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In a kingdom covered in snow, in a kingdom where the snow never melts and never goes away, there lives a prince who keeps watch over his kingdom and resolves to maintain peace. When the prince learns that his family’s history isn’t as spotless as he had been told, he endeavors to fix what his family had done wrong and to ensure the continual peace of his kingdom. This will lead the prince to battling the phantoms that prowl the lands, to saving a princess, and to realizing the secrets of his family and his kingdom.

The entire game takes place in Sabine Kingdom and the island that it rests on. The island is constantly shrouded in snow, but for some reason, no one ever feels cold. Plants continue to grow despite the snow, so there is no danger of a food shortage. There has never been a need to question this, so the residents of Sabine Kingdom are blissfully unaware.

Though of course, our prince--Snowe--is not blissfully unaware any longer. A dream leads him to combing through his parents' library and learning that something is amiss. What is our prince to do except try and fix what he had found? He can't just sit back and pretend like he hadn't read about a girl being locked in a tall tower where she may one day die from flames that threaten to burn her. No, he can't do that at all.

Please visit the Wordpress for more information! Before asking me for help with a puzzle or boss help, please read the guides! A lot of potential questions are answered already. If you find a question that is not answered, feel free to get in contact with me and I'll do my best to answer.

Latest Blog

Russian Translation

Hey all!

AnnaLacrow (https://twitter.com/vampirella6543) contacted me here to do a Russian translation for the game! As we know that is a huge undertaking, but it's finished and now available for download on the itch.io page!

Now your Russian friends can enjoy it too! Hurray!



Oh, no, it's fine! I'm just glad you got it all sorted out, is all!

A lot of professional developers create a fix list when they release a new patch or content for their games, lots of indie developers, too. It's usually a .txt file included with the installation or on their website and gets updated with each new release. It'd be nice to see it in some of your later games! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next, your art is beautiful and the SSP storyline is so intense. Even if my exernal did die and the backup save I had on my computer was at the beginning of Chapter Three... and I was in the Sepulcher on my main file.

If I use an old save from 2.0 with 2.1, will it cause problems? I'm thinking of starting over anyway.
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I don't think it'll cause problems! The only problems arise if scripting stuff was fiddled with and to my knowledge it was just grammar fixes with that. So you could go ahead and give it a shot, just make sure to keep a backup for whatever reason.
Alright! I'm still re-starting just in case, besides I was a bit frustrated and I wanted to look at various differnt things.

I went bak and was looking throughc omments from the very beinning of the game's development; I like how you did eventually make sure that almost nothing can be Lost Forever, and that you kept the bosses "hard but fair". And that you outright rewarded people for playing like adventure game players. Look everywhere, talk to everyone, multiple times, until they start repeating themselves, and this game is a lot easier.

I also love the hand-drawn art, the watercolor look to everything, the combat menus, the distinct roles of the party but along different lines than the norm... in short, pretty much everything. The story is also awesome and I like how you leave enough hints everywhere to give you that creepy feeling down your spine if you're paying attention.

Kudos. Sooo much kudos, Ronove :D

Edit: There is one tthing I noticed. You used to be able to examine the radio/phonograph/whatever and Snowe would mention that it sits silently, only playing static, but he used to remember it playing beautiful music. It's in poor little Anastasia's house, but it doesn't examine anymore. Did you deliberately take it out?
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13thSyndicate: Haha, sorry didn't see this comment until just now! @_@ Notifications what are you doing to me.

You're so sweet with your comments, haha. I'm glad you were liking it all. I think I have a bit of an adventure game junkie in me, so of course I'd have to have shades of that in anything I do. Right now I'm trying to do an adventure game so I can just get all my "make players explore EVERYTHING" out. :P

As for the radio that only plays static, I'm not sure! There was one in Richard's house I think that has that description... I don't think Anastasia's house ever had (wtf Ronnie, you forgot to add it) so maybe you're mistaking the two?
A very challenging game after the first boss
<-- Spoiler.
I am not a fan of the "standard VX" battle system, I know you have added some scripts
to make it better, and that is good ;)
Anyways, great challenging game.
I just finished the game (looks like I got the bad ending) and I have so say that this is the most polished RPG Maker game that I've ever played. Both the graphics and music contribute to a wonderfully eerie atmosphere. I enjoyed just about every moment of playing it.
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@TheTrueShadow: I try to keep the challenge high! But that's because I like being challenged when I play RPGs (and that seldom happens). I'm glad you were able to look past the "standard VX" battle system and still enjoyed the game. :P

@CommieDog: Aww, you can get the Good Ending still! Unless you saved right before the final boss, then you'd be stuck. Which would suck. I'm very glad you think the game is the most polished RPG Maker game that you've played. I worked really hard and while I still think there are a ton of things I could have done better, just hearing people say it's polished makes me happy. I'm glad you enjoyed playing. :)
Well I got up to when I fight the
big blue bird the second time
and I'm enjoying it so far.

Though back at that tower I had some battles where a couple of those ice ghost things kill me with a single chain attack. Was it supposed to be balanced that way?
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@PsychoFreaX: I figured I fixed that enough in the most recent build. I mean, sometimes that happens, so just avoid them if you have terrible luck until you have more people.
Okay, so I missed cure II without knowing at the sepulcher and I still am there (after escaping the jail) and now i'm heading to the room to repair the link. Are there a way to get back to the sepuclher (1st part) now? If not can you add that, cause it's really frustrating having missed cure II ;P
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You can find the tomes you missed after you get off the floating island. If you forgot anything, they get dumped on Sabine somewhere for you to find. So no, you haven't missed it, you've just missed it for the last part of the floating island.
Hey Ronove! Playing through your beautiful game again and I accidentally hit PgUp while in a battle. It said something about "Custom skills" not being defined (in programmer/geek language) and crashed the game.

probably a problem with VX itself, but just making you aware. I promise, I'm not trying to break your game, honest!

Anyway, I did find the radio I was talking about. You're right, it was in Richard's house.

I'm actually showing this game to someone else, we love it because ofyour awesome puzzles and serious attention to detail~ Just throwing some more praise your way.

Also saw that stuff on your blog about you being sick, hope you feel better :3

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@13thSyndicate: What'cho doing pressing random buttons in battle? :P I'll check that out, but I honestly have no idea what it is haha. I'll see if my scripter can disable it too if a lot of people make that mistake and press that button.

Thanks for the compliments again! I love it when people share my game with other people. I'm terrible at reaching the largest audiences on my own, so it means a lot when people show it around.

And I am feeling better now (not 100%, but getting there very slowly). Thanks again!
This is a great game so far, I love it! But I'm having a problem... I can't seem to equip any items. I don't know if I'm pressing the wrong keys or I need a combination of keys, or what, but I can't seem to figure out how to equip the Bead Bracelet. Can anyone help?
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That is odd, Hiyono! So pressing enter doesn't work? You are in the equipment menu near an accessory slot and pressing enter, right? :<
I enjoyed this quite a lot! I almost dismissed this because the start of the story felt a bit rushed.

Am glad I've stuck through with it so far. It's been taking me quite long 'cos I'm bad with directions. However, pretty nice atmosphere and the twists... nice!
I've registered specifically for commenting this game.

Star Stealing Prince kicks asses. Period.

The summary, coupled with the screenshots and the art, just stole my heart. It's poetic, cute, creepy and whatnot. Your art is unique, and fits the story very well.
I couldn't almost bring myself to shut down the pc and go to bed; I was completely enticed by the story and by the characters. (I think I've got a crush on Erio, actually.) I've beaten it in 3 days, with lots of breaks, and I almost cried when I watched the ending. I didn't want it to end so soon...

Down to the gameplay level, it feels really polished and graphically enhanced. Everything just fits together like the pieces of a puzzle. Though I didn't really like being repeatedly wiped to the floor in a certain boss battle...
Sometimes battles felt like they depended more on luck rather than strategy. But well, I managed to beat the game. :P

Only thing I found rather out of place were the "festive" trees. They gave an odd Christmas vibe to me. O.o

Edit: I think I'll give another run just to see the other ending. I'm quite curious. A bit morbidly, too.
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@tofu21: Glad you're enjoying it so far! :)

@Macha: Aww, thank you! I'm sorry that sometimes battles felt more on luck rather than strategy, but that means I still have a few things to learn. I figure definitely while Snowe alone there is more bet on luck than I would have liked, but I was never really good at balancing one person. I'll definitely make sure my next project doesn't fall into the "luck" trap!

You shouldn't be so morbidly curious for the bad ending! It will eat your soul and poison the mind! :O!!
Nah, it's OK. Nothing is perfect, but SSP is dangerously close to perfection in my book.

By the way, I forgot to write about a small bug I found: (slight spoilers for the last chapter, beware!)

When I go out of the red-highlighted tent, I find myself roughly in front of the green-highlighted one instead of the correct location. Probably nobody noticed it because nobody entered the tents? xD

And typos, typos everywhere!

But nothing worth a 2.2 version, imho.

Edit: oh good, I've got a save slot near the end of the game. Let's see the infamous other ending... :D (I like this fact... That there are 2 possible outcomes, I mean.)
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@Macha: The tents are magic! And I swore I totally fixed that error. Well, at least you don't magically show up in a wall. And that spelling mistake is embarrassing! My poor brain is terrible picking up those things. It's always that word too I slip up on. I dunno why I think it has two c's (it's super embarrassing when you're asking professors for recommendation letters! Why should they write me one if I can't even spell?! XD). But I'll put that on a list of stuff to do for a 2.2. Probably going to do one to fix some monsters in the beginning, but I've been a bit busy.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the other ending! I kinda wish I made the game more involved for what ending you got, but then I thought: well, peeps probably don't want to play a game where choices in the beginning, middle, and end decide your ending... just in case they wanna see both endings relatively easily.