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Keeping a record of bugs here. When the beta of the full game is done, I will be seeking a tester post haste!

- 1) The screen doesn't return if you choose to go to the Body Language club after you've recruited Pixie and Zuri.

- 2) In the demo, Maya doesn't have a battle map, so if you've recruited Gage after you've spoken to Pixie but before you completed the Dreamscape dungeon, the game will crash if one of the drones touches you.

- 3) Until I upload a new file, *if I upload a new file, this will be the third one, good lord!* if you've completed the Flathill dungeon, the demo is basically unbeatable. Once you recruit Pixie and Zuri, you're supposed to go to Jones, but you've completed the Flathill scenario, the P.A. will say the same thing over and over again, and you can't go forward. The season for this is because a page was placed where it shouldn't have been. If you haven't viewed the Flathill scenario (which is only accessible if you've denied Robert tagging along when you first meet him), you won't have to worry about this.
Sorry about that =(