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Made on RPG Maker VX

"Humanity is imperfect. It always has been and always will be, no matter how we may look at it.Despite this, we all had decent lives at one point...We lived our happy lives without a care in the world. We thought it would last forever. Back then I never really appreciated what I had and neither did anyone else. Little did we know that our world was slowly rotting. We were selfish, clueless, and delusional and we suffered for that. People used to live happily, working for money, and looking after their families. I was always looking after my cousin. She was so young and innocent and had no idea how to look after herself. I was always playing with her and making sure she didn't get into trouble. Life was great back then but all within two years, the world went from heaven to hell. Now, humanity's hope for survival seems to be pretty bleak...Needless to say...We all paid the price...As for me... Well I did too, however because of these hardships I found a power hidden within me. Unfortunately this power is also a poison. Because of it, I have been hunted down constantly.

Before all this though, almost like a miracle, economy all over the world experienced a breakthrough. Large businesses from everywhere became rich. There wasn't such a thing as a poor country and it was almost like the word "victim" became a thing of the past. That's when government became corrupt. Suddenly police became a thing of the past as well, and had been replaced with the Legion

During this breakthrough, I was living here in Eastbrook along with my own circle of friends. We were happy to be alive and life felt pretty damn awesome. Suddenly, one of them left Eastbrook without saying good bye or anything, and soon after we all drifted apart. Two of my friends who were dating broke up and left Eastbrook as well, and another friend just decided he didn't like Eastbrook anymore.

I only now have one friend left. His name is Austin and he is still kicking around Eastbrook. He has decided to fight with the Legion and I'm thinking I might do the same now."

The world of Chaos Divine is one that is strongly based on our own world but is not exactly the same. The story takes place in 2020 where the world had beforehand, experienced one of the greatest breakthroughs to ever happen to man-kind. Due to all sorts of corruption and abuse of power the world has now fallen in to turmoil at the hands of the Hallowed Legion, a group of supposed "law enforcers" who strongly base themselves off of knights from the middle ages, and the Karitori, a league of high tech assassins who's main area of control lies with in the east. Although both of these two groups have similar goals in mind, they are against each other’s ideals and are constantly waging war against one another. The first chapter of the game takes place in what would be the central valley of California. The landscape within this region is mainly a suburban area surrounded by mountains which basically encircle the entire thing. As the game progresses through the chapters, the player is exposed to all sorts of different areas and landscapes that Chaos Divine has to offer. Overall the world of CD is a much more exaggerated version of ours.

- Large variety of equippable skills

All playable characters in the game have a choice of 24 possible skills to equip to four possible slots. Certain sidequests will allow the character to obtain more slots and more AP.

- Choice system

At certain points in the game, the player will be given a choice between two or more options. Depending on your choice, a certain character's backstory will be revealed and will receive an upgrade. This is NOT a moral choice system; the main story will remain the same.

- Many sets of characters

Within the game, there will be 21 playable characters. Each chapter focuses around a certain set of characters, beginning with Jason, Austin, and John.

- Special Encounters

At certain points in the game, the player has the chance of stumbling upon a special encounter. In a special encounter, the player will meet another one of the playable characters in the game. Only one fighter is allowed during this battle. If you win the battle, that fighter will be upgraded.

- Link skills *not yet implemented*

Each character has the possibility of learning three link skills. Each of these skills cannot be used unless the other character has it equipped during battle. Link skills are much more powerful than other skills, and they cannot be used unless the link gauge is fully charged.

- Enemy disguises *not yet implemented*

In certain sidequests, the player will have the ability to don the disguise of one of the enemies in the game. During that time, the player will lose all regular skills and gain the skills of the enemy they are disguised as.

- 1/3 of 1 chapter complete; 7 chapters more to go


Conor Murphy: Story Art, Programming, Designing

James Hebditch: Script Writing, Music Designing, Game Designing, Original Idea


All sprites were created with the Famitsu generator at http://www.famitsu.com/freegame/tool/chibi/index1.html . Most have been edited to work with the battle system.

Tiles belong to Mack, Enterbrain, RPG maker, and otehrs whom I might have forgotten.

Icons belong to each of their individual owners (too many to name).


Most of the music is copyrighted to Enterbrain and RPG Maker. All custom made music is made by Mixcraft and is copyrighted to us.


BulletXT: SwapXT, Light Effects,

Moon Man: Wall Tile Extension

Mithos: SwapXT patch for tilesets

Leebot: SwapXT patch for passages

Fridgecrisis: EXP controller, No Sell Notetag (part of Inventory script I didn't use)

Hanzo Kimura: Title Screen script

Yanfly: Enemy Leveling, Enemy Swapping, Hide Unusable Items, Menu ReDux, Custom Status Properties, Options Menu, Custom Target Select, Resistance Stat

Woratona: Call Event VX, Gradient fix, Advance Scroll Map, Fog, Item Get Window, Window skin changer, Sprite mover, Outline text snipped, Neo Message System, Neo Save System V, Neo Gague

Helladen: Neo Save System V

Andreas21, Cybersam: Neo Save System V

CCOA: Weather

KGC (translator Mr. Anonymous): Day Night script, Custom Commands, Equip scene, Large Party, Skill CP System, Passive Skills, Add Equipment options, Item Drop Expansion, Outline, Rate Damage

Modern Algebra: Limited Inventory, Equipment Set Bonuses, Quest Scene

OriginalWij: Gold Popup

Overlord_Dave: World Map

RisingPhoenix: Full-body Status

Deity (translated by Modern Algebra): Photo Gallery

Mithran: No equip to empty slot snippet, Physical/Magical fix, Skill Functions, State Parameters PLUS, Advanced State Probability, Critical Skills, Critical Damage modifier, Checkpoint Gameover

Moon: Battered faces,

Helladen: Neo Save System V

Enu (Translated by Kylock, Mr. Bubble, Shu, and many others): Tankentai Side View Battle System w/ Active Time Battle

Sparkyg13: KGC_LargeParty Compatibility for Tankentai

BigEd781: Level Display

Sparkyg13: Tankentai ATB + KGC_LargeParty patch

xBrokenSin: Weapon Leveling

dividedbyzero: Skill Leveling

Shanghai: Skill Shop

cmpsr2000: Money Banking, Shop rewrites

Breadlord: Item Storage

watermelon (Translated by Mr. Bubble): Provoke/Vanish states

Deriru: Deriru's States,

DerVVulfman: Battlebacks

Latest Blog

Video Ad and Updates - 3/26/15

This video was actually made a while ago by mrzombieghost, AKA James, but for whatever reason it didn't occur to me to add it here. So here it is!

Now for some more updates:

I guess the weekly update thing fell down the drain pretty quickly, huh? Time passes.

Anyway, here are the things that happened:

  • First dungeon boss cutscenes finished!
  • More updated graphics!
  • Boss's difficulty greatly decreased!

We're inching even closer to a completed beta! Now it's just a matter of remaking a few maps and tying together loose ends, and a new beta will be out!

See you guys soon!


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Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
OK guys update: I recently spoke with Conor (Pyro) and he gave me a link to the newest update, which he has allowed me to share.
Chaos Divine
Short demo. It actually looks suburban even though it's mostly the refmap tileset. Plot seemed serious at first but the writing is very random and game doesnt take itself seriously at all. Battles are fairly easy since I basically went kamikaze the entire demo. Game starts unraveling once you save the second town. From here you can go to the bank (which will cause a crash), or go back to eastbrook forest (causing the game to get confused and show a prior cutscene, erasing your characters), or you can go ahead to the next town. I tried to get up to the prison that I was told to visit but the warps going to the prison courtyard didnt seem to work correctly and I couldnt get anywhere from there. Going south from the next town goes to some lake but there wasnt anything at the end of it. Quite a weird game if I'm being honest.
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