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Side-Story Battles

Here is just a quick explanation of the battles within the Lithia Side-Story.

Each battle within the Side-Story is composed of battles just like the ones from Final Fantasy XIII, consisting of ATB Gauges and Paradigm Roles.

In battle, each character assumes the role they were assigned in the main menu under Role Change. Also, just because the characters assume different battle roles does not mean their classes don't mean anything. Each class is assigned different skills that will be assigned to different roles for battle. For example, as a "Blaster," a Creationist would use Elemental magic, while a Puppeteer would use magic and skills pertaining to their puppet.

Just like in Final Fantasy XIII, the ATB gauge fills as time goes by. As this time goes by, characters assign functions to use. The battle menu consists of Fight, which picks attacks for you, Attack for a basic attack, Defend to block attacks, Skills to use skills, Item to use items, and Escape to, of course, escape.

While battling, everyone will control only one character, Mimi. The other characters added to the party will be controlled automatically and use their own skills depending on what Role you've assigned them.

Now, going back to the ATB gauge, each class has a different ATB formula. As the story progresses, a character will increase their slots in their ATB gauge up to five slots. Here is an actual list of current ATB slots available to the different characters at first meeting:

-Mimi (2)
-Shar (3)
-Seraphina (1)
-Nell (2)
-Marcus (3)

THAT was the explanation of the Side-Story battle system! I hope all who will play this in the future will find this information useful~


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Oh how I loved using this system to hack away at hundreds of thousands of hp the bosses had on FFXIII. xD
It has one glitch but its not like its major. Sometimes Mimi gets stuck on an ememy and cant attack but after the enemy moves a bit she lays off. :(
Lol, maybe she's just lazy? :o
Lol no she spazs ontop of them and just moves with them. But, even still, the battle system is soooooo much better than the regular Lithia one. Maybe I should put it in there...
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