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New and improved Status Menu
  • Lotus_Games
  • Added: 01/11/2012 08:58 PM
  • Last updated: 07/13/2024 11:10 AM


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Looks very professional. Great job!
Might want to make the box bigger so the numbers don't hang out like that.
The menu itself looks nice (save for the squishy text for "Def" and text hanging out of the box), but I'm really not liking the usage of FF14 characters! I say see if you can get yourself an artist to help out, or stick to the faces you were using before.
@BareGamer: Thanks!
@Udivision: Yeah I tried but then other things don't center well. It was tough getting it all in with the limit on resolution so this was the best I could do =]
@Emmych: Thank you vm. Yeah I have tried asking for some help but have yet to hear anything, still I love the ff14 character design! Not the game so much but well the guy just looks too cool imo lol.
Just an idea but if you're working with in low resolutions (like with 2k3) I suggest perhaps trying out some of these fonts:

Oh wow these should come in handy NewBlack, thanks so much!
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