparently by Remiel Zouvelekis, who in the 18th century of our chronology made the first travel to Niflheim, getting there using the "Mystic Tree Yggdrasil", who connects all the planes.
Midgard is a condensed version of Midgard, Utgard and Vanaheim from the Norse mytholgy. Races here are Alekian, Parnassian, Utgarim, Yamashiru-ren and "Lilims" (mutated animals).

-Asgard: House of Asgardians, race originated a little before than humans, along with Alfvens (elves) whose are normally treated as servants by the Asgard people. The plane of Asgard is nearest to Niflheim (fifth dimmension-wise), where mana originates and flows. For that reason, mana influences are present in Asgard naturally, and it even filters in, making Asgardians and Alfvens natural "magic" users.
Asgard is condensation of Asgard, Alfheim and Muspellheim from Norse mithology. It's habitated by Asgardians and Alfven, and by some "natural varieties" of Lilims.

-Niflheim: Burned and deformed by inmense quantities of mana that originates there, by unknown reasons. Apparently is an unique chemical element, capable of filtering between close planes, depending on distance in the 5th dimmension. There's an hypothesis that says mana is a degraded form of ectoplasm. The dead, that can only survive in Niflheim, when deteriorate, produce mana. Strange is, though, that living dead are only possible in pressence of such horrible quantity of mana, so it's unknown which was first.
Niflheim comprehends Niflheim, Svartalfheim and Hel from Norse mithology. It's inhabited by Svartalvens, the Nidavellir habitants (dwarven) and the dead. Also, there are strange lilims lurking here and there, most of them feeding from the dead.