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In a kingdom covered in snow, in a kingdom where the snow never melts and never goes away, there lives a prince who keeps watch over his kingdom and resolves to maintain peace. When the prince learns that his family’s history isn’t as spotless as he had been told, he endeavors to fix what his family had done wrong and to ensure the continual peace of his kingdom. This will lead the prince to battling the phantoms that prowl the lands, to saving a princess, and to realizing the secrets of his family and his kingdom.

The entire game takes place in Sabine Kingdom and the island that it rests on. The island is constantly shrouded in snow, but for some reason, no one ever feels cold. Plants continue to grow despite the snow, so there is no danger of a food shortage. There has never been a need to question this, so the residents of Sabine Kingdom are blissfully unaware.

Though of course, our prince--Snowe--is not blissfully unaware any longer. A dream leads him to combing through his parents' library and learning that something is amiss. What is our prince to do except try and fix what he had found? He can't just sit back and pretend like he hadn't read about a girl being locked in a tall tower where she may one day die from flames that threaten to burn her. No, he can't do that at all.

Please visit the Wordpress for more information! Before asking me for help with a puzzle or boss help, please read the guides! A lot of potential questions are answered already. If you find a question that is not answered, feel free to get in contact with me and I'll do my best to answer.

Latest Blog

Russian Translation

Hey all!

AnnaLacrow (https://twitter.com/vampirella6543) contacted me here to do a Russian translation for the game! As we know that is a huge undertaking, but it's finished and now available for download on the itch.io page!

Now your Russian friends can enjoy it too! Hurray!



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Think I'm at the end, back in the castle through the secret, side entrance.

??? The Old is the second boss in the game. It's not the end.

Please consult this: http://starstealingprince.wordpress.com/guides/boss-guides/the-old/ - If that doesn't work, check out the media section. One user LPed the whole game as a guide (not the one with talking) and watch how he defeats the Old and see if that helps. :)
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Thanks Ronove, now my fearless team and I may go forward to save the castle and the people of my town :)
So I finally got to play this yesterday, and oh my god, are the boss battles damn hard lol. Already the 2nd boss battle is terrifyingly hard and just managed to beat him after 4 tries... I don't know how I'm gonna cope with the next one.

But hey, I definitely love the challenge in this game. It really makes me think!
(I know there's the walkthrough. But it wouldn't be fun referring to the walkthrough to beat bosses now, would it? ;))
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eplipswitch: people have told me the Old (the second boss) is the hardest. So I think you should be good from then on. The only one that might trip you up after that is when the boss gets a first strike and can frazzle your party if you're not prepared and another one where you start with two people and get a third five turns in.

I'll be rooting for you!
I've just completed your game and I have to say:

What a WONDERFUL experience!

I was able to finish it in about 16hrs.
15hrs for the bad ending

This game is very polished and it has a simple, yet effective story. Besides the characters, the thing I loved the most was how balanced the game was. I thoroughly enjoy challenging battles, although it was not a "spam strongest tech" affair. I liked the fact that you had to strategize in the regular battles and especially the boss battles. Overall, it felt very rewarding when you came out with the victory.

My only gripe is that I wish the game was a little longer. However, it was wrapped up very neatly and didn't seem to drag on at any point.

Thanks again for developing such an excellent game.
Done with the game. :) I think for me, the toughest bosses are the 2nd, 4th and 5th (The 4th and 5th are exactly as you mentioned that might trip me up haha). 1st hits hard, but has low HP, so once I figured out its pattern, it was not so difficult. 6th got me good a few times, but yeah, he isn't really difficult. And the last boss, well, isn't really tough compared to the 2nd, 4th and 5th.

I do find the good ending a little lackluster, but it's still a satisfying ending :)
The bad ending is...yeah, expected, but still is shocking. I really feel sad for the bad ending.

Overall, definitely a well-polished game. I'll be frank that when I first played this game, I wasn't initially attracted to its story because the theme is not my cup of tea. It felt like a fairy tale (and I'm not exactly a fan of fairy tales ^^"), but as I went along, the story got more interesting. But I think what really got me to finish the whole game is the challenge and the gameplay. So thumbs up for that. Hope you do make great games in the future!
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@eplipswich: I don't know how I'd make the ending less-lackluster. Did you want the boat to crash or something? :P In any case, it keeps it open for a sequel I want to write so.

I know someone mentioned somewhere when you beat the final boss, it's "anti-climatic" but I didn't see it as such; the battle with the final boss was the climax whereas after was the falling action.

Glad you liked it even though it wasn't your cup of tea in the beginning.

@Zadok83: Thank you!
@eplipswich: I don't know how I'd make the ending less-lackluster. Did you want the boat to crash or something? :P In any case, it keeps it open for a sequel I want to write so.

Actually, I was kind of thinking that the island would go collapsing into the seas or something, forever gone haha, but that would be kinda overdoing it, I think.

And yeah, now that I think about it, the good ending does leave for a sequel, since I can see that Snowe doesn't seem satisfied or something at all.

Anyway, thanks for this game. :)
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@eplipswich: Yeah the good ending is modeled after that even after all this, Snowe is not satisfied; so I suppose if you feel it's unsatisfactory, you match how Snowe feels (like in the bad ending, you are sad and horrified; Snowe feels the same way). I think seeing the island blow up would be cool, but I dunno how they would do that. XD Or why. I'm sure they all still have feelings for the island, even Snowe. Cause for 18 years of his life, that was his home. XD

In any case, blowing up the island would kill ideas in my sequel. XD

Believe me, when I figure out how, I am going to make a sequel. XD I just am stuck on the format I want it in.
I can't wait for the sequel :) I've nominated this for a few different categories for the Misaos. It's just too good.
Hi Ronove! :)

I finished SSP some days ago and it was a pleaseant experience! I absolutely loved your artworks and your storytelling! Especially the slightly animated short story sequences made the game kind of vivid and gave the story even more depth. I fell in love with all characters, especially Erio! He's so sweet to Astra and a real jerk with a heart of gold. Oh and the idea of talking snow men is so COOL! Seriously, I was really suprised that they could talk. xD

The only thing that bugged me was leveling characters... I always fought all enemies at least once and it was not enough to beat the bosses. :( Luckily it was one of the shorter games, so it wasn't that bad, but still... I'm actually happy that I didn't drop the game after dying in battle against Lorel and
Snowe's parents.

I still have some questions, after reaching both endings like...

1- what was the Original King's treasure? Eternal life? His paradise aka the Sepulcher or his kingdom that never suffered illness, poverty, etc? I'm not really sure, what King Edgar and Queen Lina wanted so badly...
2- what exactly IS the Original King? He's human right? I mean his demonic part was sealed off, but he still could devour souls? o.O Why?
3- what was the trigger that caused Snowe to lose control over his body in the bad ending? Because he wasn't sleeping enough and thus weakening both his mental and physical state?
4- and what did the demon mean with "the Original King ate me"? I think it's in term of eating/stealing his powers...?

I heard you are planning a sequel for SSP... I would like to see more Astra and Erio moments. They are so cute together. :D :D

Well, thank you for creating and sharing such a wonderful game with us!
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Thank you, Harunafuu! When I tested through my game I only had to fight each enemy group once and during my test my characters were high enough (that's what I based my guides on at the Star Stealing Prince wordpress). I'm sorry it didn't work out that way.

Replies to questions!

1. It was the Original King's life and the paradise in the skies (all of which he lengthened and created b/c of the demon). He'd shown it to the King and Queen and they wanted it because they were tired of all the hardship they had brought upon themselves.
2. He probably still has some of the demon power he had absorbed from eating the demon. Or, if you recall, when you first fought him, he had a lot of hard time calling up certain attacks. Perhaps he was bluffing about devouring all of Sabine's souls as he may not have known he could still do it (clearly, the Original King was super pissed, I don't think he was thinking much about it (obviously I should have given more thought to the Original King's one line, but too late!)). In any case, he was human (probably once) but since he's had the demon in him for a LONG time (thus absorbing parts of the demon), he may not be completely human any longer. And the demon part was never sealed off, it was taken out and placed into Snowe.
3. Yeah it was because he wasn't sleeping (all that much) and the demon slowly whittled away at him. When he faints after they get on the boat, the demon has control and all up to the point Snowe stabs Astra, Snowe is trying to get control back, but he is unable to because he's lost and has no energy left. When Snowe, Erio, and Dream!Astra beat up the demon in Snowe's dream, the demon has to recuperate before he can try gaining control of Snowe again (and since Erio's trapped him in a dream cycle, he has to figure out how to get out of that before he begin to whittle Snowe down again).
4. This would come up more in the sequel because you get more explanations on what demons are... but demons at their core are balls of energy. Their bodies are shields to protect themselves (a demon can exist without its body). The Original King got the demon to show him the core of energy and the Original King took the demon's ball of energy and ate it, thus absorbing the demon into himself. So it's more than just taking the powers; he took the whole demon inside himself (and Edgar and Lina took the demon out of the Original King and shoved it into Snowe so there's a different dynamic in play with those two).
Thanks for your answers! I'm pretty suprised, that I'm not that my "own" answers weren't that wrong. :D

And there's no need to apologise! I just told myself that this is a game on difficulty: Proceed with caution! xD

Well, Snowe won't have it that easy in the sequel, will he...?
I mean with his demon inside of him and the Original King more or less in the back...
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The sequel takes place a year after the events of SSP; the Original King has calmed down a bit (quite a bit! He has a different goal in the sequel (spoiler he's in the sequel!).) but he's kinda stuck on the island. He doesn't fancy a long swim! But yeah, Snowe's no. 1 problem is that demon still in him and that thing is more pissed than ever!

Thanks for playing! :D
I'm right at the doorstep of the boss for the Sky Castle. I seem to be short one spell. Where is Water Strike II located?

EDIT: Please disregard, I was able to locate it. The boss guide pointed me in the right direction.
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Someone's reading my boss guides?! OMG I AM SHOCKED. /joking

I am working on a full-length guide at the moment, actually! Right now I have only up to the second chapter finished, but I plan to be more elaborate in where everything is and all that good stuff.


Just on Star*Cadets atm, but when I am finished, I will have a document for download on Star Stealing Prince's Wordpress.

Thanks for playing!
This game was phenomenal, and from a design standpoint, probably the best thing I've played on VX. Strong story; great visuals; nice mechanics. Also, intensely challenging boss fights, and a sort of gentle, unique atmosphere. It doesn't get much better than this.
Also: I used the boss-guides too... and they were great.
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Yay! People are using my guides! XD

Icovoc: thanks for the comments. :D I appreciate it!