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Pre-Release Update!

Hey everyone! It's getting pretty close to launch day for Legionwood 2 and so I thought I'd pop in and treat you all to a quick update.

First of all, some of you may have noticed the name change -- Legionwood 2: Volume One back to Legionwood 2 again. This is good news! It turns out that Legionwood 2's beta testing has been going so smoothly that I've had the time to add a host of new content to the game, including an extended final boss fight and the six different endings that were originally intended for "Volume Two". Yes, you read right -- Legionwood 2 will now be a full game upon release, including the entire story from start to finish (note that this doesn't mean it'll be very much longer; the new content simply wraps up the story and prevents the need for another game to follow things up).

Secondly, I'm currently in the process of finalising the game's pricing and distribution. These details are subject to change, but it looks like the game will be retailing for $5.99 USD via digital download from my website. A short while after release day (or perhaps even on release day depending on how fast submissions are processed) the game will also be available on Desura and other portals.

Payment options on release day will include credit card and Paypal. Payments for the game will be made through Plimus (the same distributor games like Aveyond use), which can process most online payment methods. For those who'd like to just try the game out, a DRM-restricted demo will be available. This demo will allow you to play the game for one hour, upon which you'll be required to purchase a key to continue.

And, well... that's pretty much it for the update. Things are pretty chaotic at Dark Gaia Studios at the moment, and there's still a bunch of stuff to do before February 28th. I'll see you all then!


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I'm excited for the release! I'll see if I'm able to buy the game, but I'm in the middle of saving up money right now so lets pray that I'll be able to spare a few dollars.
Hi! I'm glad you're looking forward to the release. Don't worry about waiting to buy the game at a later time though -- it's not going anywhere!
I'm looking forward to the full release as well. I played some of the early versions but decided to wait for the full game before playing further.

I think you'll like the full release much better than those old betas ;)

I can't wait to see what ending you get!
How many more hours does the full release add to the game?
Only about one or two. The main additions are the overhauled battle system, new classes and Techs, mouse control, re-written dialogue, multiple endings etc.

That said, there are some new dungeons and quests (mostly optional though), including the superboss and one quest which reveals what the Darkness actually is and unlocks a special ending tying the game to Legionwood 1.
That's sound pretty good. I love post game content. I think that I chose a good time to replay the game.
It's not so much post-game content (after beating the final boss, you can't play any further) but it's a whole extra chain of quests you can do to unlock one of two golden endings and a harder version of the final boss.

You also need to do it if you want the ultimate equipment and many of the Shaman's later summons :)
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