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Progress Report

Game finished, starting with betatesting

The past month I finished the game, now I'm sending
the game to some testers for fix bugs and maybe soon
I will publish the game.

Progress Report

News of Resident Evil Demake

Now that I'd finished Tetrix 3 (my another project), I will continue working with RED,
the latest updates:

- added a system for reload in each weapon having any ammo quantity
- reload make a sfx
- deleted the sfx when try to reload using a knife
- fixed the bug after finish a battle and entering in other that need reload again the weapon.
- added feature of auto-reload on/off
- the ammo nows are updated dinamically
- new graphics for the hud when shot and reload
- fixed bug with keys that not work after equip the knifeƱ
- better knife attack, timing, and when use em meanwhile your running
- now the system can change of weapon and use em internally before start a battle
- updated the running system, now is more accurate
- rocket launcher sprites for jill added
- added animation for jill if she are running
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