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Demo v1.1

-Redone interior mapping method in houses
-Adjusted the difficulty of 2nd boss (made it a bit easier)
-Fixed some spelling errors and inconsistencies in story

Demo v1.2

-Revised and redone story. Made some parts more concise.
-Improved quality of presentation for most story scenes
-Extended first dungeon length
-Added Scripts: Map Name, Lighting, Auto-Battle, Custom Status Screen, ATS, Blue Magic, and option to select full screen at title
-Rebalanced battle system and skills
-More content for the demo (at least 1.5 hours worth added)

Demo v1.2.2

-Updated some text in the game
-Changed the name of The Land of "Palo Rica" to "Leah Rica"

Demo v1.2.3

-Modified script tags for some of the enemy battlers

Demo v1.3

-Made the demo shorter and more concise. I feel this is a better approach to showing what the game is like.
-Demo now starts a little ways into the game rather than from the very beginning.