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During a 3-day workshop in Australia, a girl named Kana discovers a dark secret hidden beneath the manor she is staying at. Now she must work against time to save her friends from a fate worse than death. There are two objectives: Solve the mystery behind the existence of the wraith, and live to see the morning sun. Dawn is only a few hours away..

Wraith is the first game I ever built using RPG Maker 2003. The total gameplay time is about 4 hours. There are multiple endings depending on how many people you manage to save, and whether you ultimately solve the mystery of the wraith.

Latest Blog

LP of Wraith almost complete!

Just wanted to give a heads-up, Mountain Eye (or B-GEE~ as she goes by on youtube), is almost done her LP of Wraith! There's only a couple videos left to go, so now would be a good time to give it a gander. If anything, be sure to check out part 10 and 14. You'll see why ;).

The videos can be found here:
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  • 01/21/2008 05:29 PM
  • 03/27/2023 01:09 PM
  • 09/04/2011
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I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
I'm stuck at the giant octopus ... I got the frozen crabs, but they don't seem to be enough. Is there something else I'm supposed to find? And am I supposed to have a gun yet?

Head to the 2nd floor of the manor and check the shelves in the room furthest back (the lab), then go back to the octopus, lure it away from its usual spot, and drop the frozen crabs there.

You won't get the gun until a certain event later. So for now, run away from the mutants.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Okay ... thanks! :D
You should post a walkthrough somewhere... I'm stuck on Part 2 of S1 A1; I got to the purple-gas filled area, read all the notes I could find, went back to the other lab, couldn't do anything new there... To make matters worse, the wraiths seem to have evolved: they move as fast as Kana walks, and it's harder to shoo them off with the flashlight (I'm all out of light stones)
Whoops, figures there's something hidden beyond the mutants! I should've checked for that before...
Why won't the octopus eat the toxic crab? I set it down where it normally 'sits' at, but when it went there, nothing happened.
The poison hasn't taken effect yet. Just leave the room and go back in.
Pushing enemies back doesn't seem to actually work...
I got past the fish-spare-parts trap by escaping after killing all of them in one direction (I had Mutant with me to help), but I can't get past the mutant-spare-parts trap; I just can't seem to run, and I'm too weak to take them all out without Mutant helping me.

It's not apparent, but if you take the mutant to the east lab corridor, and check the spot right above where the slime separates you from the lower rooms, you can have the mutant wait for you on the other side.
It's baaacckkk =0
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh okay

I thought this was some random idiot game. :V
I could tell this was a Neok game just from the artwork.
Geeze, I'm stuck at Part Two SC 1 AC 1 for awhile now.. Basically after dropping Lily at the fireplace room I went all clueless, a little help needed please :P.

If I recall correctly..

You need to do something in the mausoleum north of the manor (past the henge maze)

There is a note in one of the servant's rooms that pertains to a hidden switch in the mausoleum.

You'll also need to know the contents of a certain book in the library in order to proceed through there.
Thanks for your help, I managed to finish your game. I must say it was pretty good, but I actually got the Bad Ending, at least I think I did. Could you tell me how to get the good one somehow?
Mmh, it's been a while, so I can't say I remember the exact steps..

You can do this any time before initiating the wraith extermination plan (by talking to Cyrus).

Cyrus gives you the biggest clue right at the end. You need to establish that one of Erina's children is still alive. Ramius dies no matter what you do, so that leaves Regina.

You've been given some clues as to her whereabouts. What you need to do is find all of them. If I recall, there were something like 3-4 clues. The ones I remember are:

1. Check the desk in the room with the friendly mutant.
2. Look at the Wellington family portrait in Victor's room.
3. Rescue the servants and talk to one of them (?)
4. Read the library books (?)

In any case, if you get all the clues, the next time you talk to the friendly mutant, it'll trigger an event. After that, you'll be able to continue after the point where the game would normally end.

And just some hints for the last part of the game since it's really obscure:

1. You need to use the item from the inventory screen.
2. Your position on-screen relative to the wraith matters.
3. One of the dead scientists has a note which hints towards what you need to do. See if you can "trap" the wraith.
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