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Playable Characters

Gender: F
Age: 21
Role: Muse
Bio: A young women that vows to find her childhood friend Matt. She has a natural instinct to
stay focused and never give up on what she works hard to do, so when she sets out to find
Matt, she promises herself she won't give up till she does.

Gender: M
Age: 21
Role: Brawler
Bio: A young man always seeking to get stronger. He leaves his home town one night after the
murder of his mother to become stronger, promising himself he would gain the power to protect
the ones he cares about.

Gender: M
Age: 23
Role: Duelist
Bio: With nothing but a blade, Christo can turn any situation into a slaughter, quickly turning his
enemies into small chunks. Although he is quite fast with a blade, he can also use low level
Doom spells.

Gender: M
Age: 28
Role: Gambler
Bio: Boris seems to have a knack for expensive looking treasures, always moving from place to
place just so he can get his hands on some priceless artifact. Even though he is a Demon, he can
be quite sweet from time to time.

Gender: F
Age: 23
Role: Muse
Bio: Similar to Venus, Pluto makes her grand debut as a crime fighting diva. She accuses Venus and
her friends as a group planning on taking over the planet. After being convinced otherwise, her attitude
towards them all changes and now she only wants to help everyone out.

Gender: ?
Age: ??
Role: ??????
Bio: Opio, the name that seems to haunt the minds of hundreds that fell ill to a disease with the same
name. Nothing but a wondering soul, the mysterious figure seeks purity for past deeds. Will his hopeful
spirit lead itself to a brighter future?

End-Game Content Characters

Gender: F
Age: 539
Role: Puppeteer
Bio: Amore, being the mistress of every married man she comes across, also lives her life performing for
kids using her vast array of puppets. After meeting Venus, she finds a new way to "command" her puppets
and uses them to her advantage during battles. Each of her "friends" seem to have their own unique abilities,
making Amore that much more of a good fighter

(Lizzy and Mars)
Gender: Lizzy (F) Mars (M)
Age: Lizzy (18) Mars (284)
Role: Puppeteer (Puppet and it's Master)
Bio: This weird pair works together to take care of their friends they make while traveling. Lizzy, being a young girl,
needs help all the time. Mars, being a Relic from the past, grants Lizzy abilities to protect herself. Each of them
have a special personality, sometimes being creepy, sometimes being perverted, and sometimes being quite odd.

Secret Side-Story Characters (SPOILERS!!!)

Gender: F
Age: 17
Role: Trainee/Puppeteer
Bio: Mimi is no other but the legendary Venus' pupil. As hard as she tries, Mimi can't help but feel that her time spent
training, could be spent in a better way. Her main goal is to become a captain of the "Battalion."

Gender: M
Age: 32
Role: Duelist
Bio: Marcus is current leader of the "Battalion." With more demons popping up in the world, he has become quite
busy and most of the time, can't even be found within his office.

Gender: M
Age: 58
Role: Support
Bio: Sharr was once a great weapon smith, creating only the best tools for adventurers. Now, after assisting Venus
in saving the world, he has become a great ally in the fight against the current demon infestation.

Gender: F
Age: 2
Role: Muse
Bio: Nell just happens to be a reincarnation of Remedia, ex-member of the organization "Conquer." After being re-born,
"Nell," as she is now called, assists Marcus at the "Battalion Academy" as the combat trainer. Her reputation leads
others to think she is the most powerful being alive.

Gender: F
Age: 28
Role: Creationist
Bio: As the Mystic of Allarmim, Seraphina is known as the most angelic magic user around. She focuses mainly on
healing her allies and using multiple enemy spells to keep everyone alive and well.

Gender: M
Age: 24
Role: Support
Bio: Posh is nothing but an orphan. He was excited to become part of an expedition into unknown jungles down
south, but gave up hope of survival after the rest of his team was killed by native creatures. Know that he's alone,
Posh is trying his hardest just to stay alive.

Gender: F
Age: 31
Role: Puppeteer
Bio: Leelu knows quite a lot about magic and it's roots from ancient times. She also seems to know a lot about
Demons. Knowing this information has led her to dangerous places and even more dangerous creatures that
she was forced to execute.

Gender: F
Age: 89
Role: Fan Fighter
Bio: Being from an ancient race, Cyndi knows a lot about combat and always try's to take care of tough situations by
using different means. By being a Fan Fighter, she even has advanced knowledge on creatures within the world
and can access certain places not everyone can get to.


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Added the secret "Side-Story" characters to the Roster. Note* All "Side-Story" character bios contain spoilers! Tread carefully.
Added 3 new Side-story characters. Their bios arn't done, but I will work on them tommorow because I'm leaving tonight.
Like the look of 'em lol Marcus = badass ^o^
Updated the character bios for Posh, Leelu, and Cyndi~
I can't wait to play this! Totally going to do all I can to play with Marcus and Posh (who looks a lot like Guy from Fire Emblem 7) as much as I can!
I can't wait to play this! Totally going to do all I can to play with Marcus and Posh (who looks a lot like Guy from Fire Emblem 7) as much as I can!

Well when the demo comes out, neither will be playable till later. Sorry :(
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