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There are six playable protagonists in Legionwood 2: Volume One. Each of them will play a part in the epic drama that is about to unfold in Trevelle.

* Name can be changed by player in game.


Age: 27

Lionel, a native of the city of Corinthe, has spent most of his service in the Trevellian army as one of the Emperor's guards in the Imperial Capital. When he hears that his hometown has been captured by invaders, he transfers to General Aelia's unit so that he can participate in the effort to liberate it. He is a simple man with simple morals, and he fights for what he feels is right with iron resolve.

Default Class: Warrior


Age: 30

A skilled espionage expert with a troubled past, Felix has made a name for himself in Aelia's unit with his cocky attitude and heavy drinking. He always seems to exhude an air of bravado and arrogance, though some say that this is only a mask for his true self: a sad, lonely man still struggling with the aftermath of some tragedy that he can't bring himself to forget.

Default Class: Rogue


Age: 32

The youngest of Trevelle's four military generals, Aelia savagely fought her way through the ranks with a combination of excellent shooting skills and brilliant charisma. Although not particularly known for being a good tactician, she inspires her men to fight to the best of their ability and has a strange knack for always getting others to do what she wants.

Default Class: Gunner


Age: 74

Marcus, a man who has seen more than 70 years of life, spent more than half of them as a scholar in the distant land of Makir. Now he is the senator of the western city of Ironrim and he is famous across Trevelle for his unrivaled wisdom and knowledge of history and the arcane. He is an intelligent man who exudes a caring, fatherly influence over others, though is known for occasionally boring others with his long discussions of obscure history or the arcane.

Default Class: Magus


Age: 28

A student of the Ferrum Academy in western Trevelle and ex-lover of Felix. Ophelia is an intelligent woman but not quite sure of herself and is often seen lost in thought. She joins the party after they arrive in Ferrum, determined to make her peace with Felix and prove her worth to a Trevelle teetering on the edge of war. Her face is marked with a terrible scar - a ghastly reminder of the tragedy that she and Felix shared.

Default Class: Ranger (if you have good morality) or Barbarian (if you have bad morality)


Age: 33

A powerful barbarian warrior from Entoban. Khan joins Lionel's party when circumstances force Entoban and Trevelle to work together to destroy an evil that threatens them both. He is a proud warrior and resents working with those who he sees as his enemy, especially when his companions have killed countrymen of his in battle. It remains to be seen if his relationship with the group can evolve beyond anything more than a temporary truce.

Default Class: Barbarian (if you have good morality) or Ranger (if you have bad morality)