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The prosperous city of Lietshaw is inhabited by citizens who have almost everything they could ever dream of; they are also very bored. In a society whose threshold for entertainment grows ever more demanding, one television network must give the people what they want and sink to new lows.
The villainous network WEXP sends its executives to leave their bubble of a city to recruit a cast of stars and force them to save their world. The heroes are made to unknowingly act out scenarios from a poorly-scripted RPG game in real life.

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Played, Playing, and to Play.

Played: The Drunken Paladin, by Anebriate 5/5
My 5 star review of this game by no means says this game is flawless. Like any game, it has enough flaws.
Solitayre's review stunned me for a moment and gave me the feeling my review lacked credibility. We really scored the game differently for sharing a lot of the same opinions. What it does say is that I had an excellent time playing this game and no present flaw took away from my enjoyment of it. Call it overhyped if you will, maybe I can agree with you. It goes definitely recommended, and most people should consider it worthy to at least be called good. I say its awesome.

Playing: Epiquest, by ShortStar
I don't know; I just started playing. Promising so far.

Recommended Subscription: Project Questing, by Pladough
I was not aware of this project until today. It features clean, attractive and pretty imaginative mapping plus some quest based gameplay. I am keeping this one on watch.
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What's happening with this?
Well it's one of the two projects that matter most to me. I got frustrated trying to get enough resources to meet my standards for the game. I also need to wait for my faceset artist to make more of the characters. So its a bit weird using faces for some characters but other characters don't get it. I haven't given up but it's waiting for a time when more resources are available. I really require a lot of charset work most of all. It's too much to ask of Darken who is already designing the main cast.

Meanwhile, I switched gears to Forever Across Dreams. Despite the fact it's a high calibur production, it looks like it is being written off by potential subscribers. Its so under the radar that people should be surprised they never took note when I get that game out. Anyone who thinks this game sounds cool, can reasonably have similar or maybe better expectations for FAD.
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