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"If we look to the past... can we save our present?"

The Legend of Zelda: Flow of Time - Remastered

The Legend of Zelda: Flow of Time (Remastered) is a fully upgraded and re-envisioning of my original quest, the Legend of Zelda: Flow of Time. The remake hopes to bring forth exciting gameplay and puzzles that are reminiscent of the Gameboy Zelda games, in particular, the Oracle of Seasons & Ages. It is my hope that even those who played the original, this will provide a truly new and unique gaming experience. Thanks the tremendous power of ZC 2.5 versus 2.10, there are so many additions to the game, such as:

- Unique Dungeon Masters for every dungeon.
- Sidequests
- Scripts to make the game feel more like a Zelda game
- and much more!

In addition, my graphical ability has improved substantially, which will make the beautiful world of Gly'cov come alive. For an idea how much this version has improved upon the former version, take a look at the screens below! You'll notice that its the same screen in the before and after shots.


Because the game was made using Zelda Classic, the game is not a stand alone application. To download Zelda Classic, visit the "Zelda Classic Information" page at the top!

Latest Blog

Game Updated! Big Changes

Upon its release on this site, this game had received a few small scale updates that did make the game better, but not enough for me to place the new version on this site. However, I did recently create a rather large update for this game, in part due to a renewed interest in ZC, and have decided to place the download on here as well as the main website it is on, PureZC.

This update changes a lot of things that I question why I released it without these changes. The new HQ ogg music also just further enhances the experience and the game is in quite a good state of balance now. While I never found the game overly difficult in any iteration, I had been shown just how unfair it was in various points! Anyways, if you like Link's Awakening and the Oracle of Ages/Seasons and are willing to do a quick download of Zelda Classic, you should try out this game, it should be worth it. :)

Here are a list of changes (changes with dots beside them were added in the most recent iteration, changes with a dash were from a previous change)!

• Enhanced music was added to almost all areas of the game.
• The Reversion Rondo functions better now and should not allow you to warp onto a solid tile anymore.
• There is less input delay when using the Timeshift Serenade (location warp song).
• You are now able to grab items with your sword.
• You are no longer damaged by your own candle fire.
• Aurelia now generally talks less at help giving tablets.
• Almost all block puzzles have directional indicators.
• The blue tunic is no longer a prize in Dungeon of Trials #2 and can be attained earlier.
• The mini map indicator of Link's position is now a different color, regardless of tunic held.
• A key counter was added to the passive subscreen.
• Bat enemies are now much less common.
• Bypassing the trial required by using the Reversion Rondo for Nayru's Love has been fixed.
• A super bomb shop was added in the Gly'cov Overworld.
• You can no longer sequence break into level 7. Because of this, the change below was made.
• You no longer have to run into the Goriya before you can buy Gly'cov Meat at the grocery.
• The song warp for Level 1 has changed from the swamp to Gly'cov Fields, near the village.
• Medusaeye monsters no longer give the DRUNK effect, but reduce your magic meter upon colliding with them.
• An HCP was removed from the ocean and added back to the past graveyard with the ring of floatation.
• An HCP was added on top of the Fairy of Nayru's haven.
• The By'rov side of the overworld in the past had some graphical fixes & shortcuts added through the pegasus boots.
• The enchanted magic ring now gives a more potent effect.
• A rock was moved that affected the Reversion Rondo enchanted key location in the By'rov Wastelands.
• Various tile/sound errors were fixed along with other small changes.
- You now slide faster on ice.
- A cave system shortcut from the main overworld to the wastelands has been added. You can access this passageway after obtaining the slingshot.
- A portal shortcut from the main overworld to the Lon Lon Ranch has been added. This can be accessed after obtaining the candle.
- A shortcut to Gly'cov Mountain has been added. This is avaiable as soon as you get the flippers. In fact, it was there before, but it required the hammer. Now, it just requires the flippers.
- In a cave system on the way to level 2, a room full of portals has been adjusted.
- All present Stalfos now die instantly to fire just like their past counterparts.
- It is no longer possible to obtain the Upgraded Wand without the Aspected Wand.

Dungeon Specific Changes:

- Received a lot of changes. In its original design, it received a lot of criticism for the swamp caverns close it being part of the dungeon. While I liked the idea of the dungeon being built into the entire swamp, I decided to scrap that idea for dungeon completion. The dungeon still is connected to the swamp caverns, but it is NOT required for completion.
- New color pallette
- New music
- You no longer have to leave the dungeon to complete it. As such, the way to complete it has changed.
- Now contains an Heart Container Piece.
- Most traps have been removed from level 1.

• Some traps were removed to make the dungeon easier.
• The dungeon hint room now requires you to use logic to solve the dungeon's main puzzle versus being flat out told.
• Rooms that you frequently visit that had vires (which always respawn) have been replaced with ropes. Now you should never have to leave the dungeon as Ropes provide easy income.
- One of the Heart Container Pieces in level 2 has been removed.This was the HCP that required blowing up a wall on the lowest floor of the dungeon.

• The music for the dungeon changed.
• The number of enemies in various rooms were reduced.
• The magic ring item, previously obtained in Level 6, is now obtained here.
• The dungeon hint room now requires you to use logic to solve the dungeon's main puzzle versus being flat out told.
• The dungeon has a new boss.
- Outside of the dungeon, a switch was added to lower the barrier to the dungeon.
- The 2nd and 3rd iteration of the mini boss now deals slightly less damage and has had their respective hp reduced by 1/3.
- The 3rd iteration of the mini boss now takes full damage from the sword.

• There are no blue darknuts in the dungeon anymore.
• The magic shield is no longer contained in a chest so you don't accidentally get it.
• Enemy count was reduced.

• Enemy count was reduced & the "shielded leever" and blue lanmola were removed as enemy types in the dungeon.
• Bomber Skeletons show up with less frequency now.
• Dogondos can no longer get stuck in flowers.
- Level 4 no longer contains any dark rooms.

• Complete overhaul. The central chamber is no longer blocked off by anything, it is just something you can walk to.
• You can now complete any segment of the dungeon in ANY order.
• Besides the Ring of Floatation, it now holds the Blue Tunic and a new boss encounter.
• To obtain the Blue Tunic, you complete the majority of what you used to have to complete, BUT it is a different dungeon
• Many of the Past Keese (Flying Eyes) have been removed.

- This was always one my favorite dungeons, but for some reason, it was always one of the most hated. The dungeon had 4 entraces all over Gly'cov that you would complete in phases. With the following changes though, the dungeon will now only have 2 entrances where the main entrance is the only one that is important. You will have no reason to exit the dungeon once you enter it now and if you do, it will be to buy potions which is now conveniently placed outside of the second entrance. With the change to level 1 and 5, now the only dungeon you have reason to leave is Level 2, which makes sense due to its easy and convenient location.
• The key room with 3 chasers that was impossible to avoid damage has been fixed.
• The LTTP goriya enemies holding a key have been removed.
• Some of the chaser traps have been removed.
• A glitch with the last update was fixed.
• A button switch that didn't ever look pressed was fixed.
• The dungeon boss now has two new attacks.
- New music
- The dungeon no longer has multiple entrances. It just has two, but you complete the whole dungeon by going in the one main entrance.
- The areas that you used to have to travel to now contain optional prizes.

• Enemy reduction & spawn location of the medusaeye monsters in 1st room were changed.
• Dark rooms on the lowest level are mostly removed.

• The music for the dungeon changed.
• The puzzles in the beginning part of the dungeon were changed slightly, so that they make more sense.
• Significant enemy reduction.
• The room that required you to reflect wizzrobe magic for a key now always respawns them and has more of them.
• Several magic shooting statues were removed.
• Now contains a more powerful magic ring, known as the Augmented Magic Ring, that is almost as powerful as the Enchanted Magic ring used to be. This should alleviate magic issues!
• Some enemies never return and/or provide permanent unlocking of the door in the room.

• No longer holds the Blue Tunic.
• The path for completiion changed slightly as well as enemy reduction.

• The room right before the boss key changed.
• The room with item disabling magic in Level 7 with ice near the boss key no longer has any enemies but an always respawning windrobe & no longer disables your items. By disabling, it made it impossible to use the lens of truth and that item is helpful there.
- All dark rooms have been removed from Level 7.

• The help tablets now work.
• 2nd and 3rd mini boss changed.

• The King Darknut mini-boss can no longer walk on walls anymore.


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Love to see you using the Oracle of Ages/Seasons/ Links Awakening graphics! Very cool.
Nice use of the software known as Zelda Classic.
With Zelda Classic anyone can make their own zelda game.
Kamikid, which operating system do you use? The game should work fine if you download Zelda Classic RC3, which can be found at www.purezc.com.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Whoah, this looks fantastic! I always liked the Link's Awakening style of Zelda.

The download available here is pretty old. The current version has a lot more polish than that one does. :)
The most beautiful user on RMN!

How far are you through this. I might give this a play through once its completed. I have played and reviewed 2 Zelda Classic games on RMN already.
I'm beginning to work on Level 7 tomorrow. Right now, I would guess at least two months before the game is released. The game will probably be "done" in a month, but then I've got to get some testing done. :)
I'm nearing the end of the 5th dungeon and I gotta say, this is a great game. It's very challenging, but not so much that it's unfair or "kaizo". Really a game fit for Oracle vets. I loved the Oracle games, they were some of my favorite Zeldas :3

I am curious on where some of the songs come from, though, especially dungeon 2 and the Dungeon of Trials theme (if they all have different themes I'm talking about Dungeon of Trials 2, haven't found 1 or 3 yet XD)

Edit: Saw you listed the main dungeon themes on the "The World" section, so that's dungeon 2 out of the way. Still would like to know what the DoT2 theme is though!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
OK, now we are on the right page :)

03/08/2015 04:20 AM
I've just downloaded ZC250. Now my problem is understanding how to use it :(
I unzipped it but found TWO exe. files. Don't know which one to click on :(

Is there a manual (for dummies)???

Thank you, ANYONE :)

JUST looked at the download of Zelda Classic 2/5 again and these are the exe files that are confusing me:

romview -w-exe application 1534kb
zelda-w-exe application 3389kb
Zlaunch-w-exe application 3790kb
zquest-w-exe application 4250kb

I've tried to use this engine before and could not understand it even though Markus T who posted above said ANYONE could make their own game with this application. Boy is he ever wrong.

If you can not help me understand this application, I will understand as I'm not all that computer literate :)

Just tell me I'm a lost cause and I'll understand :)
You need to run either Zelda-w.exe OR Zlaunch.exe. If you run Zelda-w it opens Zelda classic at the settings specified in zlaunch or you can run zlaunch to change them.

Once you start ZC, you simply make a new file and then press ALT (or A button) twice to bring up the choose a quest menu. Then locate FlowRemastered.qst and pick that one.

Let me know if that helps enough.
After getting the ember seeds i'm stuck, it feels like i need to jump to continue. What do i do now? Can you please help me.
With the ember seeds, you need to look for some unlit torches in Level 5 to light. There is one such torch right where you come into the level at (mini-boss warp takes you right there) and two on the right side of the dungeon.

Does that help? I can try to upload a picture if you need. :)
I have already lit 4 torches in the dungeon. the one in the mini-boss room, the two keys and the one that leads to the village in the west. As I've said it feels like i need to jump to continue. Does this clarify things?
There is no reason to jump in Level 5 (although you'll get jumping soon). All you're missing is the 5th torch. In the room that leads to the village in the west, there was a torch there that would form a bridge in that room as well as lower the tiles blocking the exit. Intentionally in that room, there is an eye that looks suspicious, when in actuality the trigger is a slightly more disguised unlit torch.
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